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Going the wrong way!!!

Hey all!


I was following the CD sole source, and lost loads of weight...but was so bored of mlkshakes and porridge (i found the soups inedible!). So I've started following Slim Fast instead.A shake for breakfast and lunch and a 600cal dinner. Your also allowed 3 x 100cal snacks a day. I've been soooo good! Not had the snacks most days as I got used to just the 3 meals on CD, and dinners have always been withn the allowance.
BUT!!!!! I'm putting weight on! About a pound a day! I've only been doing Slim Fast for 4 days, but am worried I'm just undoing all the good work :( do I need to go back to CD? :(
Any advice would be mega! Am so redy to give up :(

Thanks x
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did you got straight from CD to slimfast?

if so your body is reloading glycogen (all that weight we drop in week one) because slimfast is really quite high carb. once your glycogen stabilises (basically once you've regained most of your week 1 loss) you'll start losing. Avoiding this is why you're sposed to do a minimum of 7 weeks 'stepping up' from CD SS/SS+. Reintroducing carbs in a really slow way.

could you not have done CD 810 or 1000 instead?


this time - the last time
Yes - I think Spangles is right.

Also - skipping the snacks might not actually be helping you. If your body thinks its starving - it'll hold on to your weight.
Yeh I went straight from one to the other...

So basically, sometime soon(i hope!) my weight will stop and start going down again! Slim fast is much better for me than the CD...i really didnt like the meal replacements.

I'll try making sure i have the snacks too then...hopefully that will help a bit...!

Thank you! Im pretty clueless on what i should/shouldnt be doing!
agree with the above, stick with it and u should stabilise.
Candlewix said:
I agree SlimFast is very high carbs.
I plan to change my diet to the way the Swedes keep slim after I have finished CD.
Watch this lecture, a bit long but full of great info.
The Food Revolution - AHS 2011 - YouTube
Good Luck
Was it you who linked to that yesterday? I watched it yesterday and looked at the website - the avoidance of carbs feels right, but there's loads on the website about taking a slice of meat and spreading butter on it - and that this will give better losses than eating meat alone.

I dint think I'm ready for that!

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