General: Week starting Mon 7th August


Carpe diem
Welcome to a new week everyone!

A fresh start and new challenges ahead: a great opportunity for lots of positive 'wemitt thinking'! :D

Wemitt thought for the week:

A positive attitude will bring
positive results!!
Debbie x
Hello wemitts, how r u all doing,been very quiet on the site this weekend.
Well have been doing really well till today have gone 4 days without empotional eating which is a first for me, but slipped up 30 mins ago and had a sandwich,(low gi at least) and a pack of crisps,not low gi and now feel sick,bloated and pis-sed off with myself big time,not sure why i did eat that extra food,i know it was not a binge or serious amount of food but still i ate for the wrong reason,have been getting Aaron ready for his hols today and poor kid have non stop shouted at him,70% of the time he did not deserve it.
Think deep down i am feeling aprehensive about him travelling to Kenya with his school and will really miss him the next 2 weeks,although am looking forward to the peace and quiet and the house staying tidy i will miss him badly,so what did i do "EAT", but i suppose the good thing is that i managed to stop and not over eat or binge.
These next 2 weeks are going to be hard for me,as i suppose i do depend on him maybe 2 much.
Anyway i know he is going to have a fab holiday and bet he cant wait till tuesday night to get rid of me.
Going to go and have a shower,take care my wemitts,hope u all have a good night,sleep well xxx
Hi Roch:)

You're doing really well girl so don't beat yourself up because of a sandwich and a bag of crisps, eh? It must be stressful packing for Aaron, I can imagine:eek:

One wish I would have for you is that you take this next 2 weeks while Aaron is on holiday and RECLAIM ROCH :D

I know you will miss him and wonder what he's doing but he's going to have a fanatstic time and so much to tell you when he gets back so look forward to that.

You have this time to really do what you want. As you say, the house will stay tidy so no tons of housework for you:)
I believe this is a real opportunity for you to pamper yourself with TIME. It's a luxury, isn't it hun? When did you last have 2 weeks to yourself? I am so envious of you!!!;)

See you soon and looking forward to hearing about your "Me TIME":D :D :D

OMG Roch how brave are you? Not surprised you ate, Kenya isn't like him going to Dorset or whatever !!!!

Saying that, he'll have a fab time. My mate's daughter is at college and has just come back from Borneo. She had the most wonderful time and my mate said it was well worth all the sleepless nights whilst she was away to hear her so excited about it all when she got back :)

Thinking of you babes xxxxx
I've also got a fortnight to myself to try & SS properly with no temptation as my parents have gone on hol to the house in Spain this morning; Dad for 2 weeks, Mum for 3 months... he flies home, she has 6 weeks alone then I fly out in October for 2 weeks then he has another 2 weeks before they both come home in November.

Have done ok so far. Started Friday at 11,8 am weight. Did SS Friday & Sat, most of Sunday although lapsed a little for Sunday lunch (as usual!). Was 11,2 this morning so 6lbs in 3 days so far. First target is 10 stone, final target is 9,2. Would LOVE to be that by 7th October when I go on hol but my willpower seems very on/off these days. The first 2 weeks on my own should be easier but when Dad gets back it'll be tonnes harder as I'm the only other one in the house & he doesn't like to eat/drink on his own. Sitting in the garden for Sunday lunch with a bottle of wine will be seriously tempting!

Better do some work. (Mum & Dad haven't even got on the ferry yet & I already feel quite miserable. 3 months is a very long time without my Mum!)

Hope everyone is doing well
Love xxx
Hi wemitts
Roch - It's tough when you have to face the fact your kids are growing up and beginning to take those first tentative steps into independance. But the fact your son is raring to go and happy to face the challenge in Kenya shows you've made a great job of bringing him up to be a responsible, keen young man with enthusiasm for life.
As for the sandwich and crisps ... you'll have to let it go because they're eaten but this is where you have to try and think of a new coping mechanism for when the stress gets to you.
How about starting a hand-written journal or 'book of thoughts' and keep it handy. When you feel you want to eat, just sit quietly with a drink of water and write thoughts .... random thoughts - anything that comes to your head. Memories, funny moments, sad moments, triumphs etc etc.
Or take up a hobby like knitting, read a book, keep a puzzle book handy - whatever. But try very hard to avoid food - even 'good' food if it's just to address an emotional need.

Have you considered taking on a whole new challenge for yourself? What about enrolling on a part-time course at college? Something you would never have thought of before .... Philosophy, flower arranging, biology (I learned loads about how my body works when I did that course).
I believe that a lot of my success in losing weight so far is down to the fact I began to take on new challenges and started to discover my true potential - I'm beginning to find the 'real me'! :) Not just 'someone's mum' or 'someone's wife' .... I always seemed to be defined according to someone else before - now I'm ME: Deborah, successful college student and English Undergraduate. You should really consider it Roch!

Anja - Hats off to you for never giving up. I know you struggle from time to time but you're like a little terrier with a bone - you never let go!!
I know you'll get to where you want to be: I have no doubts you'll be at your goal by the time you go to Spain.

This week is going to be a bit odd weigh-in wise. I missed my weigh-in on my usual day (last Thurs) because I went to the Isle of Wight for the day with Steve & Sophie (youngest daughter). So my CDC booked me in for tomorrow but then she can't see me until a week Thurs so I'll have to divide my loss up into three for the chart I've made at home.

The Thurs before last I was 14st 2lb so I'm hoping to have cracked the 13st bracket by tomorrow (SHOULD have made it but there's always that little niggling doubt ....)

That will be another major milestone as I haven't weighed 13st ANYTHING since 1985. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, hope you're all 'strong like Bull' :D
Catch you later

Debbie x
I'm now 15 st 10 lb so a loss this week of 3.5 lb and a total loss of 61.5 lb.

Roch - your son will have a great time and it is your success as a mum that is giving him the confidence to go. Take care of yourself and start looking at prospectuses and you might start a new course in September

Debbie - as positive as ever. When are your results due? And glad you've booked your Birmingham hotel.

And congratulations to Ailsa on her CDCship.

And hi to all Wemitts

Irene xx
Hi Irene
Do you mean my college exam results?

D x
FANTASTIC news about moving down into the 15s!! That is wonderful news ... you must be over the moon!! :D
Keep up your brilliant effort and you'll be at goal in no time!
Lacey u r right i need to reclaim myself, i have been a single parent for 11 yrs since Aaron was 3 and am so used to just doing everything i can to give him a stable and happy life my needs often are put to the side and have been for so long,but i also think i depend on him although he is never hoem or when he is at home his phone does not stop ringing or he is chatting to his friends online,i need to let go of him and find myself, and this is the perfect time.
How has ur weekend been, what u been up 2, the site has been very quiet over the weekekend. xxxxxx

Brightness i think i ate becuase i was feeling stressed and unfortunatley it was a normal response for me to eat.
Also when ur teenagers are going so far away i worry have i packed everything as i am not going to be there to buy him things if he needs it, and is he going to rememmber to take his malaria tabs or not to drink ice, or so many things and he is going to be in a quite remote part of kenya and he is 14 yrs old and some times does not think very sensibly.
Today he has gone water sking for the first time i told him i dont want him to go as it is a day b4 he goes, but he booked it ages ago,i told him it is his choice and if he breaks his leg he does not travel, so finger crossed no injuries.
How are u today, did u have a nice weekend xxx

Debbie u right i need something else in my life especially as i am not working i am doing an it course when it is finished in dec i will look for full time admin/it work.
I wanted to study social work for so long and decided i woukld go to college do an access course this september then go to uni but it all sounded good then i remembered i ahve not worked for 18 months and Aaron gors to private school and there is just me one to pay for his fees,so i have to out it aside for the next year till i have worked for some time and saved enough to pay aarons fees whilst studying.
U r going to do it debbie u r going to be in the 13`s, be positive like u r to all of us, have a good day hun and thanx xxx

Thanks irene well done on your weight loss !!
I have tried my best to raise Aaron with morals and respect for himself and others,sometimes it is hard as i dont have any parents or close family and all the bad influences around us and where im live is not a good area, but so far so good and he is not interested in the yobby bad kids who smoke and drink and create havoc,but i am very strict with him sometimes i bit 2 strict.
U r nearly half way in your weight loss journey, cant wait till i get to that stage, keep up the good work xxx

Well ladies got to go and have some lunch and forgot to take my water tab, so off i go, catch u all later xxxx
Good afternoon Wemitt's!
Well had a fairly good week last week for me that is! Although TOTM decided to be one of the worse ever! didn't go completely of the rails like most months.
Very proud of myself today having just returned from swimming with DH & kids! We went to Windsor Swimming Queen at home today! Abit of a drive but so worth it just to see all 3 kids splashing around and smiling :) even DH was in a fantastic mood!! (but thats another story)!! Anyway, swam for a few hours, went on the water slides...never do that normally as always thought I'd break them! Went in the jacuzzi and rode the waves! kids thought the wave machine was fantastic oh we had such a great time. DD had a complete paddy as we left as even though she was turning blue with cold she still wanted to swim. Anyway, reason for feeling very proud is DH decided we'd go to McDonalds on the way home as kids were starving. So went in ordered and when it came to me ordering I said no thanks just a water! OMG I am so pleased with myself and even the kids offering me chips and DH saying go on have a bite I resisted. That was one hell of a big deal to me! Sitting watching them eat McDonalds when a year ago I would have eaten 2 big Macs, chips and then 2 apple pies and a Mcflurry! So drank my water and looked forward to coming home and having my shake!
DH is going away tomorrow fo 4 days to Cardiff :( I'll miss him so much as we are getting on soooooooo well lately.
Right better make my shake and glug down some more water. Weigh in tomorrow not expecting a loss as TOTM but I know I've been good so that helps.
Hope everyone is having a great day.
Kamilla x
A big well done for you in McDonalds, Kam. The thing is, when you've done it once, you KNOW you can do it again, and it get's easier. I've just been for a week in Cornwall with the grandchildren, and honestly, it never crossed my mind to eat in restaurants with them & Michael. What makes it eaasier still is that they no longer expect me to, and take it all in their stride. It is no longer an issue. Keep at it girl, you are doing brilliantly. Ann xxx
Ahh thanks Ann,

Feeling pretty chuffed! Phoned my lovely CDC to go for my weigh in today as can't do rest week without having to take kids along as DH going away. Anyway, pleased to report that I have gone down 2lbs! better than I could possibly have thought being it is TOTM week! So really want to lose another 2lb at least next week to take me to my half way point!! YIPPEE!! half way is such a landmark!

Ann, sounds like you had a fab time with your grandkids. Looking forward to seeing you in November.

Kam xx
Hello everyone,
Just had to share with you all that I went (again) to the Next sale this morning. It's on a retail park quite near to us. Well, I bought some jeans with diamonds on the bum - I know I'm a Nanna but I don't care! They are size 14 - and they fit! I truly can't believe it. I've posted this somewhere else as well, but I want EVERYONE to know!!!!!
Ann xxxx
Oh Ann!! A size 14 ...... WOW X 1000!!!

It must be like a dream coming true - I can't imagine being a size 14 .... I can't even imagine being a size 16!! But when I read of you getting there, I know that one day it's going to happen for me too.

And as for the diamonds on the bum .... well, when your bum is worth showing off, then it's worth showing off adorned with diamonds!!

Well done Ann - I'm delighted for you :D

Debbie x
There's someone left a message for you on the DH site. Not sure how much you go on there now so told them they would find you on Minis.
Irene xx
Oooh - thanks Irene!
You're right - I tend not to post on DH anymore as I couldn't even get onto it ... I can't remember what email addy I used and can't even re-register as myself!! I can read but I can't post so I just stay here.

I prefer it on Minimins now anyway: hope the 'veteran' wemitts on DH who I haven't seen for ages check this site out too.
To be honest, it's not such a bad thing to have the wemitts reaching out in several different directions from different forums ... that way, as many people as possible who need support can get it.

D x
Thanks Debbie. I was a size 12 in 1988 for a few weeks with help from privately prescribed pills - other than that, I think it was 1976 with Weightwatchers - I wore a bikini in that long hot summer. So it truly seems like a miracle to me. I keep thinking they're making clothes bigger, and that's why they fit, even though I know it isn't true.
Italy here I come........
Ann xxxx
PS that reminds me that I HAVE lost the weight before, but We Mean It This Time about keeping it off too. I'm expecting it to be difficult, but I'm ready!!!
Hail fellow WeMITTS,

Glad to hear you are all doing so well. Apologies for not being around much lately - life has been hectic and these 2 forums are confusing me, I keep forgetting what I've posted where. Am happy to report that I have now been accredited as a CDC - me - wow - never thought that would happen!
Still battling with losing this last stone, slowly slowly catchy monkey but I know I will get there.
Am still planning to make Brum meet - might just have to be during the day only though - babysitting issues!
Wore my size 12 work trousers today - woohoo :) Got my nice boss to take some photos and now have an avatar finally to be proud of rather than embarrassed by!
Love to all,