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Feels like Im eating way too much...


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Hi all,
Am new to pp, started last Thurs on the programme, weighed in Wed night. Am on 32 points but to be honest am absolutely stuffed eating the 32. Followed the old plan numerous times and was hungry all the time on it. Thats why Im beginning to wonder, is this a diet at all. Have eaten my daily points each day and havent had any of my weeklies yet. Heres what I have had/am going to have to eat today (havent eaten the last 2 snacks yet). Does this seem right, feels like Im buffering out my pp eating choc and crisps which I have no prob doing as thats how Im overweight to begin with ?

ANy thoughts would be gratefully appreciated

Brekkie: 3pp
Porridge made with 30g oats & water
(had late brekkie and early dinner so hence small brekkie)

Dinner: 10pp
150g mashed potato (3pp)
O pp veg
80g chicken breast (2pp)
35g slice roast beef (3pp)
WW choc bar (2pp)

Lunch: 8
2 slices brown bread toasted no spread (4)with sliced banana on top (0)
WW yoghurt (1)
2 Digestive biscuits (3)

Snacks: 10
Frys Turkish bar (5)
Pack Low fat snack type crisps (2)
Curly Wurly (3)

Skimmed milk allowance for tea for the day (1)
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looks fine I'm finding the same though and feeling guilty bcos I'm stuffed, i'm on 36 pp just had a packet of quavers and a curly wurly just because I had to use my pp's, it is working though bcos I have lost weight every week doing the same


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Thanks girls...roll on wi day.
Looks fine me. The only bit of advice my leader gave me which I found useful and would pass on was to only eat until I'm full... I'm on 29 points and I had said to her last week that I was struggling to get to the 29 points per day as I eat a lot of fruit which is obviously free. She said that if I get to, say, 25 points and feel full and satisfied then to stay at the 25 points... Eating for the sake of it is not conducive to a healthy diet...
Rather than thinking you have to eat this, why not think im allowed this as ive used the majority on nice normal meals. You deserve a treat and as long as its within your points then whats the harm? Enjoy it :D
If you are looking for a good loss every week I would try and use my points and healthier foods, maybe more protein and less treats.


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If you are looking for a good loss every week I would try and use my points and healthier foods, maybe more protein and less treats.
Thx waterford, what do you recommend eating to make up the points.
What I am doing is having bigger dinner portions, or I had a fry this morning for breakfast. The WW sausages are yum.

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