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Grr, book is doing my mind in re veganism

Getting sorely tempted to try such out to see how I get on with it, wouldn't really fit in with Dietchef'ing though and umph I like meat but reading the Skinny B***h book has got me thinking but argh no cadburys ever again either... :confused:

Think I may 'pledge' to try a vegan diet for lent, trying to make it work for weight loss too should be quite a task heh, if I don't stick with it afterwards but can get through the six weeks of Lent at least it should be a good nurturer for self-control if anything else huh... Or do you all think I'm mad lol
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maintaining since June'09
Mn you're probably right, I'm easily shocked I suppose lol Got upset reading stuff about slaughterhouses and stuff about dairy, and the stuff about aspartame turning into formaldehyde... I think the book should possibly been sub-categoried under Horror aswell as Diet!


maintaining since June'09
I also think it can have a lot to do with your belief system .... well as far as animal & dairy things go - not so much chemicals of course.

You see I believe that we all come here knowing what we've got 'in store for us' so to speak. We agree a 'contract' for our life before we get here and this applies to animals as well. They come here knowing that part of their purpose is to feed the humans as well as their closer predators and they're okay with that - they must be or they wouldn't be here. As far as the manner of their slaughter etc - again, before they came they must have agreed that they would take part in this - perhaps even in order to demonstrate to people the inhumanity of it .... and if nobody bought the products that come from them then their lives really would have been in vain.

I hesitate to post this because I know it can be quite contraversial but it is what I truly believe.

**ducks and waits for flack** :)
Well, my contract got messed up by admin coz I'm sure I didnt sign up for certain things :(


maintaining since June'09
Well, my contract got messed up by admin coz I'm sure I didnt sign up for certain things :(
Well this is it - we don't remember what we signed up for and the secret is to find the lessons in the things we don't like about our lives and 'get' them so that that part of our contract is fulfilled and we can move on ... :rolleyes: .... it aint easy!
Well this is it - we don't remember what we signed up for and the secret is to find the lessons in the things we don't like about our lives and 'get' them so that that part of our contract is fulfilled and we can move on ... :rolleyes: .... it aint easy!
No - I'm CERTAIN I did not sign up for certain things - have to agree to disagree I'm afraid
Um *steps back* hooyah I've let loose a minefield lol

I'm still thinking about it anyway and think I probably will give it a go for Lent. Don't really agree with the animals knowing that's what they're for and all that but not gonna get into debates as that's not why I posted and each to their own beliefs and all that :)


maintaining since June'09
LOL :) I said it was contraversial :):):) xx
Hey, give it a whirl - you may enjoy it. I personally couldn't go veggie long term but I'd enjoy it for a while

I read skinny b*%ches and parts of it had me crying my eyes out. But Im so shallow it put me off milk/meat etc for all of about 2 days :eek:

Thanks Toots, wish there was a veggie diet forum on here so I'd know where to ask questions lol

On slimming world I know I'm happy enough doing green days so I'm sure I would enjoy it, it's just the hidden dairy (cadburys again chocolate!) I'd struggle with lol

But have decided to make it a bit of a challenge for my weight loss too, I already put £2 for a lb of weight loss into an account (a new years resolution) to keep up over the whole year up to christmas time. Thinking since it might be tricky getting into the diet and making it work for weight loss I'm gonna double it to £4 for a lb to make me work harder :)


Stubborn and doing it
There is a lot of odd stuff in books and on holistic sites on the internet, but it should be born in mind that science and actually statistical anthropology has proven that some of the heathliest people on the planet eat fish, rice, dairy or are hunter gatherers.

I'm not pro or anti-meat eating - I'm all for personal choice and ethical decisions. This is just trying to balance out some of the extreme stuff that is actually put in writing without any adequate scientific research and now is a time to go google using and you'll see that there are a lot of "holistic health" sites using scare tactics rather than actual rational methods of getting their views across.
Mn I'm hitting the library today after m'walk into town for advice. Am pretty set on doing this for lent at least. The scare tactics (which let's face it they were) in the book did shock me but it's not something I've never considered before I've just been too lazy to try. Gathering info from a few sources and whatnot.

Must say I really had to bite my tongue and not have a bit of a barny though. Tbh I am also a recovering bulemic and it occurred to me going totally vegan would probably be a great way for me to get over it, it cuts out pretty much everything I used to (and occassionally still :() binge on which triggers episodes so if I don't eat those foods anymore it won't happen. I'm not likely to eat more than two nakd bars in a row and vegan chocolate is too expensive to waste on a binge lol

I will let you know how I get on anyway, I was thinking when I get to the D-Day I'll do a diary on the Other Diets page since it'll be kinda tailor made calorie counting but veganised lol I'm staying around here to chat though with m'buds, doods :D


Stubborn and doing it
I think it would be a great thing to do for Lent and that way you see how you get on :) Btw, if you do go fully vegan don't forget to invest in a good pair of non-leather shoes hehe! Many a novice vegan forgets the shoes. I even worked with a self-righteous one who didn't realise gelatine came from animals and ate jelly babies, doh! Kind of like vegetarians who eat fish and poultry haha!

I'm sure we will still post in your other diary thread hehe!
Aye, I was looking through some of my clothes to see if they've got wool in and stuff, not one for silk which is alright lol

Just found out I can have fry's chocolate/peppermint/orange cream bars by cadburys as these are vegan so yay, a cheap option lol Not sure what my shoes are made out of, but will worry about those bits more if I decide to carry on the hardcore route lol One thing I didn't think about too much was honey, will have to watch out for that too - heh ah well I like challenges :D
lol nah the plants shall be mine hehe I don't mind ripping leaves of plants but wings off bees isn't very nice... *sighs* in for a penny lol

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