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OMG, The one week I remember to look for the new thread and there isn't one:eek: . Can't believe its me setting it up. Where have all the WeMITTS gone!!

I have had another good week, 6 pounds off again and just about to tip the scales into "overweight" and waving goodbye for ever to "obese":D :D

I seem to be getting lots of compliments at the moment which is making me feel really happy and VERY DETERMINED to get to my goal weight.

Hopefully everyone is well and happy and just off doing exciting things.:p
Hi Wemitts

Thanks for setting up the new general thread JellyB ... it was my 10 year old's first day back and school and then I had to go to University to sort some stuff out before I start on the 18th so I didn't get the chance to do it this morning.

I had FOUR different people comment on my weight loss in the school playground this morning :D - what a boost!

I went into Uni with daughter number 2 who is about to start her second year of a music degree. I bought my car parking permit and then I did something I absolutely didn't expect to do .... I changed my degree!

Well, more 'added' to it rather than changed it .... I'm still doing English and creative writing but I've added a minor in Heritage studies as well. I think I must be a masochist or something .... too much is never enough!! :D

It looks really interesting and deals with History in the community: museums, memorials etc what their roles are in society and how they affect us now. There will be field trips and work placements - looks fab!

Anyway - hope you all had a great weekend (typical that the weather has improved now the weekend has finished!!)

A big hello to our new wemitts by the way!
JB a big Well done on your brilliant weight loss!
Debbire, that Heritage study sounds really interesting, I think I could get motivated to learn something like that - or maybe something else. What do I do to find out what's available (I know, I should know that, but I don't, I've been something of a hermit for years) Look at the local Uni's web site??
I took G daughter to Sundowner Adventure Land yesterday. It was a bit "kiddy" for her, but we enjoyed it. Oh the joy of going on all the rides with her, with no worried about fitting (or getting in).
Been to the gym today. My body gat percentage is now 32.9%. When I first started the gym I weighed about 16 stone I think, I my body fat was 45% so I feel pleased about that.
Where are the new WeMitts??? come on, get posting - we want to hear from you!!!
Ann xxx
If you're interested in taking on a challenge of the 'cerebral' kind Ann, then most colleges and Universities have their own websites now so you can browse from the comfort of your own home.

Further and higher educational institutions LOVE mature students and will often waive formal qualifications and take mature students based on their merits.

Do you have A levels? If not and you fancy having a go at a degree, there are several routes. You could do an access to Uni course (this is what I did) either part time (2 courses over 2 years) or full time like me over a year. The courses are the equivelent of A levels. (Full-time is only 16 hours per week by the way).

Alternatively, you could contact your local Uni direct and see where they stand on taking on mature students without formal qualifications. My 22 year old was accepted at Uni to do a music degree without a single A level - her entry was based on an audition and an interview.

I'm really buzzing about doing the Heritage Studies course: it sounds right up my alley! I love 'grass-roots' local History etc. I'm looking forward to the English too of course - can't you tell I'm an English student? I practically write a novel every time I post!! ;)
Well done on that MUCH reduced fat percentage level!!
Or you could do OU like I am... The Open University

Loving it although I take longer as I work full time too, am nearing end of year 4 out of 6. Dissertation essay finished late yesterday but I still have my 6 minute tape to do before the 13th or so... Yikes! Really looking forward to going back to the Maths in January. Year runs from January to October so Christmas etc. is all free... and they post all your books to you.

Love xxx
Didn't think of that Anja!! Good point!

I like the 'personal contact' of going to a class but for those who can't make it, the the OU is a wonderful route to a degree!
I can't recommend getting back into study enough Ann - I've loved every minute of it and it's enriched my life enormously.

I also made some wonderful friends who will be my friends for ever ... you only have to look at the pic of me and one of my closest college buddy on our exam certificate awards day to see what a bonding experience it is. We promised ourselves that on the day we passed our exams, we'd have our photo taken at the very spot we met on our first day. And we did :D

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(just to remind you ;) )

I want to challenge myself both physically and mentally. After decades of existing in the doldrums, I want to be ALL I can be and get the most out of life - that means coming out of my comfort zone, sticking my neck out and experiencing things I've never experienced before! :)
A challenging past-time is always a good thing. I did the college thing while working full-time 4 years ago and got myself 2 qualifications which lead to a career change. Never regreted - was the best thing I could have done and really enjoyed the learning (in my 40's, many scoffed at the idea, but it was great). Having acheived what I wanted I couldn't find another course relevant - but really missed it. So I challenged myself another way and last year, in March, started to learn to play flute. I now have very enjoyable hobby and belong to an amateur orchestra and concert band. Made some good friends along the way too. So all power to all of you that are learning something new, it's great. :)
I just heard this on the Radio 2 and probably have the exactl age wrong :rolleyes: but an 86 year old lady has just passed her Maths GCSE a made a comment along the lines of many going through life not knowing what they can achieve.

Go for it, find something you are interested in, even if its a just for fun course rather than educational. I did a post grad diploma until about a year ago, it was two years of hard slog as I was working F/t as well but it was so worth it in the end when I went up to collect my certificate in a cap and gown (never went to Uni and no one in my family has so this has pride of place on my Mums photo table :eek:) just wish I had done my CD journey first so I could be proud of the photos instead of totally ashamed. I only have CSE's and did the foundation course years and years before I started the post grad but they still accepted me on the course after an "interview", which was basically why do I want to do the course and hope to achieve from it, its was so basic I just think they were checking I wasn't off my rocker. Like Debbie says the classes are brilliant as you can make friends but you also get (and give) a lot of support and help doing the course work as we all have different strengths and weaknesses and you never feel on your own as you can talk through any concerns etc. I made many really good friends and we still meet up regularly and e-mail chat and in my opinion this more than makes up for the stress of the exams:D.
Hi wemitts, sorry I haven't been back for a few days, looks like everyone is doing swimmingly though so that's fab!

Ann, go for it with the college thing (I hope when I get near to my goal weight I too will find the confidence to try new exciting things)!

Debbie, how lovely to find a course that really inspires you, it sounds very interesting good luck with it hun.

Anja well done on finishing your essay, you never cease to amaze me at just how busy you always are, xx

Jellybabe well done on your weight loss ((hug)) xx

*waving madly at Irene* hello m8 xx

Big hugs to all the wemitts who I haven't mentioned Sharon,Kandy,Roch,AKB,Kam,Victoria,Sheba,Barb etc etc (sorry my mind is like a sieve so I can't remember everyones names lol, but consider yourselves hugged anyway).

A big hello to all new wemitts, can't wait to get to know you all better xx

Well not much happening in the Tweedy household apart from a lot of clutter and mess whilst we continue decorating the house :eek: and I am so regretting falling off the wagon a couple of weeks back as I am now in a constant battle with my chatterbox about the benefits and associated delights of pizza and garlic bread and maltesers and ... well you get the idea! GRRR :mad: I am winning the argument at the moment but some days it has been touch and go!
However, I am happy to report that I am now in the teens, 19.12 so am getting to my target slowly but surely.

Will try to pop back in later, but if I don't, just remember I am rooting for all of you and sending positive vibes your way xx

EXCELLENT NEWS Mrs T - in the 19s already - way to go - keep up the good work and when you feel like a slice of pizza, go and peel some wallpaper or sand a skirting board!!!
Well it's the end of week 4 for me and still going strong. managed to lose another 7 pounds, this makes nearly two stones in the 4 weeks. Very pleased with that :) I know the loss will slow down but any loss is a bonus!
I'm on jury service for the next two weeks and it's unbelievably boring so far. Nothing has happened yet, maybe tomorrow they will select a couple of new jurys, here's hoping.
Hope everyone is managing ok.

Great to see your post Mrs T!! You put me to shame with the decorating thing ... I moved in to my house a year ago and still haven't decorated: I can't even use the excuse that 'we've just moved in' anymore!!

Congratulations on getting into the 19s ... it feels great to get out of the 20s doesn't it! :)

Well done on the fab losses Pam - you're an inspiration!!

I'm gearing up for my weekly 'Lost' fix. I have an extra bar per week and save it for Tuesday nights to savour in front of the only programme I go out of my way to watch. Ohhhh Sawyer, Ohhhhh Jack but most of all OHHHHH SAYID!!!!:p

(If I can't have edible candy - I'll make do with 'eye-candy'!! ;) )