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Hands up, who weighs in every day?


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I do. Weighed myself twice a day when I was on Cambridge, but now once a day.

Daily weigher and proud of it :D
I keep weighing myself mid week or after the weekend although its not everyday, i just go down to do some washing and the scales are so tempting i just have to weigh myself.


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I never used to, but I just started doing it in the morning or evening and its not helping. There are quite wild fluctuations every I stand on the scales and I'm going to stop doing it before it depresses me and I eat everything in sight lol


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I weigh myself every morning it helps keep my motivated and want to stick to me diet better.


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I usually weigh myself every day but sometimes I can't be bothered haha :) I take my socks off and sometimes it's soooooo cold!!



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hello. i weigh myself every day too:) it's always in the morning after going to the loo. i very rarely weigh myself twice a day, i think i did it a few times to see how much the weight fluctuates during the day, but in the end i realized it depresses me, so i stopped doing it, and now weigh myself once a day. i think it helps me- if i gain a pound, i know immediately, and can do smth about it instead of realizing after a week that i gained 3 pounds and getting all depressed:)
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Yeah. I do... I weigh most mornings, and occasionally for interest in the evenings as well. I know I shouldn't and I do often go a few days without weighing.. But I am a very regular weigher! Ah it's good to get used to your weight fluctuating anyway, gets your brain used to the fact that there's not going to be a static weight you stay at..

Haha just realised this is my 666th post!:angeldevil:
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i do too, morning and night-how obsesive is that ?? i only take friday mornign figs as the official weight tho


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lol i just brought a digital weight scale from argos, it looks very nice.

for me weight isnt the issue at all, its the fat on my stomach and the tone-ness of my body.

but i weigh my self many times a day, its close to my chair so litrally everytime i get up i check my weight. its amazing how the weight changes during the day. it goes from 161 pounds to 168 pounds at my most fullest. i dont really know what my correct weight is.

but weight isnt the problem for me, people make too much of an issue of weight. i used to do weight training when i was very young and found that my weight shot up.

but il probly get bored of weighing my self soon, i just brought it yesterday because everyone keeps talking about weight.


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I used to weigh myself a ridiculous amount of times a day. I now limit it to once a day. I know it should be once a week, but I can't stay off the scales that long. Which is strange, because when I was at my biggest I wouldn't go near the scales. x)

i dont really know what my correct weight is.
You correct weight is the one in the morning, after you've used the bathroom, before you've drank/eaten anything.
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I couldn't do it because it would just make me want to give up. As for some reason I only lose weight while I'm on my period. I know I'm constantly losing weight in reality as It's always a big loss, ie usually about 8lbs. I guess it's just my body catching up or something.

I've been on this diet 4 months and have only ever lost weight when I've had my period and for the few days afterwards. Every other day of the month my weight will not budge whatsoever. Even three weeks after I last saw a drop when I've been on my diet the whole time it will not register nothing.

So I gave up on weighing myself so much and only do it while I have my period. It is very satisfying seeing it drop 1lb a day for over a week then though :D.
aren't our bodies funny things? I can understand not weighing if your body does that. I never weigh myself once I've eaten or even had a drink as it's too depressing! But The first thing I do every morning is get up, go to the loo and then hop on the scales.


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Haha just realised this is my 666th post!

I weighed every day the first couple of years on Atkins, I was a total scaloholic. I now only weigh on a Saturday morning. If I have put any weight on at all I go on strict induction and then weigh daily until I'm back to my normal weight.


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ah i just weihhed my self now.

11 stone 7. so as someone sugested that maybe my correct weight. but this is first thing in the morning after i done a number 2 and havent had breakfast yet - so i feel like i cheated lol.

but men shouldnt worry about their weight i dont think, they should only check out their fat content. i mean i got a layer of flab in my stomach now, but 4 years ago i used to have pacs (well you could see them, they wernt like the ones on tv though lol). i can tell you theres a huge differnce in the way your skin feels if thers no fat or alot of fat there.

to be honest i wouldnt care if my weight was ova 13 stone as long as the fat is going away. ive been told muscle weighs much more than fat, and ive also been told the more muscles you have the more calories you naturally burn - which is very good for me.

i was about 6 stone when i was 11, and then about 1 and half years later i was 8 stone. and that was because i was constantly weight training throughtout that time and building muscle. and my diet naturally involved a lot of chicken because my mum used to cook it everyday for me (and still does). i remember though at the time, my friend who was a similar build to me, he was 6 stone at the time that i was 8 stone.

but now obviosly my weight has become big due to chiken and chips and coke. so i dont think weight is the big issue, its about puting your hand in your body and deciding if ther is or isnt any fat there. and if there is, something has to be done about it. - well thats wat im doing anyway.


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but this is first thing in the morning after i done a number 2 and havent had breakfast yet
Been there, done that and always stark naked. :D
I weigh myself after having dinner because this will be my heaviest.

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