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Feeling sooo angry!!!!


Hi all, had such positive vibes yesterday and I'm on my third day of a restart and I feel crap! I feel Like punching someone! When I breathe in I get this chemical smell coming up, anybody experience this? been so close to jacking it in plus had an argument with my OH:(. I'm feeling soo hungry aaaargh!! when will it stop... some motivatiohn pleeeease!!!!!

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hi tanya! your almost over the worst of it so please dont give in!! go and have a bath or do somthing to take your mind off food! are you drinking much water?
keep your pecker up you CAN do this...xx
Hey honey! Styick at it, I felt the exact same away around day three, but once you get to the other half of the week, and weigh day is in sight, you'll feel much better! Dont knoe about the chemical smell, possibly ketosis related?
Tanya this is a really hard diet so please don't be too hard on yourself. Maybe the chemical smell is ketosis? you often get a distinct breath aroma :( Why dont you have an early night or pamper yourself a little to take your mind off things. Sorry can't be of any help but I know how you feel :D
Thanks guys! yeah been drinking my water, gonna have my last shake now! x
Thanks Edi, that explains it then! x
Keep at in Tan. This is day 5 of my re-start. Today is the 1st day I have felt relatively human! I was a "monster" last night! O/H went to bed early - bless it's not his fault!


not so str8 or narrow!!
the anger you feel is that little monster inside of you that wants you to break and eat - its furious lol well done coz the angrier it gets the better you are doing! why not visualise it like a little fiery demon and extinguish it by glug glug glugging that water!


not so str8 or narrow!!
blooming ell adele your weight loses are absolutely amazing well done you!! come on spill the secret 4 stone in 7 week wow
well i guess the only secret to cd is about getting your head in the right frame of mind and learning about your food issues as you go. but dont forget the bigger you are the fastest it comes off too - and i started at 25 stone lol!!
i stink as well,and i think its great,it tell me i am still doing well lol.......
I feel really self conscious to be honest, Have brought some listerine breath strips. They feel odd in your mouth for a while and fairly strong. When my OH was doing this diet his breath was repulsive and I wouldn't sit near him ( I know dedicated caring wife) I just hope mine don't smell that rank
Hey Tracy I have the dragon breath too and chew long lasting sf gum that helps alot, the other smell can not be smelt by others, two doctors and friends have assured me this is the case. I am a teacher and work with little kids mostly one to one (special education), believe me they would tell me if they thought I smelled bad(little kids can be so honest). None of them have said anything but they love the smell of my shakes, I drink alot of RTDs (like cd tetras) and I make a hot 1/2 choc and 1/2 vanilla with 1 splenda and instant coffee in and they really love how that one smells. They of course ask if they can have some and I tell them it is my medicine and they quickly turn up their little noses. They are so cute.

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