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From pig to twig !!!!


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Hello newbie here ! this is day one of my transformation in how i look and eat i have been inspired by the book an idiot proof diet (from pig to twig) its free in this months cosmo !!!
so this morning i have been up early had scrambled eggs for brekki without bread !!! bread pasta rice and potatoes r off limits (booo hooo) but this process is going to be a re-education about food !! the book is really good and funny lets just hope im as enthusiastic at tea time !!!
ive also started zumba class which is fabulous i love it the lesson goes really quickly and u feel great its not boring like the gym its more of a dance class but it really makes u sweat !! which is good right??
anyway id be really grateful of any helpful hint suggestions success stories and support anyone can offer so here goes day one on the road to a fab healthy new me x x x
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The only advice I can give you is that cutting out any main food groups is very tough and restrictive. It will work but if you can't stick to it then that is the most important time to not give up.
If its not for you try something else but don't just give up the diet struggle if you see what I mean?

For example I tried slimming world but found it didn't work for me so I immediately started slim fast which I'm finding a lot easier (less preparing i'm lazy lol).

Try and flavour any meat you have and buy a spice rack. There is a wonder oil called fry light and they do salad dressings as well which are nice.

Have you made meal plans for the week so your not stuck at a loss when you are most hungry? Its easier to stick to a diet if you know what you will be eating before you get hungry (otherwise tummy will demand fast convenient quick food).

Good luck x


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Hi - im not sure what the difference between atkins and pig to twig is.
BUT once you start eating low carb you lose the massive cravings for your carbs!


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Hi Shelly,

isn't that pig to twig the Neris and India thing? I don't think it's as strict as Atkins, but I wouldn't know really.


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It isn't as strict as Atkins induction Jim, but pretty much the same otherwise.

Good luck shellyb, come onto the Atkins board and chat or if you need support as it's pretty active these days.


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hola thanks everyone ive now gone on to the atkins forum now was a little loat on here at 1st !! ive got all my meal plans sorted just done my shopping and am still positive !! p.s pig to twig it is the india and neris thing x x


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Hi Shelly
welcome aboard (what ever version of low carb you are on :D )

I do as much Zumba as I can - really great way to feel good - currently doing 2 classes a week. Only warning was when I did it before I started atkins then I needed lots of carbs before & after, so make sure you have your cravings under control & a pepperami or some cheese in your bag!


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ha ha thanks for the tip !! have u noticed a weight loss with the zumba x


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well I was doing zumba before christmas and just ate to compensate for energy expended lol - so that didnt work!

Classes restarted last week so hopefully they are helping but I dont have a control to be able to tell :) Definitely get you fit!
Hi there! I did the pig to twig diet a couple of years ago. I'd really recommend the recipe book, the recipes are delicious and you can use most of them on Atkins too. To be honest they are pretty much the same diet, except Neris and India tell you to watch portion sizes and on Atkins you have to count the carbs at first. Hope your first week goes well.


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Hi Shelly! I did P2T too. It is a little less strict than Atkins, and a couple of the things they suggest, like butternut squash, are actually quite carby, but it is a good way of fitting the basic low carb diet around a busy life. If you find you need to lose a bit faster, check out the new Atkins new you book. Very similar but a bit stricter. And there are tons of meal ideas and supportive people on this forum. Good luck!
I bought the Neris and India book and whilst it made mildly amusing reading I think Atkins is much better. I gave the N and I book to my chick-lit loving friend as I knew this approach to low carbing would appeal to her!

It is less strict, yes, which for some of us can be dangerous lol. However it helped to introduce the principles of low carb living to a wide audience and intrigued people who may have (wrongly?) thought Atkins boring and 'not for them'.

I would love to know if N and I are both still thinner some years on. That is the 'acid test'. I do hope they are!


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Hiya thanks everyone I'm on day 2 now ! Felt very bloated last night due to the copius amounts of water eaten ! I am feeling very positive tho gonna take the kids to school have brekki then walk the dog x x I'll prob be back on when j feel the urge for a butty or some other stodge lol x x thanks for all ur messages x x


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Morning Shelly. :)


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Hey Shelly,
I started the pig to twig last a week ago. I'm messed around with Atkins and Meal Replacements a few times last year but could never stick to it for more than a day or a week.
Its very similar to Atkins and find that its easier because I don't have to weight my salad for packed lunch ect and keep tabs so much on counting carbs. I can now just throw things together as long as its allowed.
I lost 3.5lb from last tues to sunday (changed weigh in to suday) and feel so much better. I've lost my hunger and cravings and I do feel the suppliments help. Loved the book, found it inspiring!

Hopefully THIS time I won't mess around and keep going.

Good luck!