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Hazel's weigh-in

Lost 2lb :)

I was hoping for 3lb, but 2 will do me! Half a stone gone, and the next half stone will take my BMI below 30!

Another reason to be pleased is I haven't been as good as I could be this week, and I'm happy to think 1) I could lose more by being a bit more disciplined, but 2) I don't have to exist on lettuce leaves to lose weight.

All in all, not a bad week!
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congratulations keep up the good work
I did lose 3lbs after all!

I normally weigh in on Mondays, didn't think I'd be home today to do it at my regular time so I did it yesterday instead. But I had chance after all, and whereas yesterday it was hovering between two numbers, today it's firmly on the lower number!
Just 1lb this week... but really I was so glad it showed up a loss at all, as I had a very naughty week :sigh:

Went to see my sister, who doesn't know I'm on a diet, and tends to use me coming as an excuse to eat junk (not in a mean way, but on some level I'm sure she must think of me as her fat sister). Nandos on Wednesday night, fish and chips :eek: for lunch on Thursday. Plus no exercise to speak of on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. I broke my rule of weighing myself once a week just to see what the damage was, and was horrified to see I had put on two pounds! So I have been at it again since Saturday, and managed to lose the two pounds plus one more.

It made me think two things though...
1) I probably could lose loads of weight in a week if I consistently pushed myself to exercise and eat as well as I have in the last few days
2) Letting myself lapse like that (and it was my fault, not my sister's) is not worth it. The fish and chips weren't even very nice.

Effectively I have put myself a week behind in my quest to lose the first stone. So this week I am going to go all out to have a really consistent week.
Woohoo 3lbs gone!

I was naughty and checked the scales every day this week. It's nice getting a surprise but sometimes you just want to know how you're getting on!

2lbs to go until I have lost a stone!


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well done your doing great bet you feel fantastic


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Woohoo 3lbs gone!

I was naughty and checked the scales every day this week. It's nice getting a surprise but sometimes you just want to know how you're getting on!

2lbs to go until I have lost a stone!
Well done on your 3lb off this week!!!:happy096:

I do :D

And I'm noticing slight differences in the way i look- all my clothes still fit, but some of them fit better than they used to!
That is really motivational when you can begin to notice the difference in your clothes!!!:party0011::party0011::party0011:
Not an official weigh-in, but I had a sneaky peak this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see another pound gone... could be a fluctuation, but I'm choosing to think not, as this final pound takes my BMI below 30!

I'll leave updating my tracker till official weigh-in, but I'm so happy about this!

Now to get below 25 :D
1lb off :)

Not an amazing result since that 1lb was already off one day into this week... unfortunately went out for dinner on Saturday and was very naughty. It's quite sobering to see how badly it can affect things though.

Still one more pound to go until I've lost a stone. According to the NHS my BMI is now below 30, but it's still showing as 30 on my weight tracker.


wants a new body
you doing really well hun
thanks for your replies on my post it lovely
i love sites like this cos we all helping each other
my weigh in on thursday
Yay- 2lbs off, so I have met my first goal! One stone gone, and my BMI officially below 30! Need to work out another short term goal now...

I didn't have a great week diet-wise so I need to keep at it. A few weeks ago I decided to stop bothering with my food diary because it was getting boring, but I think it was really helping me think about what I was eating. This week I have been snacking again, so back to the diary I go!


wants a new body
well done hunny you done well xxx
not having a good week lol
went to a wedding on saturday and there wasn't much healthy food but i did manage to find the quorn sausages lol
but am being really good till weigh in on thursday
You did better than I would, I have a habit of forgetting the diet completely whenever something like that comes along, and then regretting it afterwards!


wants a new body
i did sort of lose it but i now back on track i had a day of ss foods lol
Did my weigh-in a day early as I don't think I'll have time tomorrow... another 2lbs gone!

And had such an amazing moment this week. I'm not normally one for looking in the mirror too much, but I happened to catch sight of my profile as I got dressed, and I suddenly realised I have lost size as well as weight. I stared at it for ages!
well done on the loss and the loss of size aswell keep it going your doing great

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