High Blood Pressure Question!


Hi again,

Just wondering if any of you before you started were on blood pressure meds and when going to the docs for them to sign the medical form if they were reluctant to reduce your meds??

I can't beleive how worried I am about the docs appt :( I know I keep going on about it - and I'm sorry. It's just I have my heart set on this diet being 'it' for me and I really want to be able to do it.

I have had a number of clients on bp meds who have successfully completed the plan - in fact, one of them is now a counsellor herself after successfully losing over 7 stone. She's off her meds and never been healthier!! :cool: Don't worry honey, it'll work out. :)
Morning bloss

try not to worry about it too much, coz that'll make you bp go up! I know where you're coming from tho - see if maybe you can print off some info on cambridge to bring with you for your appt :)

I too know of people that have come of their bp tabs after following a vlcd...

Jack that is fabulous well done to you, you must feel great:p

Have a good day
i'm just finnishing week 7 & i'm on meds for my bp. my gp didn't wan't to take me off my meds, but since then i have changed gp practice & will need to see my new gp after xmas for another prescription so i'll see what he says. i have been keeping an eye on it at work so i know it's not going too low
good luck hun xx:)
Any dr would know that losing weight can only help improve your bp, so I cant see why he wouldnt sign.