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Has any one else found them selves with a constant head ache? I started on wed n seem to have had a head ache I can't get rid of!!! I usually drink a lot if full fat coke n haven't had any since Wednesday as have just been drinking water am thinking maybe this has something to do with the head aches the lack of caffeine maybe??
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Heya again

I do get headaches if I give up caffeine completely so I think it may be related to that, I sometimes also get them when I give up junk food after eating a lot of rubbish and I can imagine you've done both :) (lol, just opinion, not medical fact :))


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It's probably the coke! I gave up diet coke (I was a 4/6 cans a day addict!) and I thought I was going to die or at the very least had flu! My head hurt I ached all over, I was sweating, my whole body was trembling!
I didn't even think of it being the coke til my friend said I must be detoxing!
It took a good week until I was back to normal!
Now I have a diet coke on the odd occassion but never will I let myself get drawn back to it like that!
I never thought of myself as an caffeine addict as I only drink 1 cup of coffee a day at breakfast!
Now it's sparkly water all the way if I want the "fizz".
You'll feel much better for giving up the coke honestly!


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I still only have the 1 a day! I suppose my advice would be to be moderate in your coffee intake. What's right for me may be too little for you, just be sensible, you could always alternate between regular and decaf or switch completely to decaf. It depends if you're just after the taste or the "hit" if it's the "hit" and you drink a lot I would try and drink a cup or 2 less a day, so you're not so addicted to it!.


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Well if it helps I think I'm addicted to sparkly water now! I have decided that what I really liked about coke was the way the ice cold bubbles hit the back of my throat! I get the same "zing" from the water, and it's a lot healthier! It's lovely with ice and a "slice"! lol
Hi Jemma, just thought I would add to this, I was addicted to coke! I still have the odd can here and there but it used to be about 2 liters a day. I've started brewing up green tea with lime and a bit of sweetener and throwing it in the fridge in the evening for the next day, its yummy and healthy and its got a bit of caffeine and its full of anti oxidants. Might be worth a try? If you are going for it, what I do is I use a few tea bags and brew like a concentrate and then just mix in the lime and cold water, I used to leave the bags in but it was really bitter.


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Saves your teeth not having coke as well! :) Its more than likely that giving you the headaches! I went caffeine free about a month ago and lasted nearly 3 weeks! It was great, i slept better and felt really good. Its a really addictive drug!
I no not good for ur teeth at all.....that's why I Sri k it with a straw lol!! Well day 5 of my coke detox n the headache seems to have finally disappeared!!!
Ack I couldn't give up my caffeine fix completely and usually still have 2 cups coffee a day hehe.
But yeah since I started dieting again I've had a lovely breakout on my face... Grrreat...
Hope your headaches are gone for good lol xx
Glad I'm not the only one breaking out :p I'm eating healthy, my skin should be better lol!! X
Thank god I'm not the only one! Woke up the other morning and the spot that had grown out of my chin over night, i thought I was growing a new head! And I've been really good with my water and exfoliating and I use a face mask once a week and still this thing could wave at you from space! Evil hormones I say!

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