gall Stones


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Its not the VLCD that cause it, its the weight loss itself! Losing 1½stone or more can trigger it from any diet


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I had gallstone problems long before I ever started this kind of diet and ended up having my gallbladder out ten years ago. So I think if your going to get them you'll get them regardless of what diet you're following. It just depends on how unlucky you are :cry:


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^^ what they said ;)

as the others say loosing any amount of weight , on any diet , increases the risk of gallstones. Following a low fat diet for life is a way of preventing an attack as its the fat that sets it off , I had gallstones and had a severe attack after stuffing pizza .. now had my gallbladder out and no problems since .


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I had several attacks after the birth of my daughter. Fatty food set it off. Waiting weeks for a scan as the attacks lasted 5 minutes. Nothing there except inflamtion. I took milk thistly and drank litres of water a day and never had any trouble since. Might look into peppermint tea also never new that