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First time and big hopes

I've called this first time because not only is it the first time I've tried the Exante Diet but it's also the first time Ive tried any diet.

I guess I've always ignored how much my weight bothered me but now I've reached the point where I want it to start going down and not up and I'm really determined!

I started Exante on Monday so I'm on day 4, and I think today the ketosis kicked in as I'm not hungry, feel a lot different than I have for the last three days- but I could be wrong! It could just be that the event I organised last night involved 100 bottles of champagne and food for 200 people and that felt REALLY hard!

I've tried to stick to the total solution plan but I've had to have the odd bite of chicken when the hunger got too much. I'm not sure how much this affects the speed of weightloss? From what I've read as long as you only have small amounts of protein then you're ok.

Anyway, I want to lose 37lbs and it's 12 weeks until my holiday so here it goes...
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I'm just coming up to 4 weeks on TS, once you get past the first week then it does get much easier. Well done on resisting the champers at your function, good luck for a good loss for your holiday:)


really trying again!
Good luck and welcome to the world of exante diaries. Sounds like you are doing really well- keep strong chick xx
Thanks so much, I'm so relieved to know there are people on here to support. I've got a hen do this weekend which is my next challenge (I'm trying to take each one at a time!). I think I'll be ok with the not drinking as there will be other people there who don't drink, I'm more worried about dancing the night away as I'm yet to know how I'll feel with exercise. Any tips or guidance?


really trying again!
Just keep your water intake up babe. You can always have coke zero as well if they have it (no lemon) and if you feel the need for food then have some protein- cheese, meat or fish or perhaps even an omelette before you go out. Lots of us on here go out, it's all about keeping strong and keeping your goals in sight to keep you on track.
I'm really pleased with myself today. I went to the theatre and out for some drinks with old uni friends last night and I stuck to water the while time. I did notice that a lot of my conversation was about food and the diet (they brought it up as well as me) I'm hoping that as time passes people will get used to it and we won't have to talk about me not drinking and eating so much!!

Today I'm packing for a hen do weekend so I've put my soups and bars in my bag. Were going to a restaurant for dinner. I don't know wether to take a soup and ask the restaurant to make it up. Do they get funny about it? Or will I look like a loon?

I told myself I wasn't going to WI for two weeks but I feel like I need to have a check for some motivation for the weekend . I've also been reading through everyones diaries and finding out just how amazing you all are!


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On times where Ive had to go out to restaurants (i normally try and get out of it but cant always make excuses hehe) I just have a chicken salad with no dressing
I'm really upset this morning. I had a little look on the scales, wasn't going to weigh for two weeks but I wanted to have a sneak because I went out last night, sat through dinner drinking water, went to the club and drank water. Got on the scales this morning and I've lost nothing! Even with three hours of dancing. I know it's only day 6 but I was hoping for a good loss to spur me on.

I'm not going to give up, but I really hope next week I see some results.
So today has been a write off. After finding out I'd lost nothing on my first week I went and got some ketostix to see what was happening. As predicted, the test showed no ketones. Gutting. So after a week with all TS minus the odd bite of chicken no result at all. What I don't understand is that I haven't been hungry at all? And I've really stuck close.

Unfortunately what followed was an epic food binge this evening.

So tomorrow I'm starting again and taking it seriously. I'm setting some short term goals.

Bike ride to work tomorrow and go TS.
3l of water too.
4 days in Amsterdam- no alcohol even if I do go WS for a couple of days I'll be pleased.
Then the rest of this order TS (10 days)

That makes two weeks and I want at least a 10lb loss!

Could do with a buddy to help me start this, anyone want to set some aims and join me?
Hurrah! So upon a refocus and new beginning- day 1-TS! Complete! Now for the four days in Amsterdam. If I can get through this then I can get through anything!
Morning thisistheyear, I would love to be your buddy. Starting exante today. I am getting married in 24 weeks and my dress is nowhere near fitting me so I have to stick to this diet. I would like to lose 14lb this month, more would be an absolute bonus. Have you taken your measurements? I need to do that today.
Janette x
No I'm not doing measurements because I think if I measure my thighs I'll give up on living, let alone dieting!! Haha so I'm going by weight, close size and I've taken some photos in the mirror so I can see the difference!

Yay though, let's start this off together! I'm on a plane to Amsterdam so I'll be back on Saturday to check in on how you're doing!

Good luck with your first week Hun xxx
Morning Thisistheyear,

Have decided this is my year too! Been on TS since 17th June so only 2 days before my next WI. My starting weight was 1lb more than yours and my goal is to lose 38lbs! Spooky!!!!

Good luck with your journey and don't give up when things seem tough as it does get better and easier. I was upset about last weeks WI when I only lost 2.5lbs but if I lose 3.5lbs this week I will have hit 1 stone which is a bloody miracle for 3 weeks dieting!!!!!!!!



really trying again!
So how was Amsterdam honey? Hope you had a lovely time away. Sounds like you are doing great. The early weigh ins are terrible as they do nothing for our confidence do they and kind of press the destruct button in us all. Stick to WI days and the losses will come sugar. Are you drinking enough water? Hope you are OK. Thanks for your lovely post in my diary too- sorry I went AWOL- had a major case of the wobbles but am back for week 24!!! xxxx
Hey Guys,

I'm back in the country and back to TS- I managed to do one day TS on holiday but then I had to eat as we were going out for dinner in a big team and it was getting a little embarrasing to sit there with nothing because the waiters didn't understand that I didn't want anything!

On another note Amsterdam was great! Brilliant city although very much one of over doing it- think I'll try to avoid any more jaunts until I've started hitting targets!

So I'm not weighing in this week. I'm doing my first WI on Monday, so hopefully I'll see the benefits of two weeks work (minus three days of wobble abroad!). I think your right Gaga- the first WIs can either be an amazing spur on or really kill your spirit.

Jinty- how are you getting on? Hope it's been a good week!

Wow Elmer Fudd, same target then! We can both smash it together! Keep up the good work.

Good luck in Week 24 Gaga- hope you get back on track ok.
Wow, well getting back into it is harded than the first time! The tummy gurgling going on in my stomach right now is enough to want me not want to break out of this again. It's easier to just stay on track!

Three girls in the office are all on Exante now. It's nice to have the support but I'm a little worried that if they drop out it will be twice as hard for me to carry on! Best not think that way yet and just enjoy the commoradery.

Despite saying I wouldn't weigh in, I got some new scales and couldn't resist. 6lbs done! Heading in the right direction now! woo!

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