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Hi all. I am new on here and just wanted to say Hi.

So... erm... Hi!

I'm 21st, 5'2, so pretty big! I don't hate myself, but I certainly don't love myself. I've just gone 32 last week, married mom of 2 little ones. I'm bipolar (though the jury is still out on that one!), but it keeps things interesting!

I'm a grungy rocker hippy type, love rock/alt music. I have bulldogs and a greyhound and my husband keepts tarantulas.

I know I'm rambling..... stick with me!

Basically, hi everyone. Been reading some of your posts, can I come play!?

Ellie x
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Of course!

How r u? I am Sammy. Just over 27st arrrrrgggghhhh, need to lose about 13 and half stone, day 1 and not binged yet haha!


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Hi and wlecome Ellie :)

New year new start ;)


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Hi Ellie!

I have just started on my diet today! Well, I stretch the truth there, I was weighed today but the diet truly starts when I wake up!!

Good luck with your weight loss!

B x

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hiya, i'm new too! got about 7/8 stone at least to lose, it's going to be a hard slog but i need to do it. good luck xx


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Woop woop - here's to us newbies! I'm getting started too, and am chuffed to bits with the lot of us for getting stuck in - yay us!
(I think I was a cheerleader in a past life)!
I have over 11 stone to lose - actually, I prefer thinking about it as the actual 160 pounds I have to lose.... somehow that seems better, probably because I'll enjoy seeing the totaliser drop!
Hugs and happiness to you all, here's to a great weekend,
K-Lou xx

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Hi good luck on your weight journey, I have a lot of weight to lose but getting there slowly. Good luck lets us know how you get on.