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Getting my mojo back!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by Spanglymum, 28 December 2012 Social URL.

  1. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    Started lurking in the past few days as I know I have a lot to lose again. Did so brilliantly for ages then it all went to pot. Then kind of gave up and have been all over the place. Haven't weighed myself yet but I feel horrible - all wobbly arms and thighs and tummy. I've planned to go back on sns to get back to goal again - but am totally dithering about when to start as the house is full of yummy things and new year will shortly be upon us! Feel a bit rubbish really :(
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  3. 232kat

    232kat Full Member

    Hi. I know how you feel, but I decided to bite the bullet and restarted yesterday. The food will always be there in one form or another, I just decided I don't want to be wearing it anymore. However, this diet is as much in the mind as it is physically, so you have to have your head in the right place to start and that may be in the new year. Whatever you decide we are all here to offer support.
  4. betty cav

    betty cav Member

    Me too, been promising myself for weeks will get on the diet I am starting today, have put on 9lb in the time I have been waiting for the right day, have just got a new order, I am going out to dinner on 30th and I am going to try and just have meat and veg but we will see . If I dont start today It will be more to lose.

    Bit of a rant this sorry.
  5. 232kat

    232kat Full Member

    I know how you feel. My OH thought I was mad starting now and said I should wait till after New Year, but I could have gained another 7lb in that time. There will always be events and challenges along the way, I suppose it comes down to what I want the most. A healthier body or a quick fix of food. Lets hope I still feel that I want the healthier body further down the line.
  6. betty cav

    betty cav Member

    your right, i want the healthy body, but I want it now :p
  7. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    Thanks for the replies! It helps to know I'm not alone. Just feel like a big blimpy failure at the moment. I thought I'd learned stuff on LL but it seems the old behaviours are still there. Ugh. Was going to start today but am dithering because I have a few days of holiday left.

    I find it difficult cooking for the family to be honest and sometimes get really fed up at holiday times because it's a holiday for everyone else except me. I need to work on this martyr thing I've got going on. It's not helpful!
  8. Debbi8489

    Debbi8489 Silver Member

    Hi Spangly, my lovely twin!!

    I know exactly where you are coming from! Weighed myself today, wished I hadnt. I'd had breakfast, water and 2 coffees, fully clothed with jeans on and I'm 40lbs over my target weight. Even allowing 5lbs for the clothes and time of day etc, still 2 and a half stones over. Eurgh. How did I let this happen??

    Nothing fits me...luckily I found some clothes in the attic when we got the Christmas decs down. Otherwise I'd be wearing jammies all day.

    I really dont kow what to do. We go to Lanzarote 2 weeks today and you know how we love to celebrate New Year up here. I've got about a weeks worth of packs. Not sure whether to start them on Wednesday or do Scottish Slimmers and then onto the packs when we get back from holiday?

    Decisions, decisions...
  9. StripedDaisy

    StripedDaisy A sucker for a key change

    Here to follow xx
  10. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    Hi daisy! And Debbi! So sorry to hear you're in the same predicament, Debbi, - but also a bit comforted to know it's not just me that's lost their way a bit, (and lovely to see a familiar face too). I haven't weighed yet... Drum roll.., but will be facing the music on Wednesday, when I go back to work and my holidays are officially over.

    I know I've got lots of 'issues' (sigh) but it's also that bread and biscuits and chocolate and cheese (not necessarily all at the same time) just taste so darned good. Oh and wine.

    I want to prevent this happening again but have felt quite helpless and a bit lost this year. My LLC said some of it might be because the 'strokes' from other people stop once your goal weight becomes normality for you. (I haven't seen her in a couple of months and am embarrassed to go back - though I will do - because I've stacked all of this on in about eight weeks!! :-o)

    I reckon it will be about 40lb for me too by the way, from the way my body looks and feels right now.
    Last edited: 30 December 2012
  11. emmaedes

    emmaedes Gold Member

    Found your diary :) here to follow xx

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  12. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    Just discovered there's a new Zumba class started a few doors down my road. I've never been to one but people say it's great fun. I'm going to try it out on Wednesday :)
  13. Debbi8489

    Debbi8489 Silver Member

    Zumba is supposed to be good fun, although I've never been. I think my leisure centre do it on a Friday night. I went to BodyCombat today for the first time in weeks. It was horrible, could just feel all my fat jiggling about. Yuck. I need to schedule my fitness classes now. While I'm on holiday, I'm going to do the Couch to 5km plan. I need to train the dog to run with me, that could be tricky lol. Of course, Wednesday is a public holiday for us, so no classes (or work :))

    Need to menu plan for the rest of the week and miss out tomorrow and New Years Day :)
  14. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    That's the thing I'm hating most at the moment too: the jiggling flesh. Ugh. Arms and thighs and stomach. I'm trying to focus on the positives: it's there because I allowed myself to have a great time and I also know that if I focus it will be gone well before Easter, but it's not nice.

    Been spending some time this week sorting out the clutter in our house. Feels much better already, although there is more to do!
  15. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    Right. I will be weighing in later this morning. Time to face reality and get stuck in to sorting it out!! :)

    (oh and back to work today too. Boo!)
  16. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    30lb (she intoned, darkly)

    I like a challenge, right?!
  17. sweetaschocolate

    sweetaschocolate Full Member

    Hi Spanglymum.......

    I too, started today. I've got 37lbs to lose.....I felt sick when I saw the scales this morning (13 stone 8.8lbs) but it's not the highest weight I've been at......but I'm determined its the highest and the last time, I'll ever be at this weight.

    Good luck in your journey too......I'm going to follow you as you'll be my inspiration!!
  18. Debbi8489

    Debbi8489 Silver Member

    Morning all

    Still on holiday here :)

    We're at Mums about to have brunch. We did walk down with the dog. Only around 3000 steps, far less than I thought.

    Once we get back, I'm planning on taking the decs down. And I still need to menu plan!! Lol

    Hi sweet as chocolate, I'm around the same weight as you. Just think, a couple of months and we'll be back to our targets :)
  19. sweetaschocolate

    sweetaschocolate Full Member

    Hi Debbi

    Thank you for your kind words! Yes.....I hope to god by Easter I'll be a skinny Minnie yummy mummy!
    I'm so determined......

    Ironically despite my name on here, I am not a chocolate lover either haha!!!!
  20. sweetaschocolate

    sweetaschocolate Full Member

    And I miscalculated......I need to lose about 50lbs!! Oh my good god!
  21. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    Right, ladies! We CAN DO THIS!! We WILL do this! :D

    I'm taking my lard to Zumba for the first time tonight. Friday morning we will be swimming, and on Monday I've booked us in for a British Military Fitness free session. No time like the present, eh? I WILL SUCCEED! and along the way my fat suit will get left behind!

    I'm still seriously lighter than I was when I started LL two years ago, which is brilliant! Just want to be thin again!!

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