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I just can't stop eating anything & everything I shouldn't!!!

Today I've eaten a whole pack of Jaffa Cakes & 3 mini muffins!!

Yesterday I was just as bad, but I've got a stinking cold & feel dreadful, so yesterday I had a takeaway on top!!

This has been going on for about a week, only had the cold for 2 days though!!

I've got loads & loads of fruit & yogurts in..but I just can't face it (normally I love it).

Suggestions anyone??? Pleeeease.

At this rate I'm in serious danger of undoing all the work I've done over the last 8 months!!!
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I know how you feel, sometimes you have all the right foods in but when you are out of sorts you just want the stodgy comforts. Keep a bottle of water with you and when you feel like grabbing something bad take a swig of water. If you still want the bad stuff brush your teeth, everything tastes bad after that! Get out and go for a walk if you can, get away from all the sweet stuff!

What day do you WI? Maybe set that day as the day to get back on plan


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Oooh, colds always make you want to eat! Look through the recipes section... there's bound to be better versions of the naughty stuff on there. Or have a green day and stodge yourself right up. Have a big bowl of tagliatelle with a homemade vegetable/tomato sauce and a healthy topping of parmesan. It will make you really full and you won't want to pick at other stuff. And as said above, drink plenty of water... and I also use the brushing my teeth trick to stop me eating.

Eating the sugary snacks will make you want to eat more when your blood sugar crashes... it's that blood sugar roller coaster you're on at the moment. Eat a better form of carbohydrate to help you level out and stop the cravings.
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Chewing gum works for me.....guess it's just like the toothpaste thing...

good luck hun. If needs be, one week off won't ruin all your hard week -just don't let it turn into a month!


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it must be the week for it hon cause i have been exactly the same lol i have eaten and eaten and eaten. last night i made slimming world pizza stuffed myself on that and still had a cheese sandwich before i went to bed my weigh in is tonight aswell i feel huuuuuuge


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S: 11st0lb C: 9st3lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 1st11lb(16.23%)
Thanks guys for all of your suggestions. Decided to change from EE to green today. Had pasta & sauce for lunch, Cheesy pasta & pot pie followed by a sw version of the bread & custard bake (the one on the sainsbury's ad) for my tea....so far so good!! Think the extra HEA's & stodge have really helped. Think I will stick to green for a few days now, just to get back on track, then when I feel better it's back to EE!!

Thanks once again!!

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