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Harvester - eating out?

Hello, wondered if anyone can help. It is my birthday next wk and am going out for meal with friends. I have stuck to the SW plan religiously now for 8wks doing red and green days and lost every wk.

Really want to lose again and not blow diet. I love harvester and the salad bar, esp red devil sauce!

Any one know how many syns simply chicken would be? would this be a good choice? Not sure how the chicken is cooked etc.

Have looked on slimming world site and seen that per ladle of red devil sauce it is 3 syns which i thought was quite good.

Any thoughts/suggestions welcome
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Now to maintain.....
Harvester is fab for eating out on sw!!
i had lunch there yesterday.
on an ee day then simply chicken,jacket potato and peas is free!!!! just make sure they know you dont want butter on your potato.
obviously the salad to some degree is free - mine was i had lettuce,cheery toms,peppers,red onion.the pasat salad/pot salad etc would obviously nee to be synned but i dont bother with those.
and as you said the sauces would be synned.
but all in all for me its the best place to eat out as a completely syn free meal is possible.
Hi there, thank you for that. Really looking forward to it now! Yummy :eat: and I won't feel guilty lol

Friend just reminded me that they have free diet pepsi refils too fab!


Now to maintain.....
yep they do!! im not big on fizzy though so usually just ask for a glass of water....they are good and dont mind giving you it-free and often ask about ice/lemon etc too!
hope you enjoy your meal x
I always go to the Harvester and have simply chicken, it's lovely! I wonder how many syns are in that potato salad because it's so tasty!
Well had first of my 2 trips to harvester last night. Has simply chicken with a plan jacket. loads salad -beetroot, tomatoes, peppers, onion and carrot. Quite good I thought but I did have 3 ladles of red devil sauce! Thats 9 syns just on dressing. Will have to try cut down on saturday when I go.

Had 4 diet pepsi refils to make sure wasn't tempted to have pudding too :rainbow:. Praying I still get a loss on Wednesday if i am extra good :innocent0001:
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