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*** fat falling off friday - hour by hour***

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been hijacked by the children getting up early so have only managed to post on my diary and on a few threads havent caught up properly on yesterday adn have to go and get ready for work and school now so will be back later.... have a good day everyone xxx


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Hey all
Hope everyone is well and ready for a good 100% friday and then on to the weekend.

Jess.. sounds like you have been really busy hon . Singing lessons sound like fun....

It looks miserable here today.. Off to take the boys to nursery and then have my nails and feet done.. a bit of relaxing...

Hope everyone has a good day xxx


Loving losing
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Love the title Jess...

Have a great day everyone...last day of SATs..woohoo.. and 15 kids coming round after school to celebrate. Must be mad! Last day of school for No. 1 son today then just exams...makes me feel old.

Right, need to hoover and tidy before work/school.

Have a great 100% day everyone



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Morning all!

Curly - enjoy your treat!

Sarah - Yes, you must be! I though 4 6-year-olds was bad!

Well the scales are stuck again! I actually gained a pound earlier this week!
I dunno?!
Never mind, I'm not paying too much attention to them, just going by the CDC's so guess I'll find out on Monday.
Hope everyone is well today

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Hey everyone! Friday is nearly over for me, but it's been an ok first day. I would love some singing lessons! Where in Wales are you Jess? I used to live in the Newport area before we moved out here.

Have a fabulous Friday everyone!

Sunshine Singer

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Good morning everyone. So happy it's Fat Falling off Friday. Mad day to come teaching....singing funnily enough! I do it full time and love it.

So hope everyone has a great day and stays 100% and gets another step closer to goal,

Have a good one, xxx


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Morning All,
sorry i wasnt round yesterday. Had a lot to do. Nice to see you back Jess. Enjoy the pampering Curly, you deserve it.
Have WI tomorrow morning. hoping for the 13st's finally. Was there yesterday morning but up by half pound this morning. hoping, hoping, we will see!!!
Another busy day ahead for me, working all day. must prepare for a big oral test on Monday. Have a great falling off friday everyone!!! Stay 100%!!!


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Morning everyone,
Have a great day - sounds like we'll all be busy with lot sof things other than thoughts of food which is the way to go (well, for me anyway!).

Happy productive day to you all!

T :)


Proper Little Madam
Morning all...:)

What a wet and miserable day it is here in Yorkshire today. I hope you all have a good weeekend planned...I am looking after my three year old nephew until tomorrow and then I am having a lovely pamper day on Sunday. O/H has gone away for the weekend so I won't be out of bed until at least 11am on Sunday...a lazy lie in.

Keep up the good work ladies...you all have fabulous losses so far.

Gaynor x


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Morning all!

Jen- I don't pay much attention to my scales either, just go by my CDC's , I've been considering buying the same ones as hers but don't know if this is going a bit over the top!

Got the health visitor coming today at 10 to do Jackies 6 month check & get to find out how much he weighs. Im loosing weight& he's finding it!
Then got my mum and dad coming for chilli and banoffee pie tonight and I'm going to have a SS+ meal so looking forward to it!

hope you all have great days! x


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Morning all! Hope you all have a great day. The weather is horrid here, will I ever get into the garden to sort my flower tubs?! Grr!

Off to see my friend tonight, she's not seen me since end of Jan!

Laters xx


Going for Goal!
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morning everyone. I thought id post on here today because i'm off work with a stinking cold and cough and im home alone - dun dun dun - ! I should be ok, im not thinking of evil food. Im just about to make my 1st porridge of the day, after completing a morning workout on the fitness coach on the wii. I need my porridge now for energy cos my next workout is a physical challenge!!! lol It's a bloody good job my downstair neighbour is at work!!! lmao !

Sending you all positive vibes!

Hugs x x x


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I haven't even got out of bed yet!! It took forever to go to sleep last night and ended up on the phone until 3am until I finally fell asleep, bless my friend who stayed talking to me to keep me entertained. It was driving me mad! I'm not quite sure whether I said goodnight or just fell asleep on him!!! I am probably going to stay in bed the majority of the day other than when I get up to do wii fit/my fitness coach, do my shakes or the toilet! Have a lot of uni work to do, and it's warm under my duvet! Has been a cold few days here. Sure I'll be popping on and off to try and distract myself from working anyway!


Slimming down the aisle
S: 19st1.5lb C: 18st6.8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8.7lb(3.25%)
Well Emma I'll keep you company, entertained and distracted from food! :)


Skinny girl in a fat body
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I am still on a high from last night. Won't bore you all with the details but as some of you know when to see Enrique last night - Fan bloody tastic !!!!!!!!!! So, went to the restaurant first and was surrounded on my table by potato skins, with garlic, pasta, steak, pork, chips, wine - the whole lot. I had a CD soup and a bottle of water. Had a tetra on the way home so I still had my three throughout the day. Struggling with the water today, dont know why. Hate the weekends on this diet so not looking forward to that - think I may just sleep my way through the whole weekend (oh, I wish lol).


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Mia- glad you had a fab time last night and well done for the amazing will power and just having your soup&tetra!!

I'm booking a hotel soon for us to go to a friends wedding (just evening) but Im sure I'll have to eat, I'll just try to make a healthy choice. It's mid July so if I can loose 2 stone by then i might be working up the plans, breakfast won't be so bad, could have my choc tetra and black coffee or maybe a poached egg?? we'll see!!
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i just wanted to say that i love the daily names that you give to your hour by hour threads, they always make me smile:)


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I've just eaten a cumberland sausage :(

I'm really annoyed now :mad:


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Jen don't get annoyed at yourself. That's what can set you into a downward spiral. Just pick yourself up, forget about it and move on. Maybe try and look at what made you stumble, and see how you can learn from it. Reflect but don't dwell! You're doing great, so just keep trying to look at the bigger picture!

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