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Help! No Kitchen!


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I'm getting a new kitchen and the work is starting next week. It's going to take approx 10 working days but hopefully less...new plastering, new electrics, new flooring...the works.

Now although it will be lovely when it's done, they're ripping out the old kitchen on day 1 and all white goods need to be moved out of the room. So apart from having no washing machine (nightmare!), I'll have no cooker.

What on earth am I going to do for 10 days (more including the weekends)?

I can do the toaster/microwave stuff for lunches as I don't have much then but dinners are going to be nearly impossible and so I'm panicking!

All I have mostly is veg and quorn, all of which need to be boiled or baked in the oven.
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u can cook alot of your veggies in the micro...not sure about quorn though...


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You can cook some of the quorn stuff in the microwave - the lamb steaks, the peppered steaks and the red onion burgers are all free and can be microwaved. Expensive though unless they're on offer. Other suggestions - packets of Ainsley couscous are low syn and just need a kettle, I chop up feta cheese into them and have lots of salad to pad it out a bit, or jacket potato and beans or cottage cheese with salad. Goodness, I feel for you, I'd be awfully stuck without an oven. Hope your new kitchen is worth the upheaval!
I would try and eat out as much as possible tbh - it might even work out cheaper than microwave meals. Carverys, Harvester, and all those Chain restaurants like Zizzis and Pizza Express and Ask that do 2 for 1 deals. You could easily find a SW friendly meal in any of these places.
I was going to suggest a slow cooker:D

My daughter's cooker is broke at the moment & I bought her some of those 'toastie bags'. Apparently you can cook allsorts in them, not just toasties, fish fingers, frozen chips; I suppose you could cook quorn burgers in there & have them with microwaved veg.
I'm in the same situation, new kitchen gets fitted on Monday, got 2 weeks off work, gonna put my fridge and freezer in the hallway so I still have access to them. But struggling for ideas as to what to have. I'll have a microwave and toaster
I feel your pain...when i had a new kitchen fit it was a nightmare!!! i was so stressed with all the mess! i vowed if i was to ever move house it would have to have a new kitchen so i would not have to go through it again!!
I feel your pain, even though our refurb was 12 years ago, I remember it well!

crack out the bbq maybe? or see if anyone you know has a camping gaz stove - you can at least then stirfry ..
Why don't you just cook up meals this week and shove them in the freezer. Then they just need defrosting and microwaving and you'll still have proper meals? X
large_lump said:
Why don't you just cook up meals this week and shove them in the freezer. Then they just need defrosting and microwaving and you'll still have proper meals? X
I can't believe i didn't think of this!!!! Such a sensible idea! I will blame it on my chocolate starved brain i think!


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Why don't you just cook up meals this week and shove them in the freezer. Then they just need defrosting and microwaving and you'll still have proper meals? X

Very good idea!! I have a couple of quorn curries frozen already so I might do some veg casseroles and fill the freezer with some bits like that. Can do boil in the bag rice in the microwave too, discovered that last night...plus pasta n sauce's. Will prolly live on smash and beans knowing me, lol.

It's going to be a difficult few weeks though, straight after the kitchen is done, am off on my hols for a week!


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yeah i was gonna say cook up stuff this week and freeze to reheat later on.
slow cooker and steamer if you have them can do lots with, george foreman grill, ( can you tell i have a lot of gagets...lol)
I'm sure that either Aldi or Lidl have a worktop single induction hob for sale at the moment ( or failing that Argos would )..
you can get "health grills" ( aka, george forman grills etc.. ) for doing chicken etc..
as said, a slow cooker is a good investment..
you can also get small worktop ovens...
a steamer would do for most vegies and can be used for fish and even hard "boiled" eggs..

I've toyed with the idea of re-tasking my old chip pan to boil vegies in.. it might work... :)
Maybe a little late for you now, but I have just visited a friend of mine who is doing up a house and has no kitchen facilities. She bought a small portable gas ring from Lakeland for £17.99 (the gas cartridge costs £1.95). It is meant for use outdoors but can be used indoors with good ventilation, it comes in its own little carrying case and is really neat and easy to use.
I don't see what the fuss is all about..
when I moved into my flat, the first week I ripped out the kitchen..
the units and some worktops were set up in the spare room ( across the hall ) and stayed in there for 2 1/2 YEARS!!! while I got round to doing the kitchen ( money ran out fast so I had to save up for a plasterer, gas fitter, and the units themselves.. )..
I managed with no problems with a combi-microwave ( grill / oven / microwave ), a steamer, a kettle and a toaster..

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