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Felt so ill i cheated on day 7 :0(

welllllll dissapointing news, was doing so well,i didn't even feel hungry last night however last night at around 3am i woke up, i couldn't breathe, i was in so much pain i had a little apple pie and a glass of ribena to try and get rid of it as i thought thats what was doing it, still no better. phoned the docs half an hour ago i have to go there at 11.30 as he thinks i have fluid on the lungs????. who knows whats caused this. will keep you updated.x
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OMG hope u will be ok, let us know how u get on at the doctors, big hugz x


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Hello hunni.. let me know soon as uv been the docs whats goin on... its so important to get urself better, dont worry about the diet at al...

theres always time for that, jus do what u need to to get urself healthy again... thinkin of u

the pain is awful :0(, i can only shallow breathe, my lips are all dry and crusty, its awful, i feel in a right state, i thought it was the ketosis causing it so i ate whatever i could QUICK to try and get out of it to see if the pains yet. anyway,i didn't want the apple pie, i'm not at all hungry today,had no shakes yet either so not sure whats gone on there. will let you all know how i get on, if they let me home, fingers crossed they don't send me straight to hospital booohooo, i was only in there at the end of dec(just gone) with an ectopic pregnancy :0(. don't want to go back so soon :0(. its ok if i'm shallow breathing but the minute i go to breathe normally i feellike all my ribs etc are pulling up towards my boobs. thankfully its not an ectopic pregnancy(it would be impossible,which is a good thing).x
hope your ok dont worry bout diet your health is more important


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oh love, uv really had a shitty time havnt u.... if they take u in, its only to get u better so just do what they say an u will b out before u know it...

try an let us know how u r tho, cos i will be worried til ur bak on...

try not to worry, cos that will jus make u feel worse... have a nice sweet cup of tea... an make sure u ether have ur shae or eat somehtin.. u will need the energry...
well my little lipotrim family, thank goodness, i'm not having a heart attack lol,the doctor wasn't too pleased about how much weight i've lost in such a short period, he had a moan lol. anyway i have a tear in the intercostiel muscle??(around the rib area), which would explain why i can't breathe properly :0(. i'm now on diclofenac for pain relief, yet i have to eat before taking them so blah i'll suffer the pain, i cheated last night(i went into panic mode and just grabbed anything), however i didn't want that apple pie, infact it tasted awful lol so back on the diet today, i wasn't aware that being on total food replacement diets can make ur muscles weaker and also lower the imune system(according to my doctor). oh well. nothings stopping me now, back on it.x


My husband = My hero
can u hav the pain killers with a shake? glad ur guna b ok hun... so u on the mend kind if?x
no,it has to be solid food the doctor said as its a strong pain relief, if i don't intend on eating i must not take them so thats what i'll do,not take them,simple!!!.nothing is stopping me. my last weigh in was 3 weeks ago and the doctor said i had lost 11 kilo's since then, i don't know how much that is in lbs though.he gasped so i presume it was all those lbs i've lost this week although i was on xenical for 2 weeks,then lipotrim for a week.x


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Aw honey! concentrate on getting yourself better burd :) x


Here we go again!
The diet can go on hold for a little while, just concentrate on getting better. Glad you went docs and got it sorted though. Sending you lots of get well wishes!
Poor you, you must feel awful, i hope you feel better soon.

I take a huge concoction of pain killers one of them is diclofenac. The reason they tell you to take them with food is they can damage the stomach lining. I have a drug called lansoprazole which protects my stomach as i am on it long term. I have told my doctor i am on lipotrim an it is not an issue. It seems daft you being in pain maybe they could prescribe you some lansoprazole too?

cawisu xx
hello again, maybe thats why, i did have a tummy ulcer when i was alot younger, i just dunno what to do. at the moment my breathing is shallow but frequent. i'm gonna have my first shake in a bit and see how i get on, i got t lose this weight, i have to :0(. my times running out for ivf treatment(should it be needed),i can't afford to mess up.going to try today,if its no better tomorrow then i'm going to have to come off it and take the tablets,i have a pack of 84 tablets so thats a long times worth ??? :0(. i'll see how i get on, thanks girlsssssssss for all your support,yet again you've all cheered me up! ** hands everyone a hugeeeeeee bunch of red roses with a little thank you card enclosed**
What dose have you been put on? I would of thought the shakes would have been enough to line your stomach to take the pills for a short period of time. I wasnt dieting but i wasnt put on anything to protect my stomach until i had been on diclofenac for a year as they said with short term use it shouldnt cause any problems.

Dont be to hard on yourself if you have to come off the diet for a few days, being well is just as important.

cawisu xx
i have been given the 50mg ones. one tablet to take 3 times a day(84 tablets), however i haven't taken none yet. i'm trying my hardest to try and not take them, i'm doing so well and i was feeling great in myself, i even managed to go on the rowing machine i've just bought for a whole hour(thats the evil thing thats teared my muscle :0( ). without being out of breathe, guess i'm paying for that now, i can hardly bloody breathe lol, i have to laugh or i'd cry lol.x
i have a feeling i had those whilst in hospital when i had my ectopic, if those are the ones i wouldn't take them anyway, i found they gave me heart pulpitations, i don't know 100% if these was the ones or not though, i just don't want to risk 1. pulpitations. 2 my weight going back on, as its only day 2 of my second week.x
i only have another 2 odd pounds to lose and i'm in my 16 stone range, better than being in my 18.4 stone range i guess, i'm getting there, just gutted i had that apple pie last night, i thought if i just ate something maybe it might stop, it didn't :0(, just gave me the poops hahaha.x
I had that too, i get my bf to call an ambulance as i thought i was having a heart attck !!!

I had a few ecg's and got taken to hospital, blood test showed inflamtion on my lung !!!

Not sure how it happend wasnt on the LT yet either. Same tabs as you. Take them and get better soon :)


Getting thinner everyday!
Could you stomach the flapjacks?

You could maybe ask your pharmacist to swap your shakes for flapjacks and then you'd be able to take your tablets?

I've tried the peanut one and it was horrid. Maybe the coconut one is better

the jacks are horrid so in the end i had curry and rice *sigh's*. tomorrow will be better hopefully. i've eaten now so i'll go back on it in the morning, i got my shakes out ready, just hope i don't put it all back on what i've lost so far, i'll be gutted, although i have had 6 pints of water too, so maybe i won't get the water retention thing,who knows, i'll let you know when i weigh myself in 2 days time lol. back on it tomorrow as i've just bought a size 16 next dress ( i'm a 24 at the moment), i only have until the middle of july to get to a size 16..can i do it????.x

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