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Hazel's diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by craftylucyloo, 2 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. craftylucyloo

    craftylucyloo Gold Member

    Hello anyone/everyone. I'm back after a very long break off and having put 3 stone back on! I am back where I started. This is going to be a little place just where I can keep my weight notes and meal plans. I don't want to get bogged down with photographing my meals again like the last time I did it. I just haven't got the time anymore. But I reckon this place will be just fine. I welcome any encouraging comments and friendships to help me on my way. ANy recipe suggestions would be great too. Please ignore my stats until I can remember how to update them.

    So I started back on this last Monday and I weighed in at 12.2. Ideally I want to lose 3 stone again but I would be happy with 2 and also to do it in stages. I was procrastinating for such a long time but then something happened last Sunday. I paid to go on a workshop on March 8th and I just couldn't stand to go as I am so that was what helped me push myself. I am hoping to lose between 9lb to a stone by then but anything in the 11s would be good. Then in July I have a trip down to Cornwall so I want to be at least in the 10s for that.

    Will you help me??? Will you???

    Okay well this week I started the C25K plan. I have doen 3 runs this week even in the freezing rain and with a sore throat. I have been determined. I think I might stay on week one for a couple more days though before moving onto week 2.

    Meal wise I have gone back to dear old Erm's recipes and also StaceyUk. This week I have made:
    Erm's Turkish Bulgar wheat salad with hummus and salad and spicy quorn sausages
    Mushroom and Lentil loaf with Ratatouille
    Kheema curry and Indian Spiced Rice (StaceyUk's)
    Pasta and Sauce Quiche
    Baked potatoes with cheese beans and salad
    Chicken with rice and salad

    Next week I have planned:
    Baked potatoes again... (I really liked them)
    Cheese pie (with smash and pasta n sauce)
    Butternut squash curry (Pete's)
    Erm's Devine Lentil Salad

    In terms of syns, I am keeping them incredibly low and using them in meals for HEXs or cheese or milk. I might have a jaffa cake or two and once a week I go to a lovely coffee shop and splash out on a marble brownie but that is what I am going to limit it to. As I have done this plan so many times before, I know what works for me and what doesn't and this seemed to really help to speed up my loss last time.

    Okay I will weigh in tomorrow and see how I have done this week.
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  3. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Gold Member

    Good luck on ypur journey. You've done it before so can do it again xx
  4. craftylucyloo

    craftylucyloo Gold Member

    Thanks Rae Rae!

    Weighed myself this morning and it shows no loss. I can only think it is because I did a big fast in January and it's my body's way of catching up on having food again. I am a bit disappointed but not too much. I will give it another week and see if anything budges.

    I hate getting older. Everything seems to slow down. :(
  5. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Gold Member

    Just keep at it and your body will soon realise it's going to continue gettin fed and will release the fat stores xx
  6. craftylucyloo

    craftylucyloo Gold Member

    Yes that is what I keep thinking. It's just my body's way. I have been down about it and the second week is always the worst for me!! I have just sent hubby out to get some fruit and yoghurt as I am not very stocked up with stuff.

    Today I finished off kheema mince and rice with side veggies.

    No syns. Saving them for Libby's cake on Thursday.

    Just thought about some mini targets for myself. I have three four things lined up over the next few months so I will treat each one as a mini target.

    1) March 8th - Skipton workshop day
    2) March 22nd - Nuneaton meet up
    3) June - Alton Towers trip
    4) July - Cornwall trip

    I haven't decided yet how much I want to lose each time and the March dates are very close together. I am just going to wait and see if there is a pattern to my weight loss and go from there.
    Last edited: 4 February 2014
  7. JaneB

    JaneB getting there slowly

    Hi Hazel its lovely to see you on here again, like you I put 4st back on and I know its hard to do it all again, I started back at slimming world on January 2nd and lost 7lb up to now, I get weighed on a Thursday.
    We will try and keep us both focus, I'm going to see peter andre in concert in October and i'm going to meet him in a meet and greet so I need to lose some weight to make me feel confident.
  8. JaneB

    JaneB getting there slowly

    Hi Hazel just checking in to see how you are xx
  9. craftylucyloo

    craftylucyloo Gold Member

    Thanks Jane. I really need checking on. So far so good today.

    I made a rice salad with leftover rice for lunch.

    For tea I am making one of the cheese pies. It sounds discusting and not sure if it is all free anymore. It is in the oven. Smells nice but will let you know.

    It contains:
    Cheese n broccoli pasta n sauce
    Packet of instant mash
    Tub quark
    3 eggs (HEA cheese)

    Mix together - i threw in some peppers as well then bake in oven. Recipe said it would pouff up like a souffle and taste like a greggs pasty. Hmmmmmm.... I am not convinced but time will tell.

  10. craftylucyloo

    craftylucyloo Gold Member

    Result! I really liked it but the kids didn't. Oh well. It was nice and filling - a bit like the SW quiche but a bit denser and cheesier. nice.
  11. JaneB

    JaneB getting there slowly

    That sounds lovely how long did you keep it in the oven and what setting x
  12. craftylucyloo

    craftylucyloo Gold Member

    Jane, I put it on for about 30-35 mins on about 190ish. Till all the cheese bubbled and browned.

    Today I went to Libby's cafe and had a marble choc brownie and a latte (HEA). I have no idea how many sins - I imagine about 20 but its the only sins I have had all week. I had savoury rice and eggs for lunch then we went to our connect group this evening where the leaders make you your tea. This week it was mac cheese. Not a bad SW choice. I will take my 2 HEBs as cheese as have a green day so I think it probably covered it. I didn't have loads of it anyway so I think I am fine. Back to norm tomorrow. I am thinking a butternut squash curry is in order.

    Oh and I nearly forgot - car brakes went today as I was driving kids home from school!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Terrible for that to happen. They just stopped working. I had to drive with a 30 foot gap with the car in front. So car is at the garage now and I have no car to get me to work! Hubby will have to drive me about tomorrow. Thank goodness it is the weekend soon. Just hope its not going to cost too much.
    Last edited: 6 February 2014
  13. JaneB

    JaneB getting there slowly

    Morning Hazel thanks for that I will give it ago in the week and let you know how I got on,
    I am more determined this time round to lose weight, I feel more positive and I don't care how long it takes as long asI keep chiselling away at it, don't think about the last time it will eat away at you and you will not be able to think positive draw aline under the last time and treat this as a new start and you will get there.

    Sorry to hear about your car, our car went into the garage for its mot because it failed and cost us over 300 pound and it still running like a bag of spuds might need to get another car. xx
  14. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    Thank goodness you were safe after the car brakes failed, it must have been terrifying, moreso with your children with you! Thanks for posting the cheese pie recipe it sounds lovely and comforting - just what I feel I need right now! :)
  15. craftylucyloo

    craftylucyloo Gold Member

    Thanks Jane and Borderlass.

    I've been struggling this afternoon with hunger so I have come home and made a 3egg omelette and a bowl of chocolate gloop. The gloop is only a syn a bowl and is made of tub quark, tub toffee muller, some splenda and 11g of highlights hot choc. Serves 2. It is really lovely. Sweet and creamy and chocolatey.

    I am supposed to be going out tonight and I think we will be eating so I need to watch what I choose. Prob go for a curry and have a veggie cuz for 10 syns. Either that or I'll choose a steak but that will be risky. I have a HEB choice left and a HEA + syns so I am hoping I will be okay.
  16. JaneB

    JaneB getting there slowly

    Hi Hazel you did really well to stay on plan when you got home some people would of gone for the biscuits me included last time, the chocolate gloop sounds nice, enjoy your meal and yourself that's the main thing have fun xx
  17. craftylucyloo

    craftylucyloo Gold Member

    Saturday menu: M2M

    Brunch - bacon, WW sausages x2 (1\), mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, egg

    tea - veggie curry with boiled rice

    Snacks - chocolate gloop (1\) fruit

    HEA - milk in coffee, 3 babybel lights
    HEB - Alpen light x2, 3 pagen crisprolls
    Last edited: 8 February 2014
  18. autumnbabe

    autumnbabe Gold Member

    Hey hazel
    Here to sub and keep my eye on You lol:D
    Last edited: 9 February 2014
  19. JaneB

    JaneB getting there slowly

    Morning Hazel just checking to make sure you are ok, doing anything nice today, the weather isn't to bad in wales today better than yesterday that's for sure. xx
  20. craftylucyloo

    craftylucyloo Gold Member

    Hi Autumn and Jane. I am doing good ty both. Busy day today so only just getting a chance to sit and write.

    Sunday's Menu: M2M

    Breakfast - 2 alpen lights (HEB) banana and satsuma, Latte (HEA)

    Lunch - McDonalds grilled chicken salad with light balsamic (2)

    Tea - left over veggie curry from last night with boiled rice

    Snacks - fruit, yoghurt, 3 Krisprolls (HEB) with 3 Babybel lights (HEA)

    I really need to plan and keep on top of what meals I am having otherwise I am going to struggle!

    Meals for next week then:

    Quorn chilli
    Lentil Bolognese
    Pete's Sweet n Sour
    Mash pizza

    It is weigh day tomorrow morn so will let you know how I get on. Really hope I have lost something this week and my body has started working the plan again!

  21. autumnbabe

    autumnbabe Gold Member

    Good luck with weigh in. Remember to come and let us know how you get on

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