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Total Solution Here I go again !!! mrs Blobby's Diary

Well here I am again another xmas looming and I am still fat !!!:mad: its hard to believe that 5 years ago I was a trim size 10 and full of confidence now 4 stone heavier and wearing a black baggy wardrobe that johnny cash would be proud of:rolleyes: I have decided that I am a food addict and that I need to break free for a couple of months and start again, what started my addiction? was it my ex partner having an affair? or loosing my baby ? or just having to move 500 miles from home to start again, I dont know but I need to tackle it as I am going downhill fast all my joints ache I have developed asthma, and I feel depressed :cry:So tomorrow I am starting Exante no more counting points , cooking food,then over eating, I know it sounds strange but I feel relieved and happy at the thought. I have decided to start a diary to write down my struggles, and good days down and I hope you will all leave comments with your own thoughts :D I feel excited for tomorrow and cant wait for my first weigh in so here goes until tomorrow morning x
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Great to see you MrsB, good luck with your Exante journey to a new, confident and healthy you. xx
Thanks guys I am just enjoying my last glass of wine for 11 weeks :eek: then I will be clearing out the fridge... my daughter has a cooked lunch at school so can have something quick like pasta or stir fry when she comes home (I wont cope with cooking meals for a while ) and as for my boyfriend well he can look after himself lol :rolleyes: I have decided to paint the house while I am doing the diet it will take my mind off food I hope x
Well I did not get to update my diary last night as I was at sleepover at work and was too tired.
So my first day went really well although I felt so hungry at dinner time while cooking my clients a lovely beef stew !! I did resist and had a veg soup (yummy love the soups )
I find drinking the water hard going especially if I am at work as I need to pee every 20 mins but the good news is that the staff loo is up 3 flights of stairs so I am getting extra exercise.

I woke up this morning absolutely starving and feeling empty so decided to have my toffee and raisin bar for breakfast and a huge mug of black coffee ( trying not to drool over the night shift scoffing cheese on toast )it did hit the spot and I felt ok until 1 ish when i made my mushroom soup and had lots of water after.

found dinner easy tonight I made everybody soup :8855:although I don't think I will get away with that every night. I am fed up with black tea and coffee and cant cope with anymore water so I am sat drinking the Exante blackcurrant water flavoring made with hot water YUMMY :) it makes a nice change.
So I am on day 3 tomorrow and I will be interested to see if I am in ketosis so I will try a test stick that i got online.
so that's all for today lets hope tomorrow is another good day xx
starving today (hurry up ketosis ) I had an email from exante to say its ok to have a couple of the exante water flavorings but that they may knock me out of Ketosis :mad: I wish that they said that on the website before I ordered them, off to bed early tonight I feel really cold and tired!! the first week is sooooo hard x
i didnt even get an email saying this!....i wasnt even aware that they could knock you out of ketosis untill i red it on here few days ago. but thers no way i could have 5g in just 250mls of water as is too sweet so i have 1 pint and have 5g i guess this could explain why i havent felt no energy boosts lol.... keep up tho your doing great youll be into the swing of things in no time xxx
Hi babezone
I have mine in a huge mug with hot water when I get sick of black tea and coffee! I dont like fizzy drinks so im a bit stuck for something different, I have ordered some keto sticks so I will let you know if I manage to get into ketosis or not while drinking them.
I have not had a bad day today I have stuck to it 100% and ready to start day 5 in the morning.
I have not been on the scales but my mother in law rang to say that she has had a mid week peek and has dropped 10lbs :eek:
we are both doing it together in the 11 week run up to xmas, its great to have someone doing the same diet to spur you on:D x
Well the god news is that I have been guzzling the exante drinks and I went into ketosis yesterday!! yay I would be lost without them as I really can not drink just water and black coffee all day YUK!!
hi im just starting out again myself day 3 for me today and hunger starting to go didnt wake up hungry this morning which felt good i have done this kind of diet before so i know it works just have to keep going good luck hun xx
well that is my first weigh in done this morning and I have lost 13lbs :D:D if I aim for 4lb a week now I will be around my target weight for xmas :p what a change it would be to be skinny for xmas and new year instead of fat and frumpy !! roll on week 2 fingers crossed x
mrsblobby38 said:
well that is my first weigh in done this morning and I have lost 13lbs :D:D if I aim for 4lb a week now I will be around my target weight for xmas :p what a change it would be to be skinny for xmas and new year instead of fat and frumpy !! roll on week 2 fingers crossed x
Wow that is a fab result well done gosh bet ur super made up chick x x

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:wow: 13lbs well done xx
Hi everyone
well that is another day done phew!! I was very busy at work today so not much time to think of food but i can smell it a mile off!,is it me or can anyone else smell the chip shop or cafe from 3 streets away :confused: I was working out and about today and when I got back to base they had cooked my lunch for me :mad: I dont really want to go into the diet with the people I work with as so many of them are anti vlcd and keep harping on about how bad it is for me and how it will all go back on when I finish :rolleyes: anyway a bit of quick thinking was in order so I said that I had eaten while i was out. I am struggling to get the soups down at the moment I don't know why as I love the flavors I think I am just missing the texture of food. anyway I am now on day 9 and so pleased with myself !! only 10 weeks to go on ts, I cant wait until I am on week 5 then I can count down the following 5 weeks :D
well done on that great loss :D..... i know what you mean by smelling food im sure our senses come more alive when on this diet well at least our sense of smell :)....... i cant handle the soups at all i just stick to the shakes hopefully i will be ok with just them till xmas im not expecting to be at my goal weight by then but will be taking a careful week off over the that period it will be too much to not enjoy it with all the family get together's plus i know what you mean by people saying its a silly diet my extended family would go right into one about it so will nibble while around them luckly i do have the support of my immediate family......... well keep going you are doing great :)
Thanks guys
I hope you are all doing well? I cant wait for my next weigh in I am getting into the swing of it now x
well that is week 2 over with and I am 4lb lighter :D I am doing ts for 11 weeks in total (9 to go ) with my mum in law I have lost 17lb in 14 days and so has she yay !!! I am thinking of things to do to pass the time so I thought just for fun I would weigh myself every morning to see it go down ( I hope ) :p so here we go x

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I did half an hour on the xbox with my daughter last night its great fun and hard work too, I have got a job interview tomorrow so I need to swat without snacking

mon - 13st 1 1/4
tue - 13st

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