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** Floating Friday Daily Thread **

Floating Friday cos we are going to float through Friday with no CD problems and love drinking the water.
Floating Friday cos my float ring cushion thing will be arriving and hopefully I will be able to sit for the first time in a week ( I fell and hurt my coccyx last Saturday morning)

Have a wonderful Friday folks!
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Hows ur coccyx is it still sore hun, im just at work literally falling asleep at my desk and i have 7 hours left arghhhh
Yes, still very sore. I can't sit at all - however I am getting good at typing while flat out on my tummy in bed. i am hoping that the cushion they are going to fetch from the chemist will help. it's one of those horse shoe shaped things - so your coccyx is in the open end and not touching anything.
:) I hope you manage to stay awake at work!


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I am struggling to keep my eyes open today
A parcel arrived from my mum today and one of the things she sent was a CD pack of Cinammon and Apple porridge for me to try. I usually only have the soups and bars.
I managed to get about a 1/4 of the way through it just due tot he fact that it was something different to what i had been eating the past 11 weeks, then another 1/4 out of sheer determination - but then I had to give up.
I am still happy with my soups and bars but a few new flavours would be nice if they announce them this month - does anyone know exactly when the general meeting is where they are going to announce the re-branding etc?


please try again
evening girls

been for a trip out to the cinema today to see law abiding citizen, tis a good film and i took a tetra with me. a bloke who looked to be over 6ft tall came in and where do you think he decided to sit? thats right in the chair in front of me. i developed a headache from having to sit leaning over to see properly so ive spent the afternoon in bed

he decided to wake me to tell me kaya was at the door with the bus escort...... well open the ruddy door and let her in then, lol seems shes been steadily declining as the day has gone on at school and now is rather poorly so poor girl is in bed already

so ive still got 2 packs left to have and need another litre of water to finishe the day off
Hi Claire,

Sorry your little is poorly. You, too. I went with DH to see New Moon this afternoon (he got the day after Thanksgiving off, too). I really enjoyed it. I have not drunk enough water -- and will have some now. I did not want to have to run to the loo during the film.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am planning to get the tree up and decorating started. I am officially in Christmas mode.



please try again
i love the cinema, one of my fave things to do :)
Me, too. How do you handle the popcorn thing? That is hardest for me. I cut up a CD bar and brought it with me to nibble.


please try again
popcorn? blugh no thanks wouldnt touch it even if you paid me, lol

i just take a tetra and a litre of water and im all set

could of shot him thou he had a bag of cadburys caramel nibble things and he moved them from the other side to between us so i could smell them. they were making me feel sick thou
Oh, that's too bad. My OH tries hard to not eat anything around me that might be an issue. After all, he wants me to be healthy and happy.

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