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Funny little quirks and traits!


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I'll probably regret posting this cos you'll all think I'm weird but.....
How many of you have funny little quirks and traits?
I have to have the toilet roll facing a certain way, so much so that if I'm in someone elses loo and it's the wrong way round, I'll change it.
I also have to have my plates and bowls warm before I serve up my (hot) food :eek:
I'm sure there are more daft things too!!
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Tehehe! Nothing wrong with them mate!

I have to turn plug sockets off that are left on, can't help it. If something isnt in use and the plug is off then I turn them off, no matter where I am. Ive done it in shops, others peoples house and in the communial areas of my flats too :D Just cant help it lol.


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I have to make sure the cushions and pillows in the house are straight every time I get off the sofa and go to bed. Dont know if thats a trait or just plain odd!! :confused:


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Mines probably not a strange as i think it is but i have to put all the toilet lids down, wherever i am before i'll flush the chain on the toilet since im a but of a germaphobe also i dont like opening doors (touching the handle) if i can help it or will open it with a tissue if alone, i try to move behind someone so that they have to do it (im working on this one lol)
Also i wont walk on drains unless its a double for luck lol

- ok so maybe they are a bit weird lol
Miss Galaxy I am with you on that one..snap! I really am terrible for it..its got to the point that my OH doesnt even bother doing it now (as he says he wont have put them how i want..good excuse eh?) and my friend is the same when she comes round..tells me i am obsessed with having straight cushions...lol, makes me feel like a right saddo but just cant stop myself :).

Another one..which is downright weird..is when my OH washes up he ALWAYS leaves the bubbles from the washing up liquid on the side, on the drainer etc..and I hate it..have to wipe it up and wash out the bowl to make sure there are no bubbles lurking! Thing is, generally i don't have a problem with bubbles as such but can't stand it when they are left on things..how mad is that?!

Well now i feel suitable freaky..lets see if anyone can do better? lol

I genuinely believe everybody has some form of OCD, whether we realise it or not x x
I have to have the toilet roll facing a certain way, so much so that if I'm in someone elses loo and it's the wrong way round, I'll change it.
Me too!!! I'm a paper over the front girl... I read somewhere that one of the Friends girls does this too - think it was Jennifer Aniston.

I have to draw the curtains so that the opening is facing away from me.

I'm sure I have others, but obviously think they're normal! Weirdo!


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I am a paper behind the roll person but my quirks are just as weird, when the OH has washed up I have to go and make sure all the spoons are facing downwards so no water stays in the indentations, I also cannot stand it if you are looking for something to watch on sky and instead of pressing the page down button you scroll down, drives me insane, my hangers in the wardrobe also all have to be the same way round..have we all got some kind of OCD?


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I cannot stand to have any water drips on my stainless steel draining board, I am constantly wiping it over whenever I am in the kitchen.

The curtains have to be opened and left at the same width on either side of the window.

I always have to have control of the TV, Sky+, DVD etc controller's, my DH would love a look in, but he never gets the chance.....

I cannot stand to have the hall door left open.

Pens, pencils, writing pads and other office stationery bit's and pieces all have to be put in the same place on my computer desk.

Everything in my everyday handbag has to be in the same place all the time, so that I know exactly where everything is.

There are probably loads more, but I can't think of them at the moment, LOL....
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Paper behind the roll here!
If I eat maltesers :eek: I have to nibble all the chocolate off first, and then suck the inside into submission.
I can't bear cheese being sliced unevenly
, but tend to put the sliver in my mouth!
Always put the milk in last. I'm sure more will come to mind!
Love this thread!

I am a paper in front person too. My sister is a paper behind person. We have been known to argue about this!

My dear late father-in-law used to go round locking up doors at night and he would tap each door and say to himself "locked, locked". We used to tease him unmercifully about it. Now what do I find myself doing? Every time I lock my car door, I have to say "locked" to myself, or I can't remember whether I have locked it or not. Same with the garage door. And if I have been using the iron, or something in the kitchen, I have to say "off" when I unplug it, or - again - later I can't remember whether it is off or on.

And I hate being in a room with the door closed.

There's probably more, but that's enough weirdness for now!!


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And I hate being in a room with the door closed.

Im the opposite to this, i have to close doors behind me, it drives my OHs family mad!! - they're door open people lol

Loo roll up and over the front! That's the proper way ;) I also obsessively turn loo rolls round if I find them the wrong way round.

And I too turn plug sockets off...anywhere. In shops, people's houses...
Loo roll in front for me. OH always puts it the other way round and it drives me spare!!!
I always have to have the volume on the TV, radio, CD player etc on an even number.
I must have the milk in the mug before the tea bag is removed, and finally whevever I get on my motorbike, I always have to make sure all my pockets are zipped up first.

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