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Flying whilst on CD

Just a quick question,

I'm going to Sydney in a few weeks time, but just had a though about carrying liquids onto flights. Is that still in place ?

I was planning on taking Tetras for the flights, but now not sure if that would be allowed ??
Any thoughts ?

Other option would be bars for the duration of the flight.
Also need to think about water etc...

Not so easy.
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I would ask the airline that you are flying with and get it in writing!

From previous experiences, you can buy water when you have got through check in and things like drinks, as normally put in a plastic bag for you to carry. We did this with my Daughter's milk and Hubby had to taste it in front of one of the officials there...well I wasn't going to drink full fat milk!

Definitely ask both the airport and your flight carrier what you are allowed.


Dont think you will be able to take Tetra's, I went to Belfast the other week and they took my Tetra's away but they let me take the bars and the Powders. Not sure what you could do, maybe get a letter from your doctor ?, you can get water as soon as you get through the security bit so dont worry about that.


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Hey tom, don't have any answers regarding your question but was just wondering how you're doing with ss today?
Hey Nessie,
Today is going very well thankyou.
Still not lost anymore weight since Tuesday, but hey, am sure it'll come off, unless i'm the only existing person to be immune from the CD :D


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Ok Tom, we are on to you. You just wanted to slip in a thread about travelling to Aussie.................................................that's really depressed me now when all I have to look forward to is more rain oh and then some more. :cry:


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Is TomTom a thin disguise for Richard Branson, if so Hi Rich, have a lovely trip and I hope you can smuggle your tetra's on:D:D
Well not so much a "thin" disguise at the moment ! ;)

Hey, if i were Rich Branson i'd offer you a trip home !
And Tetras would be allowed on Virgin...and blenders for packs etc... :D :D


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Lol Tom, glad you're having a gd day on CD, did you get some chicken? lol. I went mad for it yesterday but had to resist in the evening (which was when it was for!) cos I didn't want to have too much. No bad today with it tho, will have a nibble at dinner time probs :) Even tho it's a business trip, hope you have a gd one and enjoy!
I certainly did have some chicken lastnight.
Went to the local Indian, ordered Tandoori Chicken Tikka.
Got a strange look when i said "no rice, no sauce, no yoghurt, just the chicken"
Miserable git still charged me full whack aswell ! lol

Loved it though. :)

If i had put more thought into it, i would've added some chilli soup as sauce, but i didn't think till afterwards.
Hi Tom,

That sounds really nice!!! I would keep that one as a little treat - something that you can look forward to!!
I get a ready cooked chicken from Tescos Dehli counter when I feel the need to eat!


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Sounds gd! And charged you full price grumpy sod! Plain cooked chicken is probs best tho it's not had anything done to it except roasted so your safe with a little bit when the temptations are high! Have you checked your ketosis level today? Interested to see if tandoori has affected it atall or if totally ok :)
I dont have any ketostix or anything, so not sure if i'm in or out.
Either way, i wont be drifting from SS till next weigh in, so if i'm out, i'll be back in over the weekend.


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hey Tom, get yourself some ketostix, they're great and it also lets you know what you can maybe get away with if needed, like the chicken :) Makes me feel better to see I'm in ketosis too.
Do you think being out of Ketosis would be making me feel better ?
It's just since the chicken lastnight, i feel great, and not hungry at all, not thinking of food in anyway.
Although, i'm sitting here freezing. :(

Lil K

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Hi tomtom

Just to answer your original question (taking tetra packs on the plane). My friend is on CD and works at an airport (airside) and she can't take the tetras' through security due to the liquid being over 100mls - so it looks like bars or powder for mixing, whilst travelling (shame really cos they're so handy).

Thanks Lil K.
I had feared that was the case, dont think i'll be taking powder onboard, cant see them being able to blend it for me, and i aint drinking lumpy shakes !!!!

Bars it shall be !

Lil K

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Hi tom tom

Re the lumpy shakes - someone posted on here a while ago that they purchased a mug off ebay that has a little whisk/blender type thing in the bottom of it, and she was able to mix shakes at work without her colleagues realising she was doing CD - just a thought

Think I'll take a look on ebay myself :D, cos at the moment I try and mix shakes at work with the tiniest balloon whisk ever and manage to get a few lumps in mine (nobody knows i'm CD'ing at work)

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