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hello and advice please


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i started calorie counting 5 weeks ago, starting weight 14st 7lbs, lost 7 lbs so far, i feel i have 4 stone to lose, so calorie intake 1500. i am going to the gym 3 times a week and am doing 5 miles on treadmill each time and a few weight machines too, so why have i only lost 7 lbs, am i taking in too many calories, i burn approx 500 each visit to gym. please someone tell me how many should i be on. thanks.:cry:
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please reply, 10 views and not one answer, i thought you lot were a friendly bunch, i feel no one wants to know me:wave_cry:

Congratyulations on lossing the 7lb's :) its not easy!

I'm not an expert but i read that 3500 calories equates to approximatly one pound of body weight, wether your trying to gain or lose it. So if your undereating by 500 calories a day you should be expecting to loose about 1 lb a week. Everyones body varies but this is a rough guide.

The best advice anyones ever given to me is not to worry. Your food is diegested better if your relaxed when you eat and if you chill out exercise will be alot more fun too :)



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Sorry you feel unwanted but most people wouldn't know the answer including me.

I think 7 lbs is very good and so try not to get too worked up about it.

Is there anyone at the gym who might be able to answer your question

Irene xx
Hi fabbunny,

Very well done on your 7lbs weight loss and well done you for committing to the gym.

Firstly are you unhappy with your weightloss. On a carlorie controlled diet 7lbs is quite good in 5 weeks. If you are not happy try cutting down to 1200 calories and see what happens.

You are going the right way, so keep in touch and let us know what up happens.
Awwww hugs coming your way...we are a friendly bunch really. :)

I'm on w8 so a VLCD (less than 500 cals per day), sorry dont know the answer to your question but I do know a 7lb loss is great. Keep it up. x


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thanks folks, but i would have thought that a loss of 1-2lb per week is what i would be losing, but i am going to drop the calories to 1200 this week and see how i get on.
Well done on the weight loss. Keep going.
Don't know the exact answer to your question but read somewhere that you should alternative higher and lower calorie days for optimal weight loss. Like 1200 one day then 1700 the next to keep the body guessing, same calories overall in a week. Might help. Good Luck x


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thanks all, will stick with the 1200 calories this week and see how i go.


Back on the wagon!
I would also recommend - if you arent doing so already - have a look at the low GI diet....this will make you are making the most of the food your are eating to max benefit to drive weight loss.... best of luck
How much water are you drinking? If you are cutting down on food, you are also cutting down on the water contained in food, if you are also excercising and losing fluid through sweating you could be retaining water. Remember the more you drink, the more you shrink!

The gym won't necessarily help you lose weight, but it will help you lose inches. If you are building muscle and losing fat you could end up weighing more, everything else being equal!


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i make sure i drink plenty when i am at the gym, thought i am complaining about not losing the weight as quickly as i was hoping my bmi is dropping every week so i am tighting up so to speak.


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i do not know, these are the figures from the Boots weight machine
week 1 14st 7lbs bmi 36.9
week 2 14st 2lb bmi 36.5
week 3 14st 2lb bmi 36.1
week 4 14st 1lb bmi 35.9
week 5 14st 0lb bmi 35.7
i can not explain it either, thought a friend who is really knowledgeable on weight loss and has had tummy tuck, upper arms and legs done said that she does not agree with my bmi she thinks it should be a lower figure.
BMI= weight in kilograms divided by (height in metresx height in metres) or weight in pounds divided by (height in inchesx height in inches)x 703
therefore if your weight stays the same and you are not growing taller your BMI cannot change!


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so littleblue what you are saying is the boots machine is not to be trusted, i most admit twice it has dropped my height alittle so that would expain it then.
there are bmi calculators online. There is one on the Lighter Life site. How tall are you, you are a similar weight to me and your BMI looks similar to mine


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i am 5ft 2.


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well after all my moaning weigh in this morning 13st 10lb, 4lb loss, have dropped calories to 1200 and did 6 miles on tues and thurs at the gym, at last things are moving again, not bad as is my totm. so on balance 11lbs in 6 weeks so balancing out well.

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