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forced anorexia


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Just been chatting to my friend who has done LL in the past and she says its nothing more than forced anorexia...OMG what a way to put it !! I hasten to add she put all her weight back on and cannot commmit to LL because this is how she now sees it ! what are your thoughts, this has made me feel a little bad :confused:
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Gosh, what a thing to tell you:eek:

They don't get all the nutrition they need, you do
They have less choice, you have more
They aim to have an unhealthy BMI. Hopefully you are aiming for health
They are ill. Hopefully you're not

Where's the similarity? And where's the force?

Sounds like she's feeling really bad about her choice to put the weight back on. Give her a hug ;)
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I don't really see how it's forced seeing as you actually choose to do it and you're paying for it, no ones holding a gun to your head! She's probably frustrated at having gained all her weight back and has lost faith in herself. That's not excuse to take it out on you though.
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Anorexia is a mental health problem and state of mind - rather than just 'not eating much'. I think thats the main difference.

I think in a way, to look at it as treatment for another eating disorder - ie. overeating and binge eating. Your bodys getting used to four regular meals a day. Your not using food to deal with emotions either by depriving yourself or indulging in too much. Your doing it supervised, with a plan to reintroduce conventional food when you need to... plus medical checks. The result (hopefully) is to gain a positive relationship with food. imo.
What complete and utter BS. She's clearly just mad at herself for getting fat again and resents that you can do LL and she can't.

Anorexia is a mental disorder where the byproduct of the disorder is becoming dangersously underweight and sick.

LL is a controlled, 100%-nutritionally balanced lifestyle adjustment program with therapy and counselling to guide you to a healthy weight and attitude to food.

Ignore her comments. She is ignorant and just bashing LL for her own inability to succeed.
I agree with all the responses.

I'm certainly not being forced to deal with my weight issues.
I have learned myself that the people who want to dampen your chances are usually the ones who have low self esteem.

Good luck with LL. :)
Having suffered from anorexia in my teens and early 20s (and then going completely the opposite way!) I can safely say LL is nothing like it! No mental anguish, depression, body dysmorphia, self hatred and and inability to see anything past working out how you're going to trick people into making them think you're eating. Funnily enough, it's not an illness that GPs recommend. Unlike LL!

On LL I have been in control, happy, healthy and have developed the most healthy attitude towards food I have ever had in my life.

I try not to think about what I went thorough too much, but on reflection I can safely say your friend really doesn't know anything about anorexia. Because if she did, she'd know that the LL programme doesn't even come close


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like some of you say she is bashing herself up for not being in control of eating habits, I just found her comment rather extreme, and Im glad I shared them with you as it knocked me a bit, anyways just had my veg soup and it was delish yum x


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Sounds like envy that you are doing something she couldn't. Take no notice :)

Kat xx

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