Exercising on Exante


I can haz cake?
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Hi all...

Has anyone done a very tough exercise class or training session while on Exante? Does it affect your performance or endurance on it?

I have a personal trainer - who is currently ramping up the intensity of my sessions (750 calories in 40 minutes......!!!)

so its pretty important to make sure I'm gonna be able to keep up... and not destroy my liver or anything insane by doing it haha :p
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Doing it exante style :)
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I watched a programme afew weeks ago called will my crash diet kill me and they said on there that alot of exercise on a vlcd could be really bad!!!! If I were u I'd get intouch with exante, see what they say! Although it does say on the packs to combine with 30mins exercise everyday!!! So really I'm no help to you at all lol :) x

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Id definitely get in touch with Exante, if youre only consuming 600kcals a day but burning off 750 I cant imagine thatll be good for you


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I agree with starlight u will be burning off more than ur taking in, maybe it might be a good idea to look at the higher calorie exante diets


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I was doing the 30 day shred and on that week I lost nothing. Only to realise I had to be on 1500cals a day doing it. Initially I was going to continue but it's not worth it for now. Why pay for my Exante packs only to up my plan. I suppose when am nearer to goal I will restart on it coz that Jillian really makes you sweat.

Do email Exante though HTH....


I can haz cake?
S: 280lb C: 249.0lb G: 208.5lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 31lb(11.07%)
Cheers for the replies everyone :)

I think I will email them. I know its probably not a very good idea for me to do the full replacement solution. The only part of my gym that raises concern is my trainer - i struggle do to 300 calories on my own :p


I can haz cake?
S: 280lb C: 249.0lb G: 208.5lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 31lb(11.07%)
wow so I sent that email not long after I posted my previous post, and I have a reply from them already!!

"Hi Hannah,

It is safe to be in ketosis and exercise. However your training sessions are
obviously extremely high intensity to burn 700-900 calories. Therefore we
suggest that you have an increase in calorie intake on those training days.
This can be done by having at least one extra exante product a day or by
having a healthy conventional snack, as well as drinking plenty of water.

Kind Regards,

Shelly Terry
Customer Care"

I figured as much but its good to have an official reply to confirm it is safe!


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I find it strange that it recommends exercise, as I've come over from Cambridge Diet and it's not recommended there, unless you're talking 20 minutes gentle exercise/walking.
Go too low in terms of a calorie deficit and you will go into starvation mode, but you'll also just generally lack energy in every day, which can make you feel fed up - this diet can be tough without feeling like that.
A lot of people on the Cambridge forum report lower losses if they over exercise.