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Group Christmas party food


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I was just wondering if any of you are having a group Christmas party and if so what are you taking?
I really haven't got a clue what to take.
I was thinking of the Baileys (type) drink recipe posted on here, but would it be ok if I make it the night before?
I haven't made it before.
Other than that it would be stuffed cherry tomatoes, but they are a bit fiddly..

Ideas would be fab.
Thanks in anticipation

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The baileys type drink can be kept overnight in the fridge.
How about the mincemeat couscous cake?
I took that once and my group loved it.
Or SW quiche?
Or loaded potatoes.

Make jacket potatoes, scooper out the insides and mix quark, lea and perrins, sprig onion and cheese in and refill into the skins and put back into the oven for 15mins.



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thanks very much....I do like the sw quiche, but I make it for breakfast most days.
All the suggestions sound cool..I shall have a long think about it...

Thank you again




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there is a lady that makes nothing but scotch eggs for our taster evenings, so I wouldn't want to step on her toes! lol
thanks for the suggestion though



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What about low fat cream cheese rolled up with ham. I may make mini kebabs on cocktail sticks using olives, red pepper, silverskin onions and cubes of fruit x


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What about mince pies using filo pastry. They're really easy to make and only 2 syns per parcel. Or make them as a tart (like jam tarts)

Using a bun tin, line eash bun section with 3 small squares of filo, each sheet turned ever so slightly to give a jagged edge appearance, spray with a little fry light or brush with beaten egg and place 1 tsp of mince meat inside.

To make the parcels just cut sheets into several squares (the inside of the box explains how to do this evenly) get 2 squares and lie them katycornered to each other, put in 1tsp of mincemeat and gather up the corners, pinching in the middle to seal them and spreading out the edges at the top. Brush with beaten egg or spray with fry light.

You could also make a cream substitute using quark, fromage frais, white choc options, a little sweetener and a drop of vanilla essence.

These went down a bomb at the last tasting session.
Interesting ideas from you guys. Thanks for sharing x

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