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General WeMitt thread, week commencing 5 February 2007


Working My Way to Thin!
Hi Irene

I am fairly new to this site and am sometimes a bit confused by the abbreviations

Can you tell me what WeMitts is?

sorry if I am being thick :sigh:

regards .....
Hi to all the We Mitts out there! Thought it was about time i joined! I need some motivation to get back to ssing, as you can see it has worked for me in the past, but i have been faffing about since xmas. I still have a long way to go, so i need to start now if i am gonna be slim by the summer! Please feel free to give my ar*e a good kicking, i sooooo need it!

I have a hol booked at the end of June with some old uni friends, i would like to loose 3 stone by then. Does anyone had any tips for getting back to ssing?

Ruby Berry, WeMitt means We Mean It This Time! And i really do!


Trying Hard!
hi girls, just had 2nd weigh in and its another 6lbs gone. trying not to give into the slight disappointment because a stone and a half less in 2 weeks is amazing. this is it for me, I am going to be an "Ann".


I STILL mean it!
If you mean me, Emma, I think that is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me. If I can inspire just one person (YOU!) to change their life the way I have, that is just wonderful.
I'm nothing special, I just kept (and keep) slogging away day by day like the reast of you. Patience and persistence are essential qualities when you have a lot of weight to lose. I'll be keeping an eye on you!!!!
Ann x


finding my way again !
If I can inspire just one person (YOU!) to change their life the way I have, that is just wonderful.
I'm nothing special, I just kept (and keep) slogging away day by day like the reast of you. Patience and persistence are essential qualities when you have a lot of weight to lose. I'll be keeping an eye on you!!!!
Ann x
Ann you inspire SO MANY people, you are truly one of the ones who has kept me going, both by reading your posts & looking at your photo's, keep at it & be inspirational to loads of us WeMITTS


I STILL mean it!
Bless you, Pandora - what more could anyone ask of their life. Looking forward to meetings lots of WeMitts, including as many "shiny new" ones as possible, in Birmingham next month.
Ann xxx
Hello everyone.

Well done on your second week loss EmMuk. What other diet could you get such a fantastic loss.

I have had a couple of slip ups in the last couple of weeks but I am back on SSing 100% again today.

Have a hols booked for August and want to be much smaller than I am now :)
Hi to everyone including our new wemitt buddies.:)

Good luck for the week ahead peeps - just keep chipping away and we'll all get to that finishing line (sheesh I can't wait!!)


Serial Foodie!
hello fellow wemitts!

im having a pretty good week. have now made the switch for "devonbabe" to be my CDC. nowt wrong with my other new one but i think it will be better having a CDC who is on minis as i spend so much time here lol. a few other reasons but nowt major.

ann...i look at ur pics often and think u r a marvel. definately a champion for anyone following VLCDs. when u r cooking for a family and having a hard time keeping ur face out the fridge, it gives u a boost to see wonderful women like u doing so much and it is massively encouraging.

i hope everyone is having a good week.



Trying Hard!
Ann - I don't think you have any idea just how inspiring you are. you understand, you have been there, you remind us that no matter how hard it seems it will work and we will have after photos to be oh so proud of

I am finding it really hard today for some reason, probably the cold I am going down with. But I just realised that I'm a tenth of the way to Rachels birthday and that makes it seem easier, every 2.5 weeks is another 10%. it's not that thats a goal particularly but it would be great to have a totally different mummy daughter photo this year than last year.


I STILL mean it!
You are right Emma, I find it very hard to think of myself as "inspiring" or indeed anything different to anyone else. I suspect that's because I'm not. I'm just the same. I still slog away at this struggle that some of us have to have against extra weight, every single day. It doesn't stop. I just want to help everyone who is living every day with the difficulties and predjudice that living in the "morbidly obese" world involves, realise, that it doesn't have to be that way. It might be a case of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em", but there came a time in my life when I just couldn't cope with the extra weight - physically, as well as psychologically.
We live in a size-ist society, and I would like to change that, but for myself, I NEEDED to be lighter, I needed to be more mobile, and I needed to take responsibility for myself.
It's hard, but once you get to grips with what is really important in your life, decisions have to be made.
I am so proud that I may be an inspiration to others, and will work hard to continue to deserve that description.
I owe most of it to the WeMitts, thankyou.
Ann xxx


finding my way again !
Ann, if i can look half as georgeous as you at 60 ( ok nearly lol) then i will be an incredibly happy bunny, then of course there are the health implications too, you just look so alive & vibrant.
life in itself is one long struggle & i'm sur i'll cope so much better with less weight to lug around, as i'm sure you must have found too


Trying Hard!
you know Ann you have touched on my only remaining issue about loosing weight. I feel like I'm selling out!

I now understand and know and accept that its better for my health, that it will extend my life, that it will allow me more freedom to do more things (even if its just something as insignifcant as going on disney toddler rides with rachel).

BUT I have always been a larger than life girl and I feel like I might in some way be seen to be giving into societal pressures to be a skinny mini. This is not an aesthetic choice, I have always liked how I look; it's not a happiness choice, life is here to be lived. I am not being bullied into this and I don't want it to appear that way


I want rachel to grow up knowing that she can be anything she wants to be and that includes any size she wants to be, but also to know that this lighter me gives me a better chance of seeing her graduation, her marriage and her own children. I don't want her to ever think I hated being me in the years before the change

right, I will stop rabbiting on, in fact I will go and put this in my diary because it's important.
I don't want her to ever think I hated being me in the years before the change
Problem is, although I didn't hate me as a person when I was at my heaviest, I absolutely HATED how I looked. For me, losing weight is a health issue - yes ... but it's also very much an aesthetic one too. I've tried looking at my before and 'almost after' pics but no matter how hard I try, I cannot see that I looked good at almost 22st. I despised my bulky frame and my ungainly movements: I didn't feel feminine at all.
Some people DO look great when they're big (just think of Dawn French for example) unfortunately, I am not one of them. I just looked old and dowdy.

I don't feel I'm caving into social pressure - and even if I were, what's so wrong with being 'in step'? Standing out in a crowd is all very well but when it's for a negative reason, it's just no fun. There's no way I'd stay fat just to fly in the face of societies 'expectations'; If I want to be a rebel, I'll get a tattoo on my bum! :)

However, I fully take on board your comments regarding your daughter ... when my (very slim) 11 year old daughter asked me why I wanted to look different when I started the diet, I immediately told her that I wasn't dieting to look different (although I was!) but that I was doing it so I could do more fun stuff with her like running around, swimming and horse-riding (which we're doing very soon by the way). I don't want her to place an unhealthy attachment on looks = value in society. However, I do want to emphasis to her that being overweight, whilst being a choice people should be free to make, does come at a price. And that price is often a severe restriction of what you are able do and consequently limits a person's potential life experiences.

It's an interesting debate and one that I feel will have differering opinions :)


Serial Foodie!
i totally agree with u both, em and RD. for me it is far more about prolonging my life and enjoying my kids fully. i feel like i have been half a mum whilst taking up double the space. i dont do half the things i want to do with them cos i simply get too tired or i feel too self aware wobbling about. same goes for time spent with hubby, of course but im not going into details... :eek:

im sure ive said this before but i wish i looked half as good at you ann at half your age! can only hope i recify some of that with CD :)