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Happy but very sad :(


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So today is a milestone really - i have finally finshed and handed in my dissertation a week early. 11,869 words and 44 pages later - its over! Just exams to do which makes me happy but sad! lol

The other is i am going out with my bf and friends on a 'proper' night out since starting LT 12 weeks ago!

It's a booze cruise and its on the 2nd may so that would be almost 14weeks since a proper night out.

Obviously i am not drinking i will be on the water! :)

Buuuuuuuuuuuuut i am so unhappy!!! i have nothing that fits thats even remotley good enough to wear out. I have baggy size 18 jeans now and baggy tops :cry: whilst i love getting slim i HATE this part cuz i look like a proper tramp lol

But on the other hand i have ordered some cute tops and jeans from the catalogue that should be arriving today. Lets hope something fits!!

I hate spending money lol
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Brilliant news about your dissertation! That must feel great!!

I don't blame you not wanting to spend money - especially on clothes which probably won't fit for very long (yay!)

Hope your clothes come today and make you feel fabulous


Here we go again!
Well done on finishing that work early. You should be pleased with yourself. I'm the same as you, loads of clothes that hang off me but don't want to part with cash on stuff that will only last a month or two.

Love losing all this weight but I look like a tramp too most of the time.


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Wooo the clothes have arrived - guna have a mega trying on sesh lol :)

Thanks guys - i do feel great having lost all this weight and now handing my work in early but am playing the waiting game! :sigh: lol
Great news about your dissertation. Good luck with your exams too I hate them.

Hope those clothes look fab so you can show off your new body :D
Well done for completing it, hope you will pass with flying colours. Tell us what the new togs are like!


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Ok so here is my outfit - im so god damn chuffed!!!

The top i have got in a size 14!!!! :p but is in an ivory/white colour not the colour in the pic and the jeans i have got in a size 18!!!! Also i have a cute little coral coloured short sleeved, short fitting cardi type thing in a 14 also!!! :)

It's so nice to buy things from the 'normal' section of the catalogues and shops rather than the plus section :)




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Well done for completing it, hope you will pass with flying colours. Tell us what the new togs are like!
Supa - come 3rd of may i will have piccies up so you can see me in the new 'togs' lol :)
Love the outfit! Have a gd time.


I will be skinny again!!!
ooooh the outfits are lovely tanya!!

are you not like sooooooooooooooo chuffed? xx


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Thanks girls :)

Chelly - am over the moon for both reasons but sad because i have to pay out money! hahah im such a tight ass!!!
I bet you feel brilliant in the smaller sizes.

I'm the opposite to you - narrow across the hips and big across the boobs so need a bigger size. Maybe we should have a half body swap - lol !


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haha cruiks i'd gladly swap my small boobies for big ones!!

:banana dancer: lol

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