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Fray's Food Diary - Scale ban


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Yesterday (Green Day)

Breakfast: HEXB Honey Nut Shredded Wheat, skimmed milk (about 30ml from HEXA allowance), banana.

Lunch: Low-fat supernoodles

Tea: Mushy pea curry and rice, followed by grapes and mini milk.

Drinks: Caff-free-diet coke, water

Syns: Mini milk - 1.5
Actimel 0.1% - 1.5

Total Syns: 3
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02/06/10 (Red Day)

Breakfast: Two fried eggs and mushrooms (1 cal spray) with a teeeeeny bit of brown sauce, banana.

Lunch: Tuna salad with lots of gherkins! Alpen bar (1/2HEXB)

Tea: Homemade burgers (no buns) stuffed with extra light laughing cow triangles (HEXA), small jacket potato (HEXB) and a side salad. Level teaspoon of Nando's peri-peri medium sauce.

Grapes, mullerlight, alpen bar (1/2HEXB)

Drinks: Decaf-diet-coke, Decaf tea (dash of milk, synned)

Syns: Brown Sauce 1 tsp - 1 syn
Nandos Peri Peri Sauce 1 tsp - 0.5 syns
Dash skimmed milk - 0.5 syns
Actimel 0.1% - 1.5 syns

Total Syns: 3.5
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For Green and Red days you are allowed 2 HEB choices, noticed you only had 1 yesterday. Also wondering if you felt full yesterday? If you didn't then try to use more syns/free foods too.

Mrs V

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Where is your fruit and vegetables too Hun?? I would be starving just with that amount and I have a gastric band!! Lol.

Have a look at the other food diaries (mine is on here too) to give you some ideas. If you dont enough the weight will not come off thats the beauty of SW you dont have to starve yourself!


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This is what I mean by damaged! Bad consultant! I've been avoiding use of my HEX's and syns as much as possible. I'm trying to put back them in. Yesterday, yes I was full. My curry had onions and mushrooms in!

I've just updated with today's lunch which was a small tin of tuna and a salad!


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We eat at our friend's house once a week and they cater to OH's diet. Not mine. *sigh* Lots of bread. Will have to flexi my syns.

03/06/10 Extra Easy (probably)

Breakfast: Two fried eggs (1cal), banana. Actimel 0.1%.

Lunch: HUGE tuna salad with gherkins.

Snacks/Grazing: Grapes, cherries

Tea: Chicken breast, boiled rice, salad (not bad for a tea out!) followed by a mullerlight.

Drinks: Water, Decaf-diet coke, Decaf tea (milk synned).

Syns: Actimel 0.1% - 1.5 syns
Dash of skimmed milk - 0.5 syns
1 slice of rye-wholemeal bread - unknown

Total Syns: 2 + unknown amount for slice of bread.
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04/06/10 Green Day

Breakfast: Two fried eggs (1cal) tsp brown sauce, banana. Actimel 0.1%.

Lunch: I ate nearly a whole punnet of strawberries. Bad me!

Snacks/Grazing: Alpen Bar (HEXb)

Tea: Quorn sausages (4!!!), spaghetti in tomato sauce, homemade wedges sprinkled with a schwartz shotz and 42g mozzarella (HEXa). Nando's sauce.

Followed by the rest of the strawberries and a mullerlight!

Drinks: Decaf tea (milk synned), diet-decaf-coke.

Syns: Actimel 0.1% - 1.5 syns
Dash of milk - 0.5 syns
Brown Sauce - 1 syn
Nando's Sauce - 1 syn

Total Syns: 4
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05/06/10 Extra Easy - BBQ!!!!

Breakfast: Lean bacon, no fat, in bread (HEXb).

Lunch and Tea: BBQ!!!! Chicken breasts, pork chops without the fat, sweetcorn, new potatoes, salad, rice, strawberries, grapes, 1 x low fat sausage (synned), lots of alcohol (flexi-syns)!

Drinks: Water, Decaf-diet coke, Decaf tea (milk synned), alcohol (synned)!!!

Syns: Dash of skimmed milk - 0.5 syns
Alcohol - Flexi synned (I'd say 60...oops)
Low fat sausage - 1 syn

Total Syns: LOTS!


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06/06/10 Extra Easy

Breakfast: Apple, banana, orange in mullerlight.

Lunch: Chicken, mash potato (no butter or milk), swede, brussels, carrots, gravy (synned).

Snacks/Grazing: Alpen Bar (HEXb), Actimel 0.1%.

Tea: Salad, cold new potatoes, lean beef.

Drinks: Decaf tea (milk synned).

Syns: Actimel 0.1% - 1.5 syns
Dash of skimmed milk - 0.5 syns
Gravy - 3 syns

Total Syns: 5

Too many extra easy days this week!


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07/06/10 (Red Day)

Breakfast: Banana and grapes with toffee mullerlight, topped with alpen bar (HEXb).

Lunch: Nothing - not well

Tea: Still wasn't feeling well but made myself eat 3 slices of WW brown danish (HexB) and dairylea (HexA).

Snacks/Grazing: Kit-Kat - 2 fingers (synned).

Drinks: Decaf Tea (milk synned)

Syns: Dash of milk - 0.5 syns
Kit Kat - 5 syns

Total Syns: 6
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08/06/10 (Red Day)

Breakfast: Nothing - not well

Lunch: Melon and Orange

Tea: Feeling much better! Hot Steak and King Prawn salad with gherkins and tomatoes, 3 slices WW brown danish (HexB...2 syns for Flora light) and 42g Mozzarella (HexA).

Followed by a Ripple! Mmmm, worth every bit of the 9 syns.


Drinks: Decaf Tea (milk synned)

Syns: Dash of milk x 3 - 1.5 syns,
Ripple - 9 syns (though OH ate a bit of it!)
Flora (2 syns)

Total Syns: 12.5


Will be thin god dammit!!
Awww hope your feelin better fray - your doing great hun x x


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Aww, thanks! I don't know what was the matter with me. I just felt really sick and tired. Had huge tea last night and appetite back to ravenous again this morning!


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09/06/10 (Red Day)

Breakfast: Lean bacon (the WW stuff is brill and tasty!) and two fried eggs (in frylight).

Lunch: Oven Baked Lime Cod. Nomnomnom. Was very tasty even if it doesn't look it.

Followed by banana and alpen bars (HexB)

Tea: Fajitas! Lots of chicken and free veg with cheese (HexA). I gave myself an allowance of two ww flour tortillas and only managed one before I was stuffed. I ate the other tortilla's filling with a fork and left the wrap! Synned the fajita mix (though it's 3.5 for the whole packet and I only used a level tbsp, so maybe 1 syn at most).

Followed by Rhubarb mullerlight.


Drinks: Decaf Tea (milk synned), water, sugar free orange squash, decaf-diet coke.

Syns: Dash of milk - 0.5 syns
Fajita mix - 1 syn (or less)
WW flour tortilla - 5 syns

Total Syns: 6.5
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Will be thin god dammit!!
Your cod looks lush!


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Thanks! It tasted good too.


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Start of poxy * week. I don't even get them normally.

10/06/10 (Red Day)*

Breakfast: Lean bacon (the WW stuff is brill and tasty!) and two fried eggs (in frylight)...loved it so much yesterday that I had it again today! Hehe.

Lunch: Chicken breast slices on salad with balsamic vinegar.

Tea: Turkey fillet wrapped in bacon topped with mozzarella (HexA) and salad. 3 slices WW brown danish (HexB) and Flora light (synned).

Followed by last of my strawberries (sob), with vanilla and choc mullerlight poured over the top and two alpen bars (HexB) crumbled over the top. Really enjoyed that! Especially as I'm on * week.


Drinks: Decaf Tea x 2 (milk synned), diet-decaf coke, sugarfree orange squash.

Syns: Dash of milk x 2 - 1 syns
Flora Light - 2 syns

Total Syns: 3
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* week

11/06/10 (Red Day)*

Breakfast: Two fried eggs in frylight, banana, alpen bar (1/2 HexB)

Lunch: Chicken and Lettuce Sandwich (Bread as HexB, Flora light synned) and a big satsuma. There was a little dollop of Heinz light salad cream in there too. (synned)

Tea: Homemade burgers, no buns. Big salad with lemon juice on. Mozzarella on burgers (HexA...just...there was only 38g left in the packet so I didn't quite get 42g)

Followed by strawberries, vanilla and choc mullerlight and my other alpen bar crumbled on top (1/2HexB).

Snacks/Grazing: I had a curlywurly whilst we watched a DVD in the evening. Savoured it but it went far too quickly! (synned)

Drinks: Water, Decaf-tea (milk synned), diet-decaf coke, Low cal sugarfree orange squash.

Syns: Dash of milk - 0.5syns
Flora Light - 2 syns
Heinz Light Salad Cream - 2 syns
Curly Wurly - 6 syns

Total Syns: 10.5 (wooooooo)
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Will be thin god dammit!!
Looking good mate x

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