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Hideous scales!!


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I'm sure this has been asked many times before so sorry!:(

My scales seem to be rubbish, they're WW ones, digital. I get at least three different weights just by getting on and off again and this can vary by around 7lbs.

How can I motivate myself to stick to the plan if I have no feedback from the scales?!

Do I buy new ones? I can't go to group due to finances but just feel depressed when I can't see it working on the scales.

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How about going to boots once a week and getting on their electronic scales? they are usually in a discreet place and think it is only about 50p. Try to only weigh in once a week as well as the scales can change daily depending on when you weigh. Keep posting your journey, its hilarious!



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Do you keep your scales in the same place as different floor surfaces can give different readings. A hard floor is often the best and I also only weigh once a week at roughly the same time of day for the most accurate result.

Let us know how you get on.



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S: 11st1lb C: 10st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 23.7 Loss: 0st8lb(5.16%)
Emma - thanks for that tip, that may be a winner, I can even walk to Boots and back (it's about a three mile round trip) which can go towards body magic! Hurrah!

hchappyh - my whole house is hardwood floors but it's an old house so it's all a bit wonky. I really haven't the heart to get down with a spirit level (although I have considered it). The weighing once a week is tricky but I'm trying to stick to that!
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I have WW digital ones too.
I weigh in the morning - place them on the same place on the bathroom tiles.
This gives me exactly the same weight as I get at SW later on that morning :-D
I think that you should find a place where it is reasonably level and keep using that spot - never bother weighing yourself more once a day (if you have to weigh yourself once a day, that is!!! I do) - its not worth it.
Hope this helps.


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I HATE my scales, and yet I love them too :)
Mine fluctuate as well, I weigh myself 3 times in a row and take the most frequent number. If its different each time I keep going until it says the same thing twice in a row. That may be a little obsessive though...


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Weighing dilemma.

I have to keep my scales in the kitchen as the rest of my flat is carpetted. I weigh most mornings in the nude, not even my nighty on, for best results.I also take my Bg reading then and test my Bp as well as I am diabetic. It is very frustrating when the weight goes up for no apparent reason although I know just being a bit constipated, for example, can make a difference.
I know! - every day is a bit ott!:D


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I don't own a pair of scales...!

I weigh myself once a week at a friends house at approx the same time of day - in the evening when the OH is home from work and can look after the kids. I've chosen not to have scales at home otherwise I would become so very obsessed..by not having them in the house I'm relaxed over my food intake, but know I'm doing the right thing as Go Lower supply my food and that's what I eat and I'm losing. I also think that when I finish the diet, I'll not be obsessed about the extra 1lb I may or may not gain on a day to day basis! I'll still go and get weighed just to make sure I'm still maintaining, but hopefully not obsessing! My friend also keeps her scales on a hard wooden floor and we weigh ourselves on the same floor every time to get the most accurate reading.


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