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Has anyone seen my boobs?


Starting over
Sorry harrie, they're not here! I've lost 4 inches off mine too, but only 2 inches off the hips which are a bigger problem!
Guys, I cant say your old boobs are here either but I have plenty to lose off mine so if you want some i'll send 'em your way!! hahaha!!!!


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Mine are currently around my knees!
Mine are in a drawer in my bedroom! I'm still just about scraping into a D cup but I'll be back in Cs before too long. Chicken fillets all the way!


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I used to be a G cup..lol a 36g!! I dunno what I am now, but so far they don't seem to have got smaller, if im honest they feel like they've gotten bigger!

I am 19 however and all my junk is still perky!


A moaning old boot!!!!
Haha, this thread made me laugh, especially Andy R.
Mine seem to be running away from me. I dont know what I have done that is so bad that they want to leave but I have lost 4 inches off them so far and im sure the other inches are all planning on going the same way! Bye bye amazing cleavage, I will miss you!


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I have a confession, day before i started slimming world i had a 'word' with my body and a little goodbye to the boobs lol they've been my one amazing asset as a fat chick! So i am gonna miss them!


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Your picture looks like you are getting an eyeful as it is Andy :p

I have concerns I will be like that old granny in that cartoon, where the lout says 'Show us ya boobs' and she lifts up her skirt :rolleyes:


I'm the tortoise.
Hmmm, mine don't shrink. I just go down a back size or 2, but the cup size continues to correlate, so I'll go 34e, 32f, 30g. Very annoying, it's not easy to find bras that are both attractive and supportive when your funny sizes like that.

Andy R.

Time for a change
poor little innocent me being picked on by u lot. your right tho, my pic does look kinda bad now, i even changed my status to sneaky. this is bad lol
I vote this thread should be made sticky !!!


Finding inspiration
I similarly have plenty to spare... though saying that, there is definitely some extra material and space at the top of my bra now. Luckily me and a friend have booked a day off work to go to the Bravisssimo shop in Cardiff to be measured and fitted properly. I can't wait! :D

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