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Good luck Tuesday weighers

I weigh in at 10am tomorrow. Have had a really slow start this time around. Joined 7 weeks ago and total loss is only 5.5lbs so far. Hoping i get my 1/2 stone award tomorrow - long time coming :eek:

Was going fine until a weekend away with inlaws down south, eating things i never eat at home but couldn't starve for 3 days and nights :rolleyes::break_diet:

Here's hoping you all have good losses tomorrow. If not onwards and DOWNWARDS!!

Must say my clothed are much baggier though and i'm nearly down a dress size. Been very good tonight dp brought me wine (as you can telll from my name - it's my biggest downfall and syn!) but it's still in the car (as is the turkish delight) and i've been drinking green tea..... :D :D :D

Anyway, babble, babble

Goodnight :p
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I will succeed!!!
Nice post :)

And 5.5lbs but a dress size loss is amazing! Maybe you're losses are lower than hoped, but clearly having great inch loss! (do you exercise a lot? That might explain).

Anyway, good luck. My WI is at 5pm and currently unsure what to expect. Was on holiday last week (and boy did I enjoy it) so was expecting a noticable gain. But, my scales are showing otherwise at home - dropped 5 lbs since I got back Sat morning and showing a loss!!! I know that the WI scales are less friendly than mine though, but even if I have a gain, it's not likely to be massively awful which is more than enough for me :) Unless the weight is hiding and planning a delayed attack next week hehehe :D

Good luck all - hope it's a good week! xxx


I can do this............
Hehe! That made me chuckle this morning sticky! Good luck to all tuesday weighers i weigh at 9.30 so will update when i get back!


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I WI at 5.30pm this evening, will update tomorrow moning - i'm defo going to gain - have two indian meals this week, one out with the girls last wednesday and one on friday - i have been swimming twice but i'm not very confident at all this week.

Good luck to all that have WI today :) xx


I can do this............
just got back and i lost 2lbs and shared slimmer of the week with my friend! Im really pleased! Only 10lbs to got till my first target!! Plus i need 1.5lbs for my 2 stone award next week!!!


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Well done Henna :D xxx
Well done Henna - i too lost 2lbs this week and i got my 1/2 stone award!!! REALLY PLEASED!!!

Good luck all xx


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I've gained 1lb :cry: I feel like I'm never going to get my 2 and half stone award :sigh: It's all my own fault of course. This week it was all the alcohol that I drank on Saturday night. Even though I still thought I'd done really well by not having a kebab, pizza or Chinese at the end of the night.
Well done everyone so far.
Ninja don't feel down hearted you've done so well so far. You knew you'd had a fun filled weekend and a 1lb on is not the end of the world. A couple of lb next week and the award is yours :)
Ninja - you've done amazingly well up to now , keep going the last few pound are always the toughest! xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Well done girls, and not to worry Ninja, you'll soon get that off!

I lost 2lbs this week.
Pound off for me :) so please as I was working away this week and staying in a hotel so had very little control over my food! And it's my star week. Been craving choc so much last 2 days but resisted cos I knew I needed to have very few syns due to week away! Made up for it now though, and eaten 5 mini cadbury bars since WI lol!

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well done to everyone!


A moaning old boot!!!!
I lost 1.5lbs this week. Not bad considering I comfort ate throughout my time away and its star week!!! :)
YAY!!! I lost 5 lbs this week, and got slimmer of the week too! Very pleased with this. Also got my half stone award, which is not toooo bad for 2 weeks I think! Very chuft! :D

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