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Extra Calories?

Hello all
I'm another new recruit to SF and I'm nearing the end of my second week.
I weigh in a little over 20 stone and saw from the SF website that I should be having more calories during the day but I can't find out how many that should be.

I lost 1lb in my first week and I don't seem to be on track to lose much more this week

Any suggestions from the heavier members of what they did?

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Hi Amber,
I'm 24 stone and I'm following the 2 SF meals 3 snacks and 1 600cal meal.

Drink Water: I read on these forums that water helps you to lose weight so I have been drinking as much as I possibly can http://www.minimins.com/lipotrim-forum/48286-4-pints-4-litres.html

Exercise: A 30 minute walk a day makes a huge difference

Measure: Are you measuring your food? I bought a set of kitchen scales from Argos for £2.99 and was shocked at portion sizes!

This is my first week after a re-start of SF and my official weigh in is not for another 2 days though I have had a sneaky one and I'm very pleased. On my first attempt at SF which lasted 9 weeks I lost around 2 lbs a week, but with the 3 changes above and the difference I've seen so far I'm sure this time I will do a lot better.

I've not read all of the SF website so I don't know about the extra calorie allowance for bigger people but this is working for me.

I hope this helps

Lissy xx
Thanks Lissie!
I have proven over many years that when I take a diet that is less than 1500 cals per day, I gain weight!!
The doc didnt believe me - put me on the Weetabix diet at 1200 cals and when he reweighed me in 10 weeks, I'd gained nearly 1 stone
I even took my husband with me to the consultation so that he could attest that I had not cheated on the food diary - the doc still didn't believe me!!

Ho Hum!

Well I'll try harder - I'm losing 1lb per week at the moment

Are you not hungry on 1200 cals a day?
I have been very hungry for the last three days - and I'm drinking around 2.5litres of water a day + black coffee (4 cups) and white tea (2 cups)


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Omg weetabix for 10 weeks that sounds like hell!

I do get hungry but when I do I've been trying to find something to do like go shopping or clean something because once I get active my hunger seems to disappear and I just get thirsty.

How many sugars in your tea and coffee? and how much milk in your tea? When I added up the sugars and milk I have in tea/coffee (with the size of the mug I use ;)) it works out at nearly 80calories which means I sacrifice a snack to have my humongous cup of coffee (probably the size of 2 regular mugs) ^.^ I think sugar is 16cals per teaspoon full and semi-skimmed milk is 50 calories per 100ml I know sweeteners only have 1cal per tab (equiv of 1 teaspoon of sugar) but I prefer the real thing.

Lissy xx
Thanks Lissie! This is a good piece of advice, however, I stopped taking sugar in my drinks 15 years ago - I have drunk skimmed milk for the past 7 years - take my coffee black and have only a splash of milk in my tea as I like it strong.
I eat my 5 portions of fruit and veg daily
drink min 2 litres water
I dont fry - I grill or dry roast
I have tomato based sauces, not creamy one
I don't have butter or spread - nor do I have cheese
I drink about 1 bottle of wine per week
My portion sizes have been checked and the only thing that we can possibly say is that I don't eat enough!!
so I'm sure you can see why I am frustrated with no weight loss

Anyway - I'll plod on with SF and see how I go.
Keep in touch and keep me posted on your success


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Wow, then I can only think it's medical but your dr. doesn't sound like he wants to help you if he doesn't believe you :sigh:

Lissy xx
Yeah I think that too - but the doc isn't convinced.
Think its going to be a long slog - but I had some good news at work yesterday, so that will alleviate a lot of stress and maybe that will help

I'll watch your progress and nick any tips going!!
Thanks for your reply


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S: 18st2lb C: 15st1lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 3st1lb(16.93%)
Hi Amber,

1lb off a week is very good!

Here is the link to work out your calorie intake for your height/sex/weight/activity and how many calories you need to reach your goal weight and even tells you how long it will take, if you do not have a time in mind yourself:)

Health Tools - Calorie Calculator for Goal Weight - New York Times

Have you thought about keeping a food diary to track what you are eating and to have this as a record for yourself?

You can do one here in this forum if you like.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Ambersam,

You can email SF through their website if you have any questions which isn't answered on there so maybe you should ask them what allowance you can have.

It does sound like you possibly have a medical condition. Ask you doctor if he can do any tests. I have hypothyroidism and PCOS both of which affect weight.


BL x
To Mini - I have kept a food diary on and off for 7 years - I see a benefit when I write down - it is amazing how that sweet here, fizzy drink there, little biscuit etc creeps in isnt it

And to Busy - Yes I have PCOS but am told it has nothing to do with weight and am told to look at Victoria Beckham - there is nothing else medical awry - I'm tested annually and all is normal.

So to all, I have not tracked cals this week (clearly going over 600) and the weight is falling off!! So now I have to plan what is GOOD food and i'll have a look at that Times calorie tracker.

Hope the weather is better for you all than it is for me.
I'm off to cook tea - grilled tuna steak, steamed cabbage, babycorn & mange tout on a bed of noodles dressed with spicy tomato sauce
PCOS has a huge link with weight. In fact I've never read about PCOS without obesity being mentioned! Over 50% of people with it are obese let alone the people who are just overweight. Also many sufferers have insulin resistance which contributes to weight gain and makes it more difficult to lose weight.

Whoever told you to look at VB is being a bit naive in my opinion. Everyone knows PCOS makes it extremely difficult to conceive and carry to term. Shes got 3 kids! To me she isn't a typical example of a PCOS sufferer.

If you do have PCOS, have a look online and see if you can find advise on the best foods to eat for the condition. Most people recommend a low GI so maybe try to incorporate this into your calorie allowance.

Hope that helps
BL x
Flippin' Heck Busy - that was distressing reading
The best I can look forward to is a life on Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and extra hair in visible places!!

Well I suppose another trip to the doc won't hurt - this time I'll ask for Metformin - it didn't suit my mum but you never know, it might work.
As for the extra hair - I underwent face waxing for 4 years and for the most part its gone - the rest of my body still has excess hair, but its not seen by anyone so not an issue

Well I'm off to watch Mock the Week for a lighter look at the world today
Night all
Yes it isn't the best reading is it? I suppose the silver lining is that the side effects are meant to lessen with losing weight so fingers crossed that might help. Good old SF :D

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