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Feeling better today! Now upset stomach!

Hi, glad you are feeling better - cant help re the upset tummy I'm afraid - why dont you give your pharmacist a call and just check?

Hope it soon sorts itself out!!
I just called Lipotrim themselves, they said there is no reason why i should get an upset stomach at all, unless i have a milk intolerance (which i don't).

I have just been thinking about it though, i am wondering if it could be from the adrenalin rush of the panic attack??? Quite possible i think, i always used to get a bad upset stomach when i had panic attacks.

Oh well!

I am determined to go through with this!!

Aaah well if you used to get the same symptoms with previous panic attacks then that might explain it ;-)

The first few days are always pretty rough on a VLCD, but once you get through that you'll be very glad you did. It does get easier, keep it up!


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Hopefully the symptoms will disappear hun, the first week to 2 weeks are the hardest, but you really do come out the other side and you will soon feel the buzz. Stick with it and you will be amazed at the results.
I had shocking diarrhoea when I started and had to get a fibre supplement to sort it out because when that went away I was so constipated.
Thanks for your help ladies.

It seems fine now!

This evening i have felt 'normal' again for the first time in days!!

Its really weird though, i can honestly say that i am not missing food! Nor am i hungry!
Perhaps its because i have been ever so anxious the last few days, i'm not sure, but i have had no problems at all with preparing my daughters dinner/lunches etc. The first day i nearly pinched a fish finger but that was about it!
Earlier i want to check if some sauce was too spicy for my daughter, and then remembered, and had to wash it off my finger before i popped it in my mouth! The poor little thing was not impressed and was wiping her tongue on her cuff as it was too spicy!!

I'm hoping that now i'm not so anxious and a bit calmer, that i won't start getting an apetite!!

I knooowwwwww i shouldn't do it, but i did weigh myself this morning.......and in 5 days i have lost 5lb. I'm pleased with that. On WW that took me 3 weeks!

Also, another question!!........I've got some of the Ketostix, does it matter how dark the strip goes?
And does the amount of fluid we drink dilute the result a bit?
Mine has been coming up on the 'faible' mark, which isn't that strong, but ketones are still detectable. Does it mean i am still not fully in Ketosis?

Anyway, thanks for all the help, and well done to all of you for your fab losses!

All the very best,

Morning Sarah Jane, very pleased to hear you are doing so well!!! And well done on your first 5lb off, thats brilliant :)

You're in ketosis, yay! A faible or trace reading is just fine - yes, you are right, the more water you drink the more the results are diluted, so if you test first thing in the morning, you are likely to get a darker result as you havent drunk overnight. If you are dehydrated you will get a darker result, so dont aim for the deepest pinks, a trace is fine!

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