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****Friday Hour By Hour****

Morning ladies im off on school run in a bit and when im back will have a cup of tea, have switched from food in ss+ to the milk instead. My first cuppa last night was a luxury!

I am now on day 8, been ages since ove been able to do that so very chuffed with myself. And its weigh in tonight so will see what happens, by my scales it says 3lbs off, i can live with that and im definitely sticking because i want more off next week fingers crossed!

Love to you all and hope your well! x x x x
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Morning everyone!

Already two shakes down (got a flight at mid day so every Friday I have two of my shakes really early to get them out of the way before the flight). Weigh in is on Sunday. I really want to loose 4lbs this week and be at my mini goal target I set myself.... Not sure if it will happen as my scales are telling me I haven't lost ANYTHING this week, but roll on Sunday so I can find out!!

Good luck today everyone - speak to you all later


Silver Member
Morning all,

Having a wobbly week, feeling pee'd off because I have been 'picking' and it has made me plateau :sigh: Feel like I have wasted the whole week... ho hum


Have had 1 litre of water and 1 bar so far today.. I dread my son's tea time as that is when the snacking and picking starts!!!!

Sarah x

I am dreading the weekend, this is my forst week on CD SS and not sure if I am in ketosis (day 3), hoping it will kick in and stop me thinking about all I will miss on Sat and Sun usual days for treats and well eating anything I like. Still I will stick with this as so many people have said I wont, that it will be too hard so need to prove them wrong and do this for me. Hope you all have a good weekend and will let you know how it goes for me.
Sharon x
Diet 40 you should have a cd meal while your cooking, i have been oh so tempted this week but have decided to get some bars and chop them up in to little bits and chuck them in the freezer so i have something choccyish to nibble when im cooking the kids dinner.

Got weigh in later- hope its the lbs i wanted gone this week!


Silver Member
Thanks saraian,

Sound advice, I thing the bar idea is excellent, that sweetness wouldn't go down to well with fish pie would it :)

You just go for it Shazzy, nothing tastes as good and getting on those scales and seeing the weight come off, weekends are hard, do something completely different, walk, treat yourself to some home pampering, read a great book or get on here and post way, it really helps, that's what i'm doing this weekend :)

Sarah xx

Well!! How can I begin. I fell off last night big style. I wont go into detail on here because that would be mean of me but god did I blow it!!!!
Im back on track this morning, well and truly chastised by byself and well and truly naffed off with myself. I feel bloated, all my 'tubes' in my tummy feel stretched and uncomfortable, I feel all nasally bunged up and have a chesty cough, like an allergy to the food I ate.
What a BLOODY idiot I am.
I wont be doing that agina in a hurry.
I have had a chat to myself, and while I am disappointed with myself I understand that the reason for me being here in the first place and the reason for me being so very overweight is complex, as it is for all of us, so I am not going to beat myself up about it anymore, just concentrate on my weight loss journey.
Good luck everybody xx
Lynne x
Hi all, one shake and 1.5 litres down. Feeling so full! And energetic today! Went to the gym this morning - still taking it easy but guess doing something is better than nothing. Only thing that annoyed me is that the scales there don't show a loss this week. Its only week 2, and I haven't cheated at all! Hoping the scales are wrong - haven't weighed on them before, plus my scales at home broke. Guess I'll find out when I go for my second weigh in tomorrow morning!


Doing Slimming World
Hi Everyone. I did have the Friday Feeling this morning but it has eased off a bit now :S

Anyway I had porridge with just over 150mls of water, a glass of water with the porridge and 1L of water already here at work. I've got a choice of butterscotch or chocolate mint for lunch and can't decide.
Because of what I posted a few mins ago, does anybody think I should not even bother to have my shakes today and just have a laxative and drink water?
Lynne x
Hi Wizzbang,

Well I for 1 really don't think you should, just stick to the diet, and god yes I know it is hard, but move on from your mistake.

Looking at your ticker you have done brilliantly, I'm a bit stuck at the moment so lets encourage each other :)

Sarah x
Hello Lynne,
I am new here and just wanted to say you have done really well and you are human so do not be too hard on yourself. You have got back on the programme and you realise you have slipped. It is so hard to change the habits of a life time, and I dont know about you but I am an emotional eater and that is how I got so big. It is so easy to blame yourself for slipping but just be nice to yourself and look at what everyone is saying to you on here they all want you to succeed so dont give up.
Lots of love Sharon
awww thank you everybody.
I still feel so terribly full! Thats why I dont want to have my shakes. Not because I want to stop the diet. I feel like I never ever want to eat again because I am so uncomfortable. I knew I was going to do it yesterday afternoon and didnt even try to stop myself.
OMG I am so annoyed at myself, but I think, for the sake of comfort, I will not have any shakes today and just drink water and my cuppa t's, I had a laxative because I dont want all that food staying in my system any longer thank it needs to.
I hate food, I always have done. It is a sort of self punishment to me for something or other to eat food. I never enjoy what I eat, I am the same with coldness, When I was a child I would either eat or more often then I would sit in a very cold place until I felt numb with the cold and then more, till I was punished.
Very strange things brains, arent they!!!
I dont do the cold thing now, but i do do the eating thing. I dont know what I thought I had done to deserve doing that to myself yesterday but I obviously must have subconciously thought something.
Lynne x
PS..... there is another 3.5 lbs to come off my ticker later, soontobelittle gem does it for me when she comes on. Shes an angel.
Sarah, thats a lovely idea. I cant add you till you have done 50 posts though so I cant pm you.
Lynne x
Hi Lynne, you should have your shakes today hunni or you will feel worse tomorrow , just space them out throughout today but please please please have them. Remember yesterday was just one day and you are back to cd now.xxx
I cant susan, my top tummy feels like its too full. Indigestion probably, I will have a choc shake before bedtime I promise.
Lynne x

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