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Total Solution Help!

Maybe its the chewing you are missing? A chicken breast is not off the menu, if its what you need to do to get it out of your system, if you think it may snowball into something bigger :)
I have no idea what the heck is wrong with me! I'm really not hungry at all! I just had the unbelievable urge to eat! I've had just over 1l water today too! I'm getting so angry with myself!
I'm trying! It's driving me mad! Even when I had the worst hunger pains ever on day 1 I didn't want to eat this much!!


Been liberated by Exante!
I suggest you drink more water and do something different, don't think about food at all - it will pass.
Its a habit - after all you have been eating for years. Most habits take at least two weeks to change, so just keep going. It gets better.


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Aaw hun, did you get past this??
Yeh I havnt eaten but I stood by the fridge crying over ham! I didn't eat it tho.


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That shows true determination....... you're gonna do it this time :)
I'm on day three and been 100% so far one shake one soup one bar per day I'm just so angry because if I can't make it three days how am I going to make it long enough to lose this weight!


I will do this...
The first few days really are the toughest. I had random foods popping into my head that I normally wouldn't have dreamt eating. Ketosis makes things easier. It might be tough now but eventually you will get into the habit of not eating. You will develop a routine. Take one day at a time. You're going to be over the moon when you stand on your scales at the end of your first week.


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Exactly, breaking bad habits is sooo hard but you're doing great :)
Thank you so much guys :) I still havnt eaten :)
It's funny to type chelle a diff way to mine lol and no chelle I didn't think I would ever make it! I love pickled onions too but I've been having mad cravings for boiled eggs!!
Is yours for Shelly Hun??

No I never thought I'd make it either, especially with my OH as he has nooooo will power bless him... But his hung in there with me!

I've been craving grilled bacon...
No mines for Michelle lol see it's all your fault now I want bacon and eggs lol
Mines Rochelle...

Sorry Hun...

Also have you noticed how many Adverts on TV are food related Grrrrrr... I've started. Pausing the TV to miss them lol...
Hahaha Omg me too! I was watching this morning on tv today and I told hubby to pause it because it's too early for porn on tv lol

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