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ProPoints food diary...


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just want to post my food diary and people can let me know if and where i am going wrong...

Tuesday 21st June 2011

B One slice of white bread
Utterly Butterly spread lightly 2
A banana

Digestive biscuit x2 3


2 mini weight watchers cup cakes 2

Quorn Mince 2
Crosse & Blackwell Savoury Rice
1/2 packet 2

Slice of chocolate cake ????
3 squares of whole nut from large bar ???
2 ww cookies 2

just going to use rest for chocolate cake and chocolate i ate while visiting family

Weeklies used 0/49
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I need chocolate now!!!
Hi Mary, welcome from me too! I am just off to start a diary myself so keep yours up.


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food diary wednesday 22nd June 2011

1 slice of 50/50 bread 2
banana 0

Pkt Wotsits multipack 3
WW cookies 2

Potatoes 5
Lamb rump steak 6
Veg 0
Gravy 1
Stuffing 3
Desert..ww choc mousse 4


Rice Krispie Bar 4
glass of red wine 4


Weeklies uses 42/46


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thursday 23 june 2011


1 slice of 50/50 bread

1 slice of 50/50 bread 5

spread for bread 1


ww cookies 2

2 bacon chops 4
1/2 tin beans 5
potoatoes 4
swede 0

Rice Krispie bar 4



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am i doing this right????

Don't know how i am getting on. On mon morning i weighed in at 10stone this morn i was 9'12. I have been walking, no walk today right enough!!! hope to get out tonight.

Now is the time i do the damage...i can put on 3lbs over the weekend. Hoping to have a bottle of wine tomorrow night with a friend so i have plenty of weeklies left over for that. wish me luck..just stay away from the goodies...:)


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good luck for tomorrow nite hun lock the goodies away lol...your doin fine looks like your in for a good loss this week keep it up x


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aw jem, i have just had 3/4 bag of liquorice alsorts...:( plus 4points in ww goodies with a latte. i am hoping that i have got it sorted now and will be good tomorrow with my daily points and use the remainder plus my remaining weeklies for wine tomorrow night..
sorry i haven't been on. went haywire over the weekend lol i knew it was going to happen :cry:back on track now however, so hoping for at least one pound this week, i have three more days til weigh in so fingers crossed (again!!!!)

food diary
monday 26th june

Bernard Matthews Ham 1
Lite Mayo 1
wholemeal pitta bread 4

total 6

Potatos 6
2 findus crispy pancakes 5
Beans 3

total 14

snacks: ww coconut slice 2
1 laughing cow lite 1
2 jaffa cakes 3
total 6

Daily total 26/29
Weeklies used 0/49
Food diary 28th june
1 slice 50/50 bread 2
spread and jam 1

Garlic chips 7
Chicken pieces 5
Small corn on the cob 2
Rice 2


slice of asda chocolate cake (brothers birthday) :D 8
2 ww cookies 2
1 asda vitality cereal bar 2

31/29 dailies
2/48 weeklies
Hi petal :) here to follow x
well i have been tracking but just haven't been on here to input my diary :sigh:

my weight has stayed the same the last two weeks, i was a bit annoyed as this week i did 50mins exercise dvd four times, getting up at 7am to do it too which was hard :(

anyhow, i am hoping to keep up the exercise this week and still point really well. i can see a change in my body in just those four days. got my 30 day shred, but as it's only 18 til my holiday not sure whether to do level one and then start it again after my holidays.
Well done for all ur exercise :) hope u get the loss u deserve xx
start the shred ....... x
hiya jem:D started this morning. can't wait til tomorrow morning now as i am going to get some hand weights off my friend and use them as well. just had tins of beans this morning lol. fingers crossed i see a difference in a couple of weeks..x
Yay! Enjoy the shred xx

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