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got 38 pounds to lose. in 4 months

I've lost 29lbs in 4 months just by calorie counting, haven't always been on it 100% and have had meals out and alcohol going way over calories on the odd occasion and 4 weeks of that I wasn't really being good at all, so only lost 3lbs that month, if I hadn't of done that I probably could have lost 35lbs'ish.

I just use myfitnesspal to log what Im eating, its been working for me. I haven't done anything drastic, just made a few healthier choices, like new potato's instead of chips, adding salad to meals so the higher calorie stuff is reduced but salad or veg is added so it still fills me up and just cut out snacking between meals.
Got 4 months to lose 38 pounds. Im going to a family wedding and dont want to turn up huge.
Ive always been a skinny lad so am abit embarressed that ive put so much weight on.

any ideas?
Do some research on the various plans and forums on here and choose one that's going to fit best with your lifestyle. i do Slimming World as I can eat as much pasta, rice, noodles, potatoes, lean meat and fish, lentils, pulses, fat free dairy, fruit and veg as I want without any weighing or counting. It's a flexible plan that fits with family life and eating out, allows you a bit of what you fancy and it works for me. You'll need to choose what's going to work for you but I would say choose a plan that you will be able to follow for the rest of your life and not only until your big event. Because sure as anything you'll put it all back on again otherwise :)


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Another one who does slimming world. It's my lifestyle now as fits so well around my family too . Good luck with what plan you go ahead with. It is possible!!

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Ive downloaded the myfitness app but it saying 1720 calories a day. Doesnt sound alot. Gunna start in morning. Had a bad diet day today but am making sure i have a healthy tea. Hopefully ill do better tomorrow


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Hello there! welcome to the forum;-) Impossible is nothing and everything is achievable! You just need time and motivation. I think 1720 calories are maybe even too much. I do think that you can make it lower...somewhere up to 1500 calories per day. If to eat healthy food it is enough to stay active and don't hurt yourself. And of course you need to do sport!! for sure. Good luck to you!;-)
So havs been on 1700 calories a day making sure i do lots of walking. Low impact as my knee hurts when i jog. Lost 9 pounds up to now.
Not gunna count my chickens before they have hatched but it seems promising


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As a fellow male (!) I can highly recommend the Slimming World Extra Easy plan. Us boys seem to lose fast on that and you dont really have to 'diet' just change a few small habits.
Found out on friday. I have mild non alcoholic fatty liver. Im nicknaming it junk food liver.

even though ive changed my eating habits. The years of mainly junkfood has took its tole.

I have to make sure i have a low fat low sugar diet so that will help my weightloss.

My doctor seems to think my liver could be ok by xmas as long as i behave. Scary tho really.

im not that overweight and im only 29. But if u abuse ur body. Thats what happens
Congratulations on your losses. Maybe joining a program such as weight watchers would help? I know I've really been focusing in on making better choices, really upped my fruit and veg and pretty much I've cut out all greasy / high fat / high sugar foods. The recipe ideas on their website are really good if you're looking for alternatives to junk food (the quorn lamb pitta is really like a healthy kebab and the warbutons wrap pizzas are honestly as good if not better than dominoes.)
Just under 10 weeks left i was 178 pounds. Today i way 160 pounds so got 20 pounds in under 10 weeks. Im guessing i wont make it so im going to make a new target. 147 pounds. Im trying not to put too much preasure on myself as in the past that has been the reason i fail
Alloy .. Try Lipotrim .... I am on day 18 and 26lbs gone. Its tough but works ...
I go gym everyday. I now have 16 pounds to lose by 20th october. If i miss that deadline i wont be too upset. Im just thankful ive lost the weight i have.
Im starting to notice my reduced body shape. Its looking abit better if i do say so myself lol
Hey, how are you doing now? Well done on the loss so far
Had a major slip. Went cornwall on holiday and went abit mad. So when i got home i sorted myself out. Am 10 st 9 now. Would have been less but oh well. Got 9 pounds to lose by 20th october

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