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Dunno if it's the heat but these last few days I have been exhausted at work. Literally to the point of wanting to fall down!! I work in a hot station so maybe the lack of cals and abundance of heat are not working well together. I am doing 4 products so getting around 800 cals a day. Dunno if I should have an extra shake to prop me up, but I don't want to come out of ketosis and add starving sensation as well!!
My water intake is around 5-6 litres over the day so that is enough, couldn't do more!!
Hope everyone else is coping with this heat!! :jelous:
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Hi Dave, it is purely the heat. I would'nt add another pack but then that is just me, not sure how it would affect the diet though but I am sure you would not lose as much. But it is hot and you working in an even hotter station would make a huge difference. maybe take on more fluids. This diet does make one tired anyway due to the lack of calories and the ehat cannot be helping


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Heats a killer for me as well.....like it cool!:cool:

Once I have shed this weight it might be different, but I suffer in the hot weather.:sigh:


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Ooh I love the heat! I work in an air con'd office and it's freezing in here today. I have to keep going outside to warm up lol


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S: 18st7lb C: 17st0lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 1st7lb(8.11%)
That would explain it, but I bet the moody ones are woman, Oops should I have said that??
I work in an office were the temperature in constantly fought about. I hate the heat, I turn the aircon on, then complaints are laid, and the aircon is either turned off or up. Can never ever win so now I am tired of fighting and just grin and bear it.


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I love the summer but when your carrying extra padding on your body the heat can be horrible , I also love the winter and thats where my extra padding comes onto practice .. hehe :)
Really dislike being hot, uncomfortable and overweight!! Kadmus you are drinking enough water, you do need to stay hydrated with the combination of this diet and the heat.

I wouldn't risk more than 4 packs, I accidentally went half a pack over and the stomach cramps and other bowel issues were horrendous.
You might start splitting your packs throughout the day. You don't have to drink more water but perhaps add ice to your half-pack shakes?

You are drinking so much water already I wouldn't add more unless you are digging ditches in the sunshine lol but that's just my humble opinion!

Good luck x

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I think we need video evidence of the rain dance.. only to ensure you are doing it correctly of course hehe



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if your hot and sweaty don;t forget even though yr drinkin g lots your perspiring also, so just because u drink more does not mean yr body is holding on to it, just a thought. But if its any consolation i had 2 days last week like it on week 2, but i have been fine since.

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