Foodpacks.....3 or 4


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Some people do have 4 packs for the first 3 days or so to ease themselves in, I didnt when i first started but I did the first week back on plan after chrsitmas. I found it easier to have 4 after being used to eating so regularly at christmas, but try not to do it for too long. Also, make sure they are soups/shakes as having too many bars in 1 day might affect ketosis as they have slightly higher carb content so I'm told. Good luck!


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If you're struggling why not split your packs


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Starlight said:
If you're struggling why not split your packs

I've been doing this since reading the suggestion on this site and it is SOOO much easier! I end up with 6 mini meals a day so have no more than a couple of hours between meals.