Gym clothes. What to buy and where?

Discussion in 'Fitness Health and Exercise' started by lovehearts, 16 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. lovehearts

    lovehearts Silver Member

    Hey, I'm starting the gym next week and was wondering where would be best to go for gym clothes like pants, tops, and what the best footwear would be? I went the gym a few years a go and stupidly used my converse as my running shoes which was a big mistake!

    Thanks in advance. x
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  3. Jeniferous

    Jeniferous Full Member

    Sports direct always is cheapest in my opinion. I always get pants with a zip pocket and a tie waist (but tie it before you put on or you lose the strings!). A few good bras and cheapo Tshirts with a high neck so you don't fall out when your 'planking'. I run a lot so I have a few zip up tops with zip pockets as if I put my keys an phone in my pants pocket they fall down but you won't need that in the gym. If you seriously intend to run you need proper running trainers - sports are good, for anything else just a bog standArd trainer will do and sports direct is the one for you.

    Just don't spend loads if you expect to lose weight! Oh and dark pants - a sweaty bum isn't always that attractive!
  4. gina_b

    gina_b Les Mills Fitness Freak

    I second the dark pants.
    greay pants that are drenched in sweat will look like you wet yourself. been there before, very embarrassing
  5. lovehearts

    lovehearts Silver Member

    Ahh thanks ladies! I've been browsing the Sports Direct website and it's really good, loads of cheap stuff as well so as soon I get paid I'll be buying quite a few things. And I'll remember the dark pants bit lol ;)
  6. neraksarrab

    neraksarrab Full Member

    I second this - a text book answer. Clearly I can't comment on sports bras (my moobs are under control!!), but sportsdirect & are the way ahead.

    Regarding style of shoes, i'd advise running style shoes (supported) as you can use them for pretty much anything at gym, but that doesn't work visa-versa.

    Good advice ref shorts / leggings with a little zip pocket, always useful for car keys / locker key etc.

    & finally, don't waste £££ on really expensive brands, comfort is more important than style, trust me on that!
  7. neraksarrab

    neraksarrab Full Member

    to'd be surprised!!! Lol!
  8. lovehearts

    lovehearts Silver Member

    Thanks everyone, some great tips! I have found a pair of black pants with a pocket and a black top... but shoes are what I'm struggling with! There are so many different types I don't know where to start...:confused:
  9. Lailah

    Lailah Member

    Ive just bought some capri leggings from primark for £3 i think and a boyfriend tshirt from primark for £3. Very comfortable and i bought them in black. I also got a pair that are long and have a pocket in the back for phone, keys etc x
  10. Lailah

    Lailah Member

    Oh and sports direct for trainers! I bought a lime green and grey pair for about £38 and they are soooo comfy as opposed to a £80 nike free runs i got from the nike website. Go in, try them on and have a walk. They should be comfy, supportive and light.x

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