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Fat at 43 - thin at 44???

hi thought I'd start my own diary on here for inspiration as I'm starting this weight loss journey again. I always said I wanted to lose weight before I was 30, then the goal was to be thin in my 30's then it was to lose weight before I was 40 and then when I woke up to myself a couple of weeks ago realising that I was at my heaviest ever then enough was enough.

My problem is I am so hard on myself that one slip has been enough to get me off the wagon so many times before - but not this time!!!

First week went brilliantly - 6.5lbs off :D:D:D, this week (I'm a wednesday weigher) was ok till the weekend when we went to a family party and the vodka's and champagne flowed followed by the banoffi pie and evil buffet food!!!. Anyway rather than give up as I would previously have done I've knuckled down again today making homemade sweet potato and butternut squash soup for tea and filling up on yogurts and fruits.

I need to stick to this diet for so many reasons, health, fashion all the usual things but also for a dream holiday to Italy next June - I'm seriously stressing about not being able to fit the seat belt on the plane and being to unfit to walk around the sites in comfort - If this goal doesn't work nothing will x

Anyway I'll have bored any one reading this silly by now but in the meantime any nudges in the right direction I can get throughout this challenge are most definately welcome xx
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Hi Janette welcome on board :D

I can so relate to your wanting to be thin at a certain age. I am also 43 and would love to be a lot thinner by 44. I remember saying I won't be fat and 30, then 40....but I still am :eek:

I'm sure with the thought of your holiday at the end you will make your dream a reality.

Best of luck, Judy
having just read the Ellebears great blog I've been inspired to set myself some mini goals so here goes:

Mini goals:

1/2 stone award - 1/2lb to go
1 stone award - 7 1/2lbs to go - target date - half term
Hi Janette welcome on board :D

I can so relate to your wanting to be thin at a certain age. I am also 43 and would love to be a lot thinner by 44. I remember saying I won't be fat and 30, then 40....but I still am :eek:

I'm sure with the thought of your holiday at the end you will make your dream a reality.

Best of luck, Judy
Thanks Judy - that holiday is definately an inspiration. Just hoping I can put right the damage I did over the weekend before wednesday nights weigh in :eek::eek::eek:
yippee lost 1 1/2 meaning I earnt my 1/2 stone award. So chuffed I've stuck my certificate on the kitchen wall. Hoping for a good week this week as we've got a party to go to on Sat but I'm the designated driver so that solves any drinking issue. Got to keep going now 2 weeks down gonna make it a 3rd.

Mini goals:

1/2 stone award - 1/2lb to go - DONE 22/09/10:D:D:D
1 stone award - 6lbs to go - target date - half term
fit in my john rocha skirt from 2 years ago for Christmas
dear diary,

two days out of my normal routine - I find it harder to stick to this plan than when I'm at work as the fridge is calling my name!!!! :(:( Yesterday I was off work as I was waiting in for the gas man to come and fix the fire - although put the time to good use as made slimming world beef rogan josh and aloo gobi from the curry cookbook. By the way it was delicious.:):)

Then went to collect Jamie from school - he had been stung by a wasp on his eye. :eek::eek: Luckily he's ok although his eye is badly swollen - but that's meant another day off work today as I'm looking after him to make sure he's ok and that his eye doesn't get worse. I love being at home with my son but don't love being at home when it's full of lovely snacky food that I'm trying to avoid. Ho hum if I can cope with this I can cope with anything. Crumbs this sounds like a right winge when in all honesty it's not that bad really just a touch of the boredom munchies kicking in. Anyway keep focused Janette - think of Italy!!:D:D

Mini goals:

1/2 stone award - 1/2lb to go - DONE 22/09/10
1 stone award - 6lbs to go - target date - half term
fit in my john rocha skirt from 2 years ago for Christmas

Operation Roma is a go!!! We will be there in June 2011 and I will be considerably smaller than I am today!!! Go Go Go!!!!!
It's good to have a goal - I'm fat 44 aiming for thin 45.

39lb to go in 8 months. Should be able to do it - but that means sticking to this for a whole year, which I've NEVER done before!

Still - I'm looking (in my mind) at the me at the end of it. I find that focuses my mind. Does it work for you?


Likes to eat.........alot
I'm even older :eek: I said exactly the same as you at 30.......then 40! lol I actually managed it at 40, but put it all back on in the *cough* years that followed!! Such a piggin idiot! lol

This time it's for good :D

Good luck Janette :)
Thanks guys for all the encouragement - it's great to know I'm not alone in my battle to shed the 40+ bulge :D:D:D

I am determined this time and do feel much more positive than every before - I seem to have finally got my head round the fact that is I have a bad day/weekend etc it is not the end of the world. Just face up to it at weigh in and move on. Also I have a great goal in tackling OR (Operation Roma!!!)
I think we're going to book it for the 2nd week in June next year so thats from the start roughly 9 months to get to a much more comfortable weight - I know I won't be at target by then but I'm aiming for a fair few cothes sizes down ;);)

Anyway the end of another weekend - hope we all have a good week xx
yippee another 3.5 off this week taking me to 11.5 off in total - I'm well chuffed. Booking our holiday tomorrow for June next year so that's a whole 8 months to get into a much happier place than I am in at the moment (weight wise that is - the rest of life is pretty good at the minute to be honest) xx

Onwards and downwards as they say :D:D:D:D
Thank you for your words of encouragement - I'm sure we can all do it this time:D:D:D

In the words of the immortal????? :eek::eek::eek: Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you!!!

Oh my life how sad am I that I can quote Rick Astley so easily - this diet must be addleing my brain - I wonder if I'm going to go from being big and bright to thin and dim :D:D:D:D

just to say I haven't disappeared from the face of the world. I am still here.

Had a bad dieting weekend - in fact it hasn't been the greatest weekend all round to be honest:sigh::sigh::sigh:. - bad Friday at work leading to me being tetchy all evening :mad::mad: which sort of carried on through Saturday until mid Sunday afternoon which then merged into a manic birthday party for a ten year old :eek::eek: - to be fair my son was well behaved (I'm not just saying that because I'm his mum, I know I'm biased but on this one I'm just stating fact) unfortunately some of his friends behaved like idiots and completely went berserk :mad::mad:- and that was before they ate the chocolate and drank the orange.

Anyway that all culminated in me completely losing the will to live and eating my share of the birthday cake and post party wine and vodka :break_diet:. Oh well paid the price as didn't sleep well at all on Sunday night and spent most of Monday downing painkillers and generally feeling sorry for myself:cry::cry:. I did however discover that I am much more of a comfort eater than I ever thought. Anyway back to basics again now as I've been fine today although not really looking forward to my Wednesday weighin. :)
:D:D:DI am so happy - I lost another 2lbs at last nights weigh in, I couldn't believe it. So another 1/2 lb to get my shiny sticker. Got to keep focused this week as I really want this sticker. We're camping this weekend so doing a lot of food planning so that I can stick to this. 36 weeks till the big Roman holiday xx:D:D

been away camping with friends all weekend, although the food I ate started off fine (well Friday nights tea was great) it sort of went downhill but hopefully not tooooo bad.:p

It was chilly in the evening so my diet cokes ended up being adulterated with brandy on the Friday night.:D:D Saturday afternoon ended up going to the chocolate factory at Orton :eek::eek::eek:
well a hot chocolate with whipped cream and a home made cookie later ......followed by ... a movie sharing pringles with my gorgeous son washed down with a bottle of wine shared with my luvvvly OH and munching on a homemade (by my mum) cheese scone..... and then being invited to our friends caravan along with cheese and wine - although to be fair I had slice ham and weight watchers melba toast and 1 x very small glass of wine !!! :eek::eek:

Anyway Sunday I was good and I've been good today too so you never know I might not have done to much damage. I'm really hoping I've not blown my chances of getting a shiny sticker on Wednesday but I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm not being too hard on myself though as it was our last camping weekend until next spring so no more weekend gorging for a while.

Having said that I'm having a bit of a stress as next week (19th) I am at a Cheese and Wine Party for OH's 40th birthday. His birthday is actually on the Wednesday which is doubly bad as it's my weigh in day :eek:- oh what to do???? and how to handle it??? - crumbs - do I stress about what not to eat and drink on the Tuesday and Wednesday even if it is OH birthday or do I just go with the flow bearing in mind it's his 40th and not a normal birthday??

Any ideas??????
whooppeee doo :D:D:D
got my stone award sticker tonight as I'd lost another 1.5 lbs. I am really really pleased. Got to really try and keep focused now as it's neil's 4oth birthday party on Tuesday night followed by his actual birthday next wednesday which is also my weigh day. My plan is to be as good as gold till Tuesday on the gounds that any lapse :D:D:D:D (well it is a cheese and wine thingy at our favourite italian deli!!!!!) might not be toooo damaging.

Got to keep focussed, got to keep focussed, got to keep focussed,:):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

week 1 -6.5
week 2 -1.5 0.5 awd
week 3 -3.5
week 4 -2
week 5 - 1.5 1 stone awd

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