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:wave_cry: i stopped smoking 2 years ago and thought i wouldnt touch another fag again.

about a week ago i started smoking aain after having a huuuuuge row with my DD ( shes going through that teenage thing :sigh: ) and she ended up wanting to go stay with her dad for a while.

i dont want to get addicted again but am allready having cravings for them so havent stopped again as yet.

anyone else planning on stopping VERY soon so we can encourage and support each other ??? :cry:
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Big hugs:grouphugg:

I gave up myself 9 years ago and I found it so hard and I know if I took one drag of a cigarette now I would be back on them again just like that.

Have you tried the nicotine patches? I found they helped me in the first couple of days, I went for the strongest one as I was a heavy smoker, it did take away the craving but I felt my stomach sick on it but it did help me get through the first few days and then I went solo.

Hopefully someone else on here might be considering giving them up as well and they will buddy up with you for support.

I am sure now with the new laws coming in about smoking that a lot of people will be thinking about trying to give them up.

shrm26 is doing very well and she is using Alan Carr's book to help her.

Click on this link and you can read how she is getting on...


You have done it before so you will and can do it again, just take it one day at a time.

Love Mini xxx


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S: 12st2lb C: 12st1lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st1lb(0.59%)
thanks mini :hug99:

i gave up with the patches 2 years ago and it was soooo easy to do. unfortunately i cant afford them this time around but came accross a bargain this morning.

niquitin gum £1.49 from my local b & m store!!! i snapped them up and then went to see how much they were selling for in the local chemist, £5.99 :eek: so i think i got a good deal there :cool:

so from tomorrow i'll be stopping smoking, hopefully it'll be as easy as last time :confused:


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if you have a smoking cessation clinic at your local gp,you can get the patches and gum on prescription.
i got 8 weeks supply for the price of one prescription £6. odd. tthey are 18.99 for one week at sainsurys
My dad also wanted something to help him stop smoking, I went online and wanted to order something which will help him in quitting cigarettes but I came across a controlled substance list which concerns a list of controlled substances that cannot be shipped to USA and I wanted to know what he could use to stop cigarettes apart from patches and which can be ordered online and can be shipped to USA???


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Dr Lost,
In my opinion, the best thing you could buy your father is Allan Carr's book (The Easy Way to Stop Smoking). It's to be read as a smoker, taking your time, getting your head in the right place, then at the end of the book you quit.

I was a smoker for about 30 years, smoking up to 30 a day in the end, yet this book enabled me to quit relatively easily WITHOUT NRT...

NRT is merely prolonging the agony of your quit, as you'll still be taking in nicotine but not as much as you used to... then reducing slowly...

Now I have to sort out the weight I gained since quitting!
hello bro u want to quit smoking i know its not easy because i have also phased same problem like you.but i will give u some tips so follow that :-
1)First fixed your goal till when u want to quit smoking.
2)second daily try to smoke 1 to 2 cigeratte.
3)hide your cigeratte packet after two.

I am sure if u will follow this so u will quit smoking.
if its any help....im jsut into my 5th week of not smoking....i stil crave and it si certainly fresh in my mind how nasty it can be. im on the patches and so far so good....if you want support..il show you loads! Take each day as it comes..cravings only last 3 mins....... francesca x

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
I gave up last July, with Allen carrs book, i was smoking 20 a day, and lots more if i was out for the evening having a drink. I honestly gave up in the turning of a page with this book, i have no desire at all to smoke again, and i can sit in a room where mates are smoking, and it bothers me not. The only problem i had was weight gain, and i knew it would be a prob cos i could'nt stop putting junk in gob instead of fags lol, but told everyone "just let me get over loosing me mates" then i will deal with any extra weight. proud to say that after joining slimming world a couple of weeks ago i am 2lb away from having lost one of the 2 stone i put on. Good or what? lol I will definately get to goal and maintain, and so can you x

Smoking is very hard to quit ive given up a few times and gone back. But now i know ive kicked it for good, Im able togo out have a smoke if im drunk enough to do it and the next day not touch them again.

But my advice for you is dont start smoking again go out and get a boots or other make inhaler if you feel your stress level getting so high you must have a smoke , take the inhaler ask your doctor about your stress and help to stay off smoking . Im sure there is a drug that help with that urge.
ANd also doing something to take your mind off smoking will help.

I know its hard but do it for you noone else YOU !!!!!

My thoughts are with you
I can give you no advice as I am a smoker. 4 months ago we found out that my dad has lung cancer and lymphomia. Its terminal and he was given 9 months. people say to me how the hell are you still smoking when you see whats happening with my dad but being honest, if i didnt smoke, when hes not well, when hes having chemo and i need out of the hospital for 5 mins, when i think to far ahead to xmas or next year, my head would go and id end up in the bloody nut house. At the moment its keeping me sane. Yes smoking gives you cancer but there is a hell of a lot of non smokers, non drinkers in the cancer unit having chemo. Maybe when ive lost weight, got fit and im ready to tackle a 5 mile run i'll decide to quit.
You have come this far that you have stopped for 2 years and just cause you fell off the wagon dont mean you should give in. I dont have kids yet so maybe if I do this will make me quit. Dont give in to a horrible drug for the sake of your kids cause my heart is breaking at the moment and im watching my daddy die and hes only 65, i dont want anyone to feel the way I do now.

Sorry for the rant xxx

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