Had to cheat - was this wise?


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I have had a bad couple of days and to top it all off I ran out of packs and ruined my last one so as I had practically had nothing for 2 days I ate a 140g pack of plain chicken breast, no carbs, no nothing.
Has this ruined everything or should I be able to stay on track okay?
I'm just worried as I am hitting week 10 without veering off and wonder if that is me now on the slippery slope :(
Hello.....as far as I know....

White meat = protein = still in ketosis

At the end of the day hun, if you really WANT to stay on track, you will....seems like this was possibly a good food decision to make, although there may be sugar in pre packed meat...not sure cos I cant stand the stuff!!

How on earth did you run out of packs?! Please tell me you have some now!!
Hun pls dont feel worried.Well done 2 u for getting to week 10 thats an accomplishment.
Things happen its not the end of the world and u ate something that should not give u any probs ketosis wise.

Just becuase u had a minor blip it does not mean in any way that u will carry on eating.You had no packs left so u did the sensible thing and ate protein you chose well !!

Have you got your packs now if so just carry on like normal.
Maybe u could make sure u have some spare packs at home so u never get caught out again.
U r not on a slippery slope at all pls just carry on as u r doing so well.
Take care xxxx
Sounds to me like you did the best thing possible given the circumstances :D - fab ticker by the way! (love bunnies).. you've done so well, 10 flaming weeks and not done AAM? :confused: WOW! Seriously impressed! :eek:

Nah , this isn't the start of the slippery slope:p ... now.. if you'd had choccie eclairs, a takeaway chinky and a trip to pizza hut then mebbee....:eek: ;) but a plain old chicken breast? No-siree... you're doing ace!!!:) Great choice!

Blimey - just realised you are almost halfway to where you want to get! That's even MORE impressive!! More power to yer elbow hun!:eek: :D
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Morning Miss P

Ok if you stick to the diet you will still get to goal weight and this won't be a problem. The chicken breast was an excellent choice and you shall be fine.

Thanks everyone :eek:
I feel a lot better today. I weighed in this morning and have stayed the same, I know this is because of water retention though, there were a few days when my water intake was horrendous but that is now being rectified so I'm aiming for a BIG loss next week :)

I'm now able to laugh at how i ruined my last pack, instead of sprinkling cinnamon over my chocolate shake - I doused it in curry powder!! I tried to have it but I have never tasted anything so disgusting in my life :eek:
Glad to read you're feeling much better Miss P....:D :D :D
I'm now able to laugh at how i ruined my last pack, instead of sprinkling cinnamon over my chocolate shake - I doused it in curry powder!!
LMAO!! That's so funny.. lol just the kind of thing I would do too! Am soooo glad you're feeling loads better:) ! I need to get some of this cinnamon that people are talking about... I like the sound of trying out some sprinkled on me muffins!!;) :eek: ;) :D