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General WeMITT Thread - Week commencing 15th Jan 2007

Hello wemitts, here's to another good week for us all ... xx

(Sonkie, wow I have just noticed your tracker 51lbs?!?!?! WOWEE missus the weight is just flying off you)! Well done hun xx


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Hi Guys,

Wishing you all the best for this week:)

Love Mini xxx


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hello everyone! hope everyone is doing well!

Im going along just fine. have lost a bit more so will change tracker a bit later.

just wanted to let you all in on my magical powers! I had no idea i had them but it turns out i do. i have managed to make a CDC vanish off the face of the earth!! TA-DAAAA!

i have her number programmed into my mobile and this is how i always contact her. with only another weeks worth of packs, i thought i'd text her to arrange to pop round on monday. i got a call back...flashing up as my cdc except it wasnt her! it was another woman saying she doesnt know me or the cdc. i was completely miffed! called her on her home fone, left a message and no returned call.

its like she never exsisted! luckily ive contacted another CDC and she is going to take over from th other one. as a matter of fact this new one lives closer to me and is a lot more "involved" than the usual one. its probably just as well cos the original woman never contacted me to see how i was doing and she never weighed me or anything. she'd just give me the packs and take my money, only ever asking how i was doing when i contacted her (which was only when i need packs) ive heard the new one is strict and she runs a group too so that'll be cool.

Have to say though, im a little offended and miffed. i mean if something was wrong...wouldnt she have rang me? cant imagine i did anything wrong as i only ever see her for 5 minutes every 2 weeks. lol....something i DIDNT say? :confused:

anyways....let this be a warning to anyone who may wanna cross me. i have the power to erase you....MWAHHHAHAHAHA!!! ;)
*makes a mental note never to upset Karen* LOL oh well it seems for the better anyway, so it's the old cdcs loss.

How are you doing on your weight loss anyhow? (I'm a nosey bugger but I really want to know lol) xx


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hehe thanks mrs Tweedy. im doing ok. went off the boil over xmas and new year so have had my 2nd weigh in yesterday and lost 4lbs in addition to the 11lb i lost the first week back on CD. good to break the first stone mark!

hows it going 4 u? how much u lost now?
(im nosey too!)

Hi Karen well done hun now that first stone is gone the rest will follow suit in quick succession!

I have lost 12 stones and 1 lb exactly so still have 3lbs of Christmas weight stubbornly clinging on GRRR but I am 100% back on CD ss for 16 days now (can you tell I've been counting ) LOL, So hopefully I'll get rid of those pesky 3lbs along with the rest of the weight this year! xx

Hopefully by next christmas I will be maintaining like some of our other lovely wemitts xx


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wow well done! what an inspiration. that 3lb will shift as im sure u will take no prisoners!!

heres to maintaining!


I STILL mean it!
Hi everyone, just got back from weigh in to identify the Christmas damage. As my husband said - I have put on a stone. (It's uncanny, he knows to the 1lb how much I've lost or gained!!) I'm now 11st11lbs up from 10st11lbs. I've decided. together with CDC not to do sole source, I'm going to follow 1000 cals for 2 weeks and see what happens. If it hasn't shifted then, I'll think again. I'm also going to start going to the gym again, and get on the treadmill the days I don't go. This is the first time in my life that I have addressed a 1 stone weight gain, and I feel quite good about it. Usually, I avoid the scales until all the weight (and more) has been put back on.
Ann x


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well done westhills :D

i have to say i would be more than a little freaked out if my hubby could do that. mind u, he doesnt notice when i have make u on or not, let alone what weight i am! i could probably roll around in treacle & goose feathers and skip the streets of plymouth and he wouldnt notice lol.

my new cdc is called babara and she seems really nice (but strict...just what i need!)

is becky the blonde one who lost all that weight before on lipotrim? i only ask cos she pounced me in the playground and was asking about CD lol
Hi everyone,
Good luck for this week. I'm 3 days into week 2 and feeling great - 12lbs off last week. Have a good week!
Yippee 12lbs - blimey that's almost a stone! Well done Anne Marie - that is just brilliant.

Love Barb xx


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well done anne marie. the other 86lbs will fly off if u stick to the plan 100% and we r all here for whenever (IF ever) u get tempted to gnaw on something u shouldn't! with a 12lb loss tho, u ought to be motivated for a good while yet! well done xxxx
Im going along just fine. have lost a bit more so will change tracker a bit later.

anyways....let this be a warning to anyone who may wanna cross me. i have the power to erase you....MWAHHHAHAHAHA!!! ;)

SO where is your tracker.....dont tell me the cdc who has vanished off the face of the earth has taken it with her.....how naughty is that.