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Gabbys Grub!!!!!


Low fat cheese sarnie 6.5 points
Prawn & pasta salad 3 points
Eat smart meal with lots veg 6 points
Milk for tea 1 point
Sugar in tea 3.5 points
Bacardi 4 points

TOTAL 24 points!!!!! Gotta kick sugar!
I think on first week you have 18 because of kick start?

Then its 22 points, tho i need to find out how many points i get extra for going to gym 3 times a week, im soooo hungry!!!!


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
ahhhh well the easiest thing i would do it cut down to the tea. sorry lol i love tea too, but maybe switch to a diet soda or something?
or just don't do kick start and start on 22 points! i never did kick start, was never told about it in my meetings :confused:


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
my typical day started with ww bread and cheese triangle 1.5pts
1/2 pint of semi milk for 2pts for use in tea during the day
lunch salmon pie with veg 3.5pts
dinner tagliatelle with red sauce and cheese slice 7.5 as u can see i finsh at 14.5 pts at the end of the day so i can have 4.5pts worth of snacks ( im allowed 19pts).

maybe try some of the above, to lower ur points. i think its the cheese sarnis which are upping your points big time!
Can always snack on filling foods.! kick start is not a MUST leaders do tell you about it in your first week to give your body a kick start i lost 6 lbs in first week doing that.!!
yup cheese is going, so is sugar, guess its gonna take a few days to fine tune the system for myself, yeah no fruit, bought some bananas today tho!!!
Thanks girls, still hungry tho lol
Hey, found you!

My advice is try to have as filling breakie as posisble, have more points for it if need be. I allow up to 4 points for it (im on 19) i have oat so simple, or cereal. 0 point soup and sugar free jelly are good to have at hand for when you are hungry. Or bananas are good, filling. If you are hungry you need to eat something, so try to have something low inbetween meals like fruit or the stuff ive already said.
I eat more now than i used to, its just alot better. Why dont you try cheese triangles or leskol cheese which are alot lower points if you need cheese, but that sugar needs to go!!!!!!!!
Hi Gabby
I've found that if I do have cheese, I use low fat and grate it as I seem to use less when its grated.


what about adding egg white omlettes into the mix, you could have it as a stand alone snack with garlic onion mushroom filling or add it to you main meal, it a great 0 point food.

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