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Hi everyone,

After starting SW yesterday I went out last night and bought a "goal" dress... It's only a size 16 and hopefully I won't stop when I get there but I want to be in it by Christmas, if not before (I'm a 22 now)

I was wondering if people had goal weights to get to, or if like me, you don't mind what you weigh as long as you're a certain size. Size 12 is my dream :)
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Mrs V

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Mine is size 12 too. I started plan at a size 30, and Im currently a 16. I will get there eventually.
Just keep looking at that dress as a reminder of your goal..you can do it!



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I'm the same, I'm not bothered what my weight is as long as I can buy clothes I love! I'll be so happy when I get down to a size 16 :) that's sort of my dress size goal just now (I'm a 24/26 just now) :D


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Mine is size 12 too. I started plan at a size 30, and Im currently a 16. I will get there eventually.
Just keep looking at that dress as a reminder of your goal..you can do it!

That is fabulous! Well jealous! Congratulations I bet you look fantastic!!!!

Evilpenguin - when did you start the plan?

my goal is a 10-12, I am a 18/20 at the moment, I dont have many clothes that fit me at the moment since I put on lots of weight, but I have so many size 16 clothes and my first goal is to get back in to them, and I have a size 14 dress that I never have worn,

good luck every one

Julia x


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My goal is size 10 if at all possible. I am there on the top half but a 14 atm on the bottom half so still some work to do. I also started out a size 30 so its been a long journey. I would ideally like to weigh around 10 stone


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You're all really inspiring...I really feel like I've made the right choice to do SW...the more I talk to people the more miracles I find its done! :)


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Livi I started SW back in Feb 2009, but have been farting around and didn't properly start back again until a few weeks ago :)
Last time I dieted I reached a small 14 almost so close to a 12, which I was so happy about. But after my difficult time I've gone back up to a sixteen, so I would love to make it to a 12 this time and stay there!
When I started SW at about size 28/30 I longed to be a size 18/20 so I could get clothes in more places...well I'm about there! Which I am delighted about but the greatest thing about it is I am enjoying SW so much I am going to continue and hopefully get to a 16 and *Gulp* who knows....maybe even beyond that which is territory I've not been in for over 20 years!
Hope you get to your goal and enjoy it as much as I am :)


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I would love to be a size 12 but I will be very happy to be a small size 14. I am a size 16 at the moment but only a size 16 in certain shops, if that makes sense.
My goal is to be 8/10 (I'm only short, so that's not too small). I started pushing size 16 to the absolute max, being slightly bigger up top.
I'm 40 in July and really want to be at my goal by then. At present, I am a size 12, but they are starting to get loose.
I have a lovely dress hung up on my bedroom wall - I will be wearing that on my 40th birthday.
Setting goals are really important, as long as they are achievable :-D
Good luck with your own goals.


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My initial goal was a size 12, as I was a size 16 (but in denial and the largest I would buy was a size 14!)
I now am easily a size 10, with the some size 8's, but those are more of an exception!
I am more than happy in size 10s!
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I would love to get into a size 10/12, but I'm at a 16- super tight 14 at the moment. I bought myself a size 14 suit to wear to interviews by September (when my youngest starts school), so hope I can meet this target.


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I'm so pleased you've all done so well and dropped so many dress sizes...I have lots of size 18 stuff (some old, some never worn) so am looking forward to slipping into that sooner rather than later :)

I am now a 10 I started at an 18. My goal was to feel better in myself as I had little or no self confidence. Now I probably have too much! ;-p
my goal is a size 10. i'm a comfy 14 now and I started as a 16/18 probably 18 but used to squeeze into 16's
I do still wear some 16's though but they hanging of me but I still wear them cause can't afford more at mo and some are work trousers and they keep forgetting to order me more.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Im a 22 at the minute and for now even a 16 sounds great!
Ultimately a 12 would suit me down to the ground...... long road ahead for me!

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